Sunday, June 30, 2019

Key at 7 years

My best friend (don’t tell my wife !)  ...thanks Don


Some pictures Rocky

Some pictures of my handsome boy Rocky 💙🐾


Isla Launching For Retrieve

Hi Don,

Thought you’d enjoy a photo (albeit it a bit fuzzy because she was running) of Isla’s enthusiasm for the retrieve… the photo shows her shortly after launching from a “sit” for the retrieve. It’s fun to watch her “load up” her stride and then extend out as she runs (just don’t stand behind her unless you want dirt all over your pants as she digs in with her feet for the first few strides!). If she’s running in sand, there’s usually about a 6’ spread between where her feet last touched the ground and where they land for the next stride. She’s very athletic in all terrain types, including the water… a real joy to watch. She’s holding steady at 57lbs (of muscle) and is super healthy. What I love most about Isla (besides the bush work, enthusiasm, and fearless approach to all situations, etc.) is her steadiness. I was reminded of that this morning… during our morning hike today there was lightning in the sky above us and a lot of thunder all around us… didn’t matter in the slightest to Isla… we were practicing “heal” and a few other things and she didn’t even notice the flashing and the loud bangs. It’s nice to have a dog that thrives in all situations. Thanks again for such a great dog!


School Dogs lol

Don & Pierrette,

I had two new 'students' at school today for our last day 😉  I decided to bring Brandy along with us, figuring the experience would be good for her 🙂  The two of them did GREAT!  The kids, my colleagues, and even the parents LOVED them! ❤️  And of course, Willow and Brandy just L-O-V-E-D all the attention! lol  The kids tuckered them out! lol  They slept the whole way home lol 😴


Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Sam is a wonderful dog

Sam is a wonderful dog.  Training is going well, showily, but she is getting the basics down.

Scott and Cathy from Charlottetown

Wednesday, June 05, 2019