Sunday, August 12, 2018

Ilsa big leaps through the water to get to the bumper

Hi Don,

Was thinking of you yesterday and this morning during our walk... thought I'd send along this photo to brighten your day! Just spoke with Pirette and I am SO GRATEFUL that everything went so well!!!! In fact, it makes my weekend knowing that you came through with flying colours!!! Thankful for you Don and the surgeons who worked on you. Rest well!!!


Your friend, Bruce.


PS: Isla wishes you well too! The attached photo is of her doing 4 big leaps through the water to get to the bumper.


Monday, August 06, 2018

Hi from Manny and Sky

Spent the weekend hanging out and playing / swimming at the beach !

Manny 23 months (Kelly & Eddie)
Sky 17 months (Lori & Jeff)

Manny and Sky

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Here’s another picture of Isla

Hi Don,

Most likely conjuring up some plan for mischief on tomorrow morning’s walk/training session in the woods!

Do you think she’s a bit too lean for a pup (you can easily see her ribs in this position… not so readily when she stands up though). I’m used to lean dogs, but thought I should check with you given that you know your pups best from direct experience.


Dreaming of tomorrow s walk

Muddy Isla

Hi Don,

It was another great early morning romp in the bush for Isla.

In addition to being able to find almost anything in the forest, Isla specializes in finding mud holes and hollows… which means I need to find her a lake to swim in before we return to the vehicle!


Muddy Isla

Brandy Pic


Willow & Brandy

Pics of two very special pups attached πŸ˜‰  (Willow 5 months, Brandy 3 months).  

They seem to enjoy spending time together - they get along great!  ..... Must be because they're related lol



Brandy  WillowBrandy  WillowBrandy  Willow

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Perils of over exercising pups

Here is an article about proper exercising pups and the damage caused if improper exercise.

Bing update

Hi Don,

Had “Bing” to the vet today for her booster shots etc. She’s 20.2 lbs (from 11 Lbs when I got her from you). She doesn’t get treats and the vet says doing very well (not overweight).  He also says she’s going to be a “Big Girl”!

She’s a beautiful dog and we’re trying to do all the right things with her. We have all kinds of things for her to chew but she has found a couple of network cables and the rungs of the kitchen chairs (among other things) to add to the list.

We’re having a great time with her.

Please find attached, a photo of her on the floor of my truck today. She loves the truck and is usually asleep within 5 minutes.




Brandy is Dad's Garage

Brandy is Dad's Garage Dog in Training lol  She likes hanging out with Dad in his garage and I guess she will sometimes crash with him on the sofa he has in the garage lol and today she was helping herself to Dad's cooler to help her cool off lol  She liked eating some of the ice and playing with/splashing in the cold water lol  She also tried to help herself to a bottle of Coke and a bottle of water, too! lol She seems to be keeping Dad on his toes! lol  She's pretty busy! lol  She sure is a cutie and she makes Dad pretty happy, which is really nice to see 😊  Brandy seems to be doing well and has settled in.  I've attached a few pictures to this e-mail for you πŸ˜‰ 


Brandy is Dad s GarageBrandy is Dad s GarageBrandy is Dad s GarageBrandy is Dad s GarageBrandy is Dad s GarageBrandy is Dad s GarageBrandy is Dad s GarageBrandy is Dad s GarageBrandy is Dad s Garage

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Proud Canadian Dog

Happy Canada Day

Mckinley at 9 months


Here is a picture of Mckinley at 9 months. 
He such a great dog Don!!

Allan and Jane


My beautiful handsome Gander tonight

The pups, Gander and Puffin are doing great.  Gander is turning into a big powerful lab and Puffin is very athletic.  They are smart and affectionate.  Can't ask for much more.  Storm must have been one heck of a dog!

Jack and Lorie


A bigger thing to retrieve please

Hi Don,

This morning Isla was doing her thing… a water retrieve or two and some general messing about in the lake. She saw this small log was partially floating close to shore so she decided she needed to bring it closer so I could pull it out of the water… she pulled it about 10’ before it got grounded… close enough for me to pull it out though.

Here she sits, with her prize. We’re going to need a bigger log in about 6 months!

Her biggest retrieve yet! HA!

The other thing she did this morning was funny… I threw something into the lake (just along the shoreline) for her to retrieve. Problem was, it sank to the bottom (in about foot and a half of water) by the time she got to it. No problem though… Isla’s head and shoulders disappeared under the water and up she came with the object in mouth and brought it back to hand. She is officially a submariner now!


Isla Big Stick

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Jay at twenty weeks

Hello Don and Pierrette,

Here’s Jay at twenty weeks after a six km. hike and a swim to cool down, life is good.       
Take care, George


Hon at 4 months

Teething rings are her new favourite toys!


Had to send this picture!

Hope all is well :) had to send this picture! You make the best dogs ! πŸ’™πŸΎ


Saturday, June 16, 2018

A glorious morning on the water with Isla

Good Morning From Bruce & Isla,

What a morning we had! A still lake in the early morning… a long water retrieve, and a rest on the rocks to warm up!




Isla at 17 weeks - all in for a water retrieve

Hi Don,

I promised you a couple of pictures of Isla doing her thing on a water retrieve at 17-weeks. I love watching her work. On command (from a sit) she ran down a steep 6’ embankment and then got a head start on the retrieve with a leap into the water. Beautiful! Thanks again for such a great dog!



Friday, June 15, 2018

Isla pondering her next adventure

Hey Don,

Thought you’d enjoy this photo.

Isla has just finished her early morning swim/retrieve session (almost a daily occurrence now). She appears to be pondering her next adventure on the water… maybe a quick swim out to those rocks next time to see what’s out there?



Isla after her swim session

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Picture of Rocky

Hey Don ,
here is a pic of handsome Rocky ! πŸΎπŸ’™



Sunday, June 03, 2018

Jay is doing great

Hello Don,

Jay is doing great, fitting right in and slowly getting me trained. At 4 months he is 42 lbs. He enjoys long walks and in the water every chance he gets. He uses his brain to figure things out and is quite smart but somewhat stubborn as well but we are continually working on that. Here are a couple of recent pictures



Saturday, June 02, 2018

Canine Cirocvirus can be serious if left untreated


Two of my recent pups went to neighbours and from day one had diarrhea. They didn’t respond to usual treatment but further testing found a relative new virus, Canine Cirocvirus. This can be serious if left untreated



Thursday, May 31, 2018

Augie is doing good


Thanks for the info.  Augie is doing good. Cannot believe how smart he is. We do a morning walk around the neighbourhood and then head out to one of the trails for an afternoon hike.  We were able to buy a bottle of Rose Geranium (pelargonium capitatum) from Botanic Planet. Hope it helps as they are warning people about the number of deer ticks found on the island. Though there is no Lepto on the island he is going for his first needle next week as we are planning to head to Northern Ontario in August.



Eilean striking a pose

Eilean and Harry playing beach soccer and Eilean striking a pose

Eilean striking a pose

What a nose Isla has

Good Morning Don,

We were out for our early morning exercise and training and I was amazed, yet again, at Isla ability to find dead things.

We walk through tiny deer trails in a large forested area (to keep it interesting for her) and somehow she finds the tiny bird feather (see picture) amidst all the trees and undergrowth…. I’ve hid this feather 5 times in different locations over that past six days (without her knowing where I put it)… we walk through hundreds of yards of trails that crisscross the forest and yet she finds it.


What a nose Isla has

Ona Pictures


Willow update

Willow is becoming more of a walking buddy 😊, walking a little bit more with me every week 😊The 1½ - 2 hour walk I do everyday is still too much for her, so when she gets tired, I put her in a stroller (see pics attached) cause she's just too heavy to be carrying lol, and we continue on our way πŸ˜‰  She's got a 'ruff' life! lol  As you'll see, she’s quite comfortable in the stroller lol, but I don't think she'll fit in it much longer though! lol  The fresh air and exercise sure tires her out! πŸΎ



Thursday, May 24, 2018

Photos from today

Hi Don,

What a great opportunity we had today to see one of your classes. Although Rye had never been exposed, it was exciting to see she had her mother Lu's drive to retrieve at just 15 weeks old. All the dogs were gorgeous of course, as well as being capable. Also nice to see another pup from your kennel as well as a beauty from another that you're training. You and Pierrette certainly are knowledgeable and we love to see the dogs having fun being dogs. A  pleasure.



PS- my favorite is the one of Lu after her retrieving when she is sitting. She is always so serious when she works, and she looked goofy after having her fun. What a retriever smile...