Sunday, January 25, 2015

PennHip Results

Hi Folks,

 I got the results of the PennHip tests this morning.  Wilson scored at the 90th percentile!!!   Annalou scored at the 80th percentile!! These results are Chelsea's "Piece de Resistance"! There will be Champagne and Prime Rib this evening!  



These two are descendants of Rose, we now have reason to be proud; great health clearances, temperament and looks.  


Badem and owners in Turkey

Here are pictures of the people in Istanbul that bought Badem.  They are very pleased with him and dedicated to his training and well being, great owners!


Badem in TurkeyBadem in TurkeyBadem in Turkey

Cee last day of season

Hi Don,

She hunted very well this season. We had 2 losses in about 40 ducks and they were in big water with a bit too much surf. She's very determined and a little overzealous at times but that will even out as she gets older. Mostly shore hunting but twice over decoys and she did fine. She's very intelligent and does not mind the cold at all - she was actually in the water swimming this morning - chasing a live black duck of course. She's a bit spoiled at home between the kids and my wife but is a good dog.

I'll keep sending pics!Take care,



This pup is from Dot/Puck’s litter born 15 May 14,  she isn’t even nine months old yet, she has been retrieving ducks since she was five months old!  She is the black  pup in the last pictures with snow on her.



Ned in the snow

Ned is owned by a family near Ottawa, they also have 4 of my pups!



Sunday, January 18, 2015

Lab in Labrador

This pup went to a really great family in Labrador.  Ben and his wife are both teachers there.




Lab in Labrador

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Badem in the snow

Hi Don, 

Apologies for my late reply but work has been crazy busy recently... Badem is doing great.. He dropped most of his crazy time behaviour. We have seen trainer twice until now, but everyday we practice with him.. As I said John is very eager on training him, and he is doing great so far. Badem is very very smart.. He learned some cute tricks :) My dad visited us last week, and he loved him.. They got along really well.. 

Couple weeks ago, we went to a ski trip, Badem had fun!!!

Badem in the snow



Jaxx, last day of duck season

Last day of duck season Jaxx at 8 months with a limit of whistlers.

The foundation has been built, I have a dog that is not gun shy, doesn't bark or whine in the blind and will bring back dead ducks. She listens sometimes when you call and knows the basic commands lol. 

Over the winter spring and summer she will acquire the remainder of the skills required to make her an outstanding duck dog for the 15/16 season.



This is a Pat/Storm pup - Don


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Luck update

Hi Don,  

Luck is a great dog.  Amazing with my 5 and 7 year old girls.  Which was my main concern when I initially started looking for a dog.  Luckily he has become so much more than a dog.  He is their best friend and there is no doubt I could teach him to do anything.  I hope 2015 finds you well.

20141229 163031

Fat Labs at Westminster

This is a very good article about how the "show labs" are anything but proper, functional labs. In recent years, one would think breeders were raising them for meat! They are anything but functional and often lacking the friendly "lab temperament".


Friday, January 02, 2015

Bosley (pics)

So Boz won that battle....he's now the privileged dog that lays on the couch!!! Hope your Christmas was restful!!! See you in the New Year!!! 

The Kim's


Thursday, January 01, 2015

Noah added another title

Noah added another title, thanks to his great owner, trainer and handler Vanessa LOBO