Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ruby & David (Woodcock/Grouse Hunt)

Hi Don,

I took Ruby out for woodcock/grouse this morning. Craig Blackie (my photographer friend – you met him at the university once for a slide show) came along and took these shots. I think that they tell a pretty nice story. I especially like "show bird".



Ruby WingshotRubyRuby TangleRuby Sunny MomentRuby SteadyRuby StalkingRuby (Show bird)Ruby (Pouch bird)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Angus Picture

Hi Don!

Just sending along a new pic of Doindogs Angus, Yew's pup from Sept ’06. He couldn't be more loving and sweet (and handsome J ).

Please give our regards to Pierette and your furry gang!




Hi Don:

Molly has had her next round of shots, but we havent scheduled neutering yet... isnt that after 6 months? We are starting obediance classes next week and I hope to learn some things, she is very loveable but headstrong and stubborn. Reminds me of me, haha. Have you heard any interesting news from any of her siblings? I will get over when I have a chance, in the meantime I am attaching a photo from when she was about 10 weeks.


John S.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Hi Don

I thought I'd send you a few pictures of Rosie. She is doing well and learning quick.

She retrieves her toys to me very consistently and knows sit and come. We took her to the frog pond and she was quite interested in the ducks - of course! She loves her crate and knows what let's go for a "walk" means. She was disappointed today to find out she can no longer crawl under our bed to chase the cats, she is growing fast!

I enjoyed the video of Mud!



Saturday, October 13, 2007


Hi Don,

I just wanted to let you know that Tucker is doing well. His training is coming along, he responds to both voice and whistle for sit and come. He has other commands by voice. He is very bright and picks things up quick. I think he is doing well for being 12 weeks old. We will be adding some new training this week.

He has been to the range and swimming - he really likes the water no hesitation at all. He behaved well at the range and was not bothered at all by the noise.

I attached some pictures


tucker in the water.jpgtuckerTucker