Monday, November 28, 2016

I couldn't have asked for a better dog!

Don, Luck is all boy.  I understand you breed a lot of dogs and Luck may be distant.  I assure you luck has turned out to be the neighbourhood dog.  We have a lot of young children in my area and luck has turned non dog people into dog lovers.  For some kids in the neighbourhood he has changed their perception of dogs.  I couldn't have asked for a better dog!  I have trained him on my own with the help of my girls.   He is exactly who we needed and wanted.  Ty for that.



Thursday, November 24, 2016

Pics of Henri

Hi Don,

Here's some newer pics of Henri!! He's got quite the personality!  He is always wagging that tail.  He loves the outdoors , chasing leaves, going for walks, swimming, retrieving and being a lap dog!! 



Dew & Couper Pup (March 2nd 2015)


Sunday, November 20, 2016

Picture of Rocky

Hello Don, 

Hope all is well. I just wanted to share this picture of Rocky! I get so many complaints on him and tell everyone where he came from :)  some know of you and say you have the best looking dogs:) and I could agree more !!! 



Wedding with Badem

Well nothing has changed with the government  but i am not following the news anymore.. But we are fine with John and Badem.. travelled quite a bit recently.. also we finally got married last month!! badem was in the wedding as well!!! The pictures are not out yet but here is one..



The picture I sent of the bride is the last person in Baghdad that I took a pup to.  Gizem and her husband are great people and excellent owner of Badem.  She has given me permission to have you post her comments and pictures, more to follow.




Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Picture of Angus

Hi Don,

Here's a pic of Angus with a brace of Bluebills I shot this morning. We are having a great season!



Pictures of Jaxx in the flatland

Jaxx is another good example of the Pat/Storm pups who go to good owners.  





Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Ticks and Lyme disease

A pup that I sold in the metro area got Lyme Nephritis, a very serious condition!  Every season is tick season now and that my vet uses and recommends Bravecto ( One pill every three months.


Also read, Lyme disease: treatment of acute and chronic manifestations by Justine A. Lee, DVM: (

Sadie's first goose retrieve

Here are two from yesterday's goose hunt and today's retrieve for a bluewinged Teal.

Sadie's first goose retrieveSadie's first goose retrieveSadie's first goose retrieve

Driftwood's Sadie WC