Friday, December 17, 2010

Noah in South Carolina

Hi Don,

We had quite the harrowing drive on Tuesday- snow, snow everywhere!! and they don't plought here like at home. Then it was so cold that even the wipers froze up, which was no fun!! Anyway good sense and slow driving got us to WV by 6 pm. Noah just loved playing in the deep drifts of snow and the cold just did not phase him at all. Wednesday was much better and we were here by 3pm. Noah behaved good as gold for the whole trip.

It was nice yesterday around 12. We took the dogs to the beach at Hilton Headand Noah had a blast(see pictures) :-)

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Orangeville Show (pics)

Hi Don

Just wanted to give you some really good news from the show today. Noah today eat out a puppy to be est puppy in his calss and then went on to win Reserve winners beating out 5 other dogs (1 pup and 4 class dogs). No points yet but we were really pleased with the result.

Needless to say, we got a whole lot of socked looks from the other lab owners and only one of them came to say congratulations! :-) Well never mind - we were very pleased.

Attached are pictures from the Brantford show last week and the 2nd one from this morning.

Take care


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Great Morning (pics)

Hi Don,

I took the morning off today and took Ruby out for a few hours. It was the first perfect pheasant day of the year for me - about 0 Celcius and nice and frosty. Ruby hunted beautifully - finding and flushing this pair of fine roosters in easy range. One bird flushed so low that I had no shot until he banked away so I ended up only knocking him down. It took some time to find him tucked up under and undercut bank, but we got him. As usual, it just would have been a walk in a frosty field with a gun had I not had Ruby...


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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Merry Christmas (pics)

Hi Don,

Just sending along a picture of my decorating helper. I promise he was given a treat after posing so willingly amid the tangled lights. This is a testament to his temperament, despite his "woe is me" face, he sat there willingly and didn't budge until I snapped the picture (and handed over the treat).


Just because he is so cute. He's sad that the Christmas village is blocking the view at his favourite "people watching" window. (below)



Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year to you and your family,

Theresa, Steve, Olivia, Anna & of course, Angus!

Doindogs Abby w/Peter (pic)

Hi Don,

This is Doindogs Abby with her owner Peter



Brantford show

Hi Don

Wanted you to be the first to know J  Noah did very well at the show yesterday.  He went Best Puppy in Breed, Winners dogs and best of Opposite . Best of all he behaved very well - such a marked improvement from the Belleville show.  Of course he was very excited but did calm down. His only problem came when the judge wanted him to show his teeth which he just refused but she persisted and eventually he did J.  Poor guy, this is the one thing he hates to do- we have been practicing but he just freaked out I guess L.

Orangeville next weekend- there is a big entry 14 dogs on Saturday and 11 on Sunday- Should be fun and interesting.

All the best


Thursday, December 02, 2010

How to identify a Meth lab


Pictures from the walk

Here are some pictures from this morning. The yellow Lab with the blue collar belongs to Peter Macleod.  The yellow with pink collar belongs to Peter Wilson. The yellow with the red collar is my Maggie, daughter of Doindogs Jet.