Saturday, August 17, 2019

Merlin's Adventures

Hope the summer is treating you well! We’re enjoying a nice one by getting all the hiking and backpacking treks in that we can. We have roughly half of the East Coast Trail covered since July and what a season we had for whales - wow! Anyways here’s a few shots from our last over nighter. A few scenic shots and a few Merlin shots. And yes that’s him up in the hammock with us! The big baby!! He doesn’t think it’s a big deal for him to get up and then try to turn around 500 times to find his comfortable spot 😂❤️ all the while I try to keep him from licking me in the process!


Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Willow and Brandy at the beach

My sister and I took Willow and Brandy to the beach the other night at low tide ..... They had a ball running in and out of the water, and then running after each other on the beach.  I think it tired Willow out because she put herself to bed shortly after we got home lol  😴  She's only ever done that a couple other times lol  Attached are a few pics from the beach that I thought I would share with you 😉  I might be just a little bias lol, but I think Dee and Storm made one beautiful girl - Willow is so pretty ❤️ (even when she looks sad lol) and she's very photogenic! 🙂  Brandy is cute, too, of course! 😉  It's hard to get nice shots of Brandy though - she's so energetic, and curious and nosy about everything lol so it's hard for her to stay still and focused long enough to get a decent shot lol  And whenever I think I've got a nice shot, she seems to move, or shut her eyes partially or fully as soon as I click to take the picture! lol  She's a turkey! lol

Have a nice weekend.


Saturday, August 10, 2019

Tikka update

Tikka is doing very well very well behaved and healthy. 45.5lbs today.


Thursday, August 08, 2019

Picture of Sage

Hi! Just wanted to send you an updated pic of sage! She's at 8 months! Has some water on her nose from when I was watering the flowers


Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Few recent pics of Tilly

Hi Don,

Hope you’re having a lovely summer…

Here are a few recent pics of Tilly, she’s certainly more confident on the boat these days.

She’s a great dog, great swimmer, natural retriever and loves the cottage life.

Take Care,

Puppy common sense

Afternoon, Don

Spud continues to grow, somedays physically, somedays mentally, and of course he misses some days!

Early on Saturday morning, we were doing a 1 hour hike at Crescent beach, near Petit Riviere.  Suddenly, I noticed 2 otters leaving the ocean and heading for a rocky breakwater.  Before I could get Spud on leash, he noticed the animals and ran to check things out.  When Mrs. Otter and Jr Otter got to the breakwater, they turned to face the Lab.  I suggested to Spud that he come to me ( rather than visit the vet) and Spud did come to me without any drama.  Pretty sensible decision on his part.

Moments like that are rewarding.


Sunday, July 21, 2019

Dee's pups

Update on Levi at 8 months

Hey Don,

Just a little update on Levi at 8 months, he's getting along great. He love's people so much. Really enjoys camping and he's slowly getting comfortable around the pool. He won't take the plunge on his own, but he's close. Thanks again for another amazing dog. Would love to get him a play partner some day. We'll have to see.