Sunday, August 20, 2017

Pup on her way to Regina

Picture of a Pie/Dex pup on her way to Regina with her new owner. 

pup on her way to Regina with her new owner.

An update of Jake

Hi Don,

Thought you would like an update of Jake.  Taken today with his favourite toy.  He is such a big part of our family now hard to remember a time without him!!  
Hope your summer is going good!



Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Picture of Carl

Hi Don,

How are you? Hope that all is well with you and Pierette and all the dogs. Attached is a picture of Carl from the Natal Day long weekend. He is doing great.

Thanks Don,


Rocky (pics)


Manny and Sky


Thought you would like to see pic of Manny ( 11 months - Pat & Storm) and Sky (5 months - Dot & Ai).  They are the sweetest puppies and best of friends. 


Manny & SkyManny & Sky

Here are some new pics of Roxy

Hey Don! 

How's your summer? The weather here in NL had been fantastic! Here are some new pics of Roxy :)



Friday, August 11, 2017

Pictures of Olly and Boston

Hi Don,

Just a couple of pictures of Olly and Boston meeting up for some fun! Olly has the blue collar. 


Olly (blue collar) and BostonOlly (blue collar) and BostonOlly (blue collar) and BostonOlly (blue collar) and Boston

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Introducing Jethro

This is Jethro. He is a real sweety, very gentle dog for his age. Also comes from fully health tested parents. Even so, i will be having him tested once he is a little older.  He he is totally different from  Noah and thats ok. There will never be another like  him, he was just that special. There has not been a single day when his name is not mentioned in our house, and I dont think I will ever get over loosing him.