Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Pictures of Jake 2

Jake 2Jake 2Jake 2Jake 2Jake 2


Hi Don,

Here are a couple of pics of Ollie. The first is shortly after we got him home and the second was taken tonight. Quite handsome we all think. He is doing well and seems to be getting accustomed to his new den mates as we are to him. He is up to 13 lbs now - he was 10.8 lbs when we picked him up last week.



Monday, February 18, 2008



Harlee update

Hi Don,

Harlee will soon be 10 months, I thought it was time to send you some
updated pics.



Friday, February 15, 2008

Jake 2 and Max

Pictures of Jake 2 (bella's pup) and Max,

Jake Two and MaxJake 2, Max and FamilyJake on the couchSleepy JakeSleepy JakeSleepy JakeJake playingSleepy Jakejake and maxSleepy Jake

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Brook turned 2

Hi Don

How are you folks doing? What's new?

I have started my new job at the university and like it very much.

Brook turned 2 on Feb 1 and is doing very well. Her leg is doing well and
except for when she goes DOWN stairs one would not know by looking at her
that she had had the injury. We are very happy.

I have attached some recent pictures, including her birthday "cake".

A question. She is well behaved and listens well, except if we are in the
woods off leash and she gets on the scent of a bird or rabbit. In those cases she
takes off and won't come back to us, sometimes she is gone 2-3 minutes,
sometimes 10-15 minutes and once 1.5 hours. During these times she is in
dense woods, it is not like she is toying with us, she is in the woods
so we don't know what she is doing. She is trained to come immediately on
the word come or on rapid whistle burst. This works great unless she encounters
an animal and then she won't listen. We have been working on improving this,
seems like she is doing better for a couple of weeks and then she takes off again.
Any suggestions?


Dr. Craig Purchase