Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jill (pics)

Hi Don

Here are some photos we took at the Retrieving Trial on the 17th. JILL was very good over the weekend and had a great time in the mud as it rained all weekend. She is retrieving birds well.




Eva Update

Hi Don,

Sorry I havent sent any new pictures. We have been very busy this past month. Just wanted to update you on Eva . She is an absolute joy. On our walks people comment on how well mannered and gorgeous she is.  She may end up being a good guard dog too. The other week she saw her reflection in the window by the door and started to do a low growl.  It is good to know she is looking out for us:)  Will try to  send some pictures next week.

Talk to you soon


Abbie and Scout playing (pic)

Hi Don,

here is a picture of Abbie and Scout playing


Abbie and Scout playing

Noah at 5 months

Hi Don

Here are the most recent pictures of Noah at almost 5 months. He is really a fast runner and our older basenji (who is very fast) just loves to chase him across our field. Note Noah’s ‘Dumbo ears’ flapping in the picture.





Pups (pics)


Fin (pics)

Hi Don,

We just recieved the registration form for our pup, and we knew that you had ask for some pictures of him, so here are some we took last week!

The MacLeods


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Abby and Josh (pic)

Here is Abby and Josh in the boat.


Abby and Josh

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Nala & Tucker (pic)

Hey Don,

Just an update on Nala.  She is starting to get better on  the fetching. I found that she does the best when  I have her on a lead at heal and throw 4-5 for Tucker without letting her move.  Then she gets 1, Tucker gets 4 or so more, she gets one more and then the bumper goes away.  She still wants more and is excited the next time the bumper is brought out.  She also seems to have outgrown her carsickness.

Here is a picture of them both.



Nala & Tucker

Maddie (pics)

Hello from PEI.

Thought you might like to see these pictures. She is doing well and enjoying running wild on PEI. Hope all is well with you both and we will try and drop in and say hello one of these days on a visit to Dartmouth.

Brian and Gail


Thursday, August 05, 2010

Photo of Gila

Hi Don,

We're sending you a recent photo of Gila.  You can see she is a beautiful dog, but she also has a wonderful temperament and fits in wherever she goes. We've had such a great experience raising Gila, that we are now thinking it might be time to bring another Lab into our household.  Please keep us informed of any puppies that will be coming along, especially any by Mud.


Jo Ann & Jack


Jill's photos

Hi Don

Here are the pics. The pups love fossicking in the garden after the rain as you can see. They lined up for a drive on the crates in the ute which they enjoyed. Obvioisly we have had a bit of rain and the water was running through the property where there is a little causeway, the dogs all love that.

The pics of JILL were taken this morning, she is a delight and as busy as a bee. She knows her name and she is a real eye contact dog.


Jill & Wayne

Jill's photosJill's photosJill's photosJill's photosJill's photosJill's photos

Noah's first swim! (pics)

i Don

This was a great weekend for Noah.  He turned 4 months old AND swam for the first time.

I took him to a friend’s pond and I think that did the trick – no waves like in the lake.  He actually first went in chasing a butterfly (see first picture) but after went in after the bumper.  I think he liked the fact that he can walk around pond and still see me from even the opposite end as he dove in and swam right across when I called.  Of course he also rolled in the mud and got totally filthy but he had such a good time.  We took him to the pond three days in a row which was great.  The pond is in a huge field that is fully fenced and my friend says that I can use it anytime J so guess where we will be every Saturday and Sunday morning ;-).

Here are a few of the pictures we took ( I have many many more).

Take care


Noah's first swim!Noah's first swim!Noah's first swim!Noah's first swim!Noah's first swim!