Saturday, July 16, 2016

Roxy update

Hey Don! 

How's the weather in NS? We had 1 week of nice weather and have had nothing but rain, drizzle and fog ever since! Here are some recent pics of Roxy! She finished her 1st heat cycle (I didn't think it would ever end hahaha) then for almost a week all she did was mope around the house, stayed away from everyone, picked at her food, etc. she wasn't herself at all! It was almost like she was depressed :( but then she came right around and she's fine ever since. Is that normal? I have to say, she's the BEST!! I never really knew what good temperament was until we got her! She amazes me with how good she is! We got her into the pond for her first dip in the water. She LOVED it!! She made me nervous cause when she got in, she just swam and swam! She kept going! My husband got in after her cause I was afraid something would happen! But she loved it so much! 

She also enjoys being in the yard and me throwing a tennis ball! We were out for over a half hour this evening at it and she's now 4 paws up snoring away :) We live in a subdivision, a lot of kids around and traffic going by all the time. So I have a 30 foot leash for her that I put on her, just in case! Hope all is well on your end! Any new puppies? 

Take Care