Saturday, November 05, 2005


I just wanted to tell you about our visit to the vet today.

Although he, Alan, had seen her the day after she arrived...he was raving about her. He loved her head*, conformation, etc. (His brother, Gary, is also his partner & they are both 'Fellows' at Cornell. )

Much to my surprise Alan took Sable into the next room, so his brother could see her. When they both came back, they congratulated me on my Dog. Where did I get her, I told them about how Pro sent me to you & gave them your cards.

After that she got her shots; Sable got 5 shots today; Rabies, Lyme Disease, Canine Distemper, &Canine Andenovirus 2, Canine Parvovirus...and she was sleepy all day, so I left her alone. Now She has perked up, and is back to her old self. The vet also gave me a monthly heart worm packet...but I will wait a few days before starting that.

After the shots, I saw Alan do something I have never seen him do with any of my other dogs... He kissed her on top of her head, & said we'll see you in 2 months.

Bill felt that I should tell you this. Bravo!


We just got back from showing Sable to Pro & Joe. They loved her. She played for a it, then laid down to nap. Pro said " I can see She is well put together". I think that says it all.

Thanks Don, Janette

* Sable has had many compliments on her head. I even had a man ask if it was a different breed of Lab, since all the ones he has seen have pointy snouts. I said "No, she is the real thing, imported from Canada!"