Monday, October 26, 2020

Hello from YEG!

Hi Don

I just wanted to touch base & let you know that Boone is settling in & doing great here.  We have had a very early snow & some very cold weather.  Nobody has been particularly happy about that.  But, we’re all so happy to have him here & just wanted to say thank you!

Nikki & Family

 here.  We have had a very early snow & some very cold weather.  Nobody has been particularly happy about that.  But, we’re all so happy to have him here & just wanted to say thank you!

Nikki & Family

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Update on Belle

 Hi Don.

Hope you  and your family are doing well and taking care during the pandemic.  Happy thanksgiving as well! 

Jordan and I wanted to update you on Belle. She just turned 1 years old in July :) She is doing extremely well with training and has been loving that someone has been home since March due to the pandemic. I have been working from home so she usually  gets on her bed  and sits right next to me for the day while I work! 

This past summer was great. Both Jordan and I took 3 weeks off so we were enjoying lots of hikes, beach and lake days, camping trips, etc with Belle and our son. She loves camping and hiking with us and running on the beach, although she realised the hard way its not a good idea to drink the salt water!! She did well in the tent this summer which we were not sure about but she snuggles right in for the night on her bed!

She is a beautiful dog who loves everyone and everything! She loves helping  me with my yoga as well as snuggling with our son where ever he is!!! Lol. 

She finished her second  heat recently in September and missed her dog buddies and play dates but she is back to her normal self now. We love her to pieces and can not thank you enough!

Take care!


Chelsey & Jordan

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Pup day

 Hi Don,

Just thought we would drop a note to say hi from Brooke (Puk & Lu's litter) & our family in New Glasgow. Brooke has settled in perfectly and has managed to double her weight since we took her home! Hope you guys are enjoying the beautiful fall we are having! 

We will see you in a month or so for some more dog food!!!

Bernadette, Steven and Lily

7 weeks old

11 weeks old

Remi update

Hey don, 

Myself and Remi finally got a day to go looking for some birds. We set off 8am this morning covering 10km. By 1pm we were back and only had seen 4 ducks (which we couldn’t get a shot at). I think I need to find a new area to hunt haha 

Managed to get a picture of ourselves tho. 

Remi is now just over 3 years young, 69lbs. Fit as a fiddle his vet says !



Sunday, October 18, 2020

Jet (pics and video)


Lex and Bigby updates

Just a quick update on Lex and Bigby. Both are doing very well. Bigby is starting to show his age a little in his reluctence to climb stairs but is otherwise happy and healthy. Lex is a sweet, energetic goofball who just wants to follow me everywhere. He also loves to watch us from the top of the stairs.

With me working from home all the time, lunch time is ball time :)


A few recent pictures of Remy

Hi Don

Hope you are keeping well. A few recent pictures of Remy. He’s 5 and a half months old now. 


Happy Thanksgiving from Camo


Happy Thanksgiving from Bruce


Trail Walk

 I took Willow for a walk on the Gaetz Brook Greenway Trailway, and my Mom and Brandy joined us 🙂 It was a great day for a walk on the trail! 🍂 Willow and Brandy seemed to enjoy it 😊 They went for a swim in the river, too! lol

We all had a great afternoon, 🙂 The girls got lots of compliments, and compliments on their Halloween bandanas, too, that my mom made for each of them 💀 Willow was also extra happy yesterday because she got to go for a little ride with my Dad in his Kubota lol (see pic attached) She loves spending time with my Dad! ❤️ Dad had to bring up his second canoe from the lake, so I helped him with lifting that on to his buggy, and Willow hitched a ride back to the house lol  She was likely a little disappointed that it wasn't a longer ride lol

Enjoy your Thanksgiving 🦃




Happy Thanksgiving photo from Raeya :)


Sunday, October 11, 2020

Willow - Nova Scotia proud!

Willow ..... born and raised a proud Nova Scotian Labrador    😉 She is now 2½ years old, and she last weighed in at 62 ½ lbs.. 🐾 Storm and Dee made a very pretty girl ❤️ And she's very photogenic! lol 😊

~ Dana

Camo with the Birds

Hi Don,

Camo (Nov 11 2018, Lu/Lindt) is doing good with the birds and great with the family. She’s 65 lbs of pure chaos, and we’re enjoying all of it. She is a lot of work, is a very high energy dog, her obedience is good, her health is excellent. The vet recently described her as “Perfect”. Thanks so much for an excellent dog, she’s a great addition to our family.


Echo relaxing on the deck

Hi Don,

This is Echo relaxing on the deck. We just love her!!!


Thank you!

Fun at the beach (video)

Charlie (pic)

This is Charley, the little pup that was retrieving the golf ball at 8 weeks

Birdy Raeya

Raeya got to interact with a frozen grouse this morning and i think its safe to say she will be a birdy doggy!


Bear with his Halloween bandana!

Bear is getting along great on PEI!  He hopes some of his siblings can visit someday!


Saturday, October 03, 2020

Raeya and Gauge together

Hi Don! 

I just got this sweet photo of Raeya and Gauge together and thought id share! Raeya is growing so fast and is so wonderful shes just perfect!

Thank you!



Leo pictures first day of hunting

Hi Don,

A few picks of Leo (October 1st), was the first day of duck hunting in N. B. He was able to retrieve all 17 birds. Great day with a great dog Thanks again The Wood family.


Leo is 11 mos old, from Pea and Sandy

Pictures of Cooey