Saturday, April 20, 2019

TIKKA at 8 weeks

Tikka had a great night last night put him in the kennel at 1130. Put him out for bathroom at 530.  He slept all night.
Thank you for everything. I will keep in touch. 


The best kind of 'chocolate' for Easter! 😉

Friday, April 19, 2019

Camo in the snow (video)

Hi Don, 

This video was taken the day Camo turned 5 months old. Her obedience is exceptionally good, her health is great, and she’s great with the family. She is a spitting image of Lu. This is a great dog.
Best wishes,

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Spud and Rundell

Hi Don,

Spud is not normally on the sofa. But Rundell was sleeping. I put Spud up on top of him.

Spud is doing well. He’s growing. And exploring forest and field; training for his future as a hunting dog.


Pictures of Sage

Remi's first canoe trip

Hello Don and Pierette,

First time in a while sending along any photos but I thought this one was worthy.
We had remi out for his first ever canoe trip this past Saturday. He had never been in a canoe or boat before, or even seen a canoe I believe up until that day. I certainly believe he is born to be in or on the water at all times. Crawled right in the canoe and sat down, even laying down at one point but that didn’t last long, he couldn’t see anything ! Haha

He’s definitely a treasured part of my life now, and we’ll have many more adventures like this for sure.



Olive' s first day at the ocean

Thought you might like these pics of Olive' s first day at the ocean.



Sunday, April 14, 2019

This Dog’s Final Wish Is Going Viral and It’s Sure to Make You Cry

They say all dogs go to heaven and we’re convinced there’s a special place behind the pearly white gates for one German Shepherd named Gretchen. The dog’s final wish before she passed away is going viral and it’s sure to bring a tear to your eye.

Read more:

After reading this story wanted to share it, and share thoughts of our girl Sable.  When Sable died, our Mailman knocked on our door and asked “Where is my friend?”.  Our Vet also wrote a condolence letter, 2 pages both sides about how much Sable meant to his whole practice.


Janette is a lady in New York with MS.  She got Sable from me as a service dog, a pup from Roo/Beau, born 4 Aug 05.  We have maintained close contact ever since, a great lady that had a great dog! 


Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Pup pics

Pics of Tilly

Hi Don,

Here are couple of photos of Tilly on the way to our cottage on Sunday. It’s hard to take a good photo of a black dog. She enjoys the boat, getting more comfortable each time we go there, on the way back she was sitting on a seat and could look all around. She enjoys the freedom of cottage life, she’s the only dog on the island and stays pretty close to us. She hasn’t ventured into the water, but I suspect this summer she’ll be swimming with us as she doesn’t like being left out. She’s a great dog, and all the family love her. Training is coming along, recall needs work for sure but we keep at it every day.

pHope all is well with you,


Isla teaching herself how to fish

Hi Don,

Isla and I were out in the woods, near the Porcupine Lake area on the south shore

… beautiful day for a hike!

Thought you’d appreciate this photo of Isla teaching herself how to fish. To funny. She loves water, whether it’s a lake, stream, or puddle. Lately she’s been seeking out water to swim in or just lie in when we’re out and about in the woods. Last week, while up around Island Lake, she would seek out every water filled ditch or shallow pond at the side of the old logging roads or in the woods and then break through the thin sheet of ice, like a polar bear (same technique), and then just lie in the shallow water and relax… she is definitely a strange creature some days. But hey, she has fun and if she’s having fun, I’m having fun.

Have a great week!