Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oaka (pics)


Molly O (pics)


Kilo (pic)

Just thought I would send you a picture of Kilo @ 6 and 1/2 months. Thank you for your help with Kilo yesterday. We are going to try him on his bone today.

Have a great day.
Gary and Susan


Tate (pics)

Hi Don,

Here are some recent pictures of Tate enjoying fall. She's doing great, she's in her second heat now and very healthy. Hope your fall is good.

Leigh Ann


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just a Dog...

This post will obviously bring about different feelings from those who know all too well what it is that I will be writing about. These are the days when having good bird dogs loses much of it's luster. It is the day we OWE to our friend, our partner, our pet. 

It dawned on me the other day as I told someone that I soon had to say goodbye to my girl of 15 plus years, that it was O. K., "she's just a dog".

At first, I was a little offended, I mean come on, give a little compassion here. I just smiled and agreed and carried on my way... Thinking the whole time, "it's just a dog". 

Hmmm, just a dog. 

The mom to 4 litters of pups with owners that cannot believe the gift they were given. Yep! 37 happy families. Could of easily been 10x that. She sure gave the world good pets, great friends and fabulous hunting partners... yep! Just a dog... 

She was my son's best friend growing up. We had acreage and friends needed to be shipped in for play time. But Breeze was always available to play with Hunter. A couple hours in the sand box... a little time running under the sprinkler, sharing lunches outside, sleeping on the front porch for hours while Hunter napped waiting patiently for him to come back out... yep! Just a dog... 

She stepped up in a big way at 5 years old to be my lead 'go to' dog after having to put 2 titled kennel mates down in the previous 2 years. I gave her little credit for her hunting abilities as my other dogs were incredible... well she showed me what 5 years of pent up desire looks like. Her waterfowl skills were superb on her first real day out hunting. She laid on a floating bog for 2 straight days and completed some amazing retrieves. Her upland skills while utilized minimally in the past, came through like a polished all-pro... and I never had to use a collar or correct her. She knew what it was that made me happy... yep! Just a dog.... 

She so eloquently slipped into old-age. Still hunting at 12

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kai (pics)

I have a Male Chocolate Lab from a litter between Mutt & Teddy. His 1st birthday was Sept 6th and I have only good things to say about him & Doing Dogs. He is and has been a lot of work, as all labs are, but he is definitely been worth it. He is good dog with a sweet and friendly temperament. He gets along well with other dogs and has been good with every person he meets.

In regards to training he has always done well. Physically he is in amazing shape. He is lean, muscular and well proportioned. I cant tell you how many times people have and still do ask me where I got him and comment on how beautiful his features are. I have attached a variety of pictures for you to look at from a pup to current


Friday, October 09, 2009

Sable and Zoey (pics)

Hi Don,

Last week, my good friends stopped by with their Grand daughter Zoey. She is 18 months old, and was not afraid of all.

They ran around, played with toys, and basically entertained the 'grown ups'.

At one point Sable was up on her ottoman with the toy in her mouth... Zoey walked up to Sable, tilted her head and said "share?" with that Sable dropped the toy. It was something special.

I thought you might like to see them.

sable and zoeysable and zoey

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Ruby Update

Hi Don, Hope that all is well. Have you been to your daughter's wedding yet? Did you get a new lens? Sorry we haven't been able to connect about that - things have been very busy at work this fall. I have been working on the LaHave a lot and then up on the St. Mary's. Now I'm off to Cape Breton tomorrow for the rest of the week.

Rob and I went out on Saturday and he got one. I missed an easy shot at a crossing bird over the river and then we put up lots of hens for the rest of the morning. I managed a quick hunt with Ruby the other morning and out on Saturday and he got one. I missed an easy shot at a crossing bird over the river and then we put up lots of hens for the rest of the morning. Packed it in at noon - too damned hot! Have you had a chance to get out much yourself? I'll be in touch as soon as things calm down a bit with work. Here's a pic from the other day.


Ruby & Dave