Thursday, February 02, 2006

FANTASTIC weekend!

Hi all,

Well, we had a FANTASTIC weekend! For those of you who do not know, we entered Jasper into her first obedience trail at Exhibition Park. We have been training her since she was 4 months old (she is now 13 months old). We started her with a 10 week class with our fabulous breeder, Don Bates (Doindogs) then worked with her on our own. About 4 weeks ago, we started taking her to a refresher class to get ready for this show. This was to work towards her title of CD which stands for Companion Dog. We need to qualify (get a score of 170 or higher; high being a score of 200), 3 times with 2 different judges.

Shawn and Jasper had a very successful weekend. We scored 182 out of 200 in yesterday's trial and 176 1/2 out of 200 in today's trial and we got High In Class in both shows as well!!! Needless to say, she was just exhausted by the time we got home today. Now, we head to a show in Truro in just over a month. If we qualify there, then she has her title of CD and then we start working on her next title which is CDX. The last two pictures we just took. The second last is her with her qualifying ribbons and the last one is with her two High In Class ribbons. We are so proud!

Thanks to our family who were able to make to make it to the shows this weekend and for Don and Pierrette for coming to both shows as well. We greatly appreciate it!

Until next time....

Angie :)