Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Hi Don,

Things are well here on the Cape... Brie went for her first boat ride on Sunday and she loved it... Justin wanted her up front with him but
he didn't want her to tip the boat....lol... he told her to stay still and sit in the middle behind him.... Justin loves going in the boat but he is still
trying to get comfortable... he was telling Brie that the water was to deep for her and that she is not to jump over board.... It was a great day
for all of us... seeing how Justin talks to her and him making sure she is safe, all the while she was even at one point trying to sneek up front
with him.... She is our delight...

take care and talk to you soon....



Sunday, July 29, 2012

2 Swimming Dogs

Hi Don

This picture proves that any dog can learn to swim - if you have a lab as a 'brother'.  Everyone who sees Sinead swim is just amazed.  


2 swimming dogs

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


This is the first born of the litter. He is quite stunning!

This young fellow is from Chelsea Marie



Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pups available now

I have black and yellow pups available now.  http://www.doindogs.com/pupinfo.shtml

Hunter Pics

Hi Don

Sorry we weren’t able to get to Bathurst we had prior commitments. Hard to believe Hunter is almost a year old. He is not as far along in his training compared to if you were doing the training. We are very pleased with his progress, He loves to please and is very intelligent he is going to be awesome. I have attached a few photos. Everyone comments on how shinny his coat is and how white his teeth are.

Take care




Angus update

Hi Don,
Just sending along a recent snap of our boy, Angus (sire Arctic Storm, dam Yew).
Such a sweet, obedient, and happy boy. We get compliments all the time on his stellar behavior and loving disposition. It's hard to believe he'll soon be 6!
All the best,
Theresa, Steve, Olivia, & Anna

Oka on guard

Oka has been on guard in the pool area at home all day today! It's a job he takes very seriously, as you can tell...





Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gunny (pic)

Hi Don


Just thought I’d touch base and send a photo of Gunny… He will be a year old on July 28th and he is the perfect dog! He is very gentle at home and very intense during training...He is definitely ready for the hunting season in September ..Hopefully I will send you a few action photos later this Fall!


Thanks and Best Regards,






Happy dog on boat

Happy dog on baot

Gary’s mother and son at play

Garys mother and son at play

Monday, July 09, 2012

Dubi on the boat

We left Istanbul last weeekend and went to Cesme, Izmir. This was approx 300 miles, 10 hrs.
This is the same boat you went on not a sail boat.
Now we are in Mykonos, Greece another 3 hrs.
Tomorrow we go to Bodrum, Turkey 4 hrs with weather permitting.
Than back to Istanbul in a weeks time. Total 2 and a half weeks.
dubi was terrified of the boat for the first ten times but the trip gave him his sea legs.
He loves to swim as well now
All the best.
Dubi on the Boat

Couple pictures of Ayce

Long time no talk! Wanted to send you a couple pictures of Ayce given it has
been quite awhile since we sent you anything. It is hard to believe we have
had him for over three years! He has been a great dog and other than a minor
encounter with a skunk on a walk earlier this year has been very well
behaved. He is always excited to head out in the car to the beach in
Parrsboro (where the pictures below were taken this evening) or take a walk
across the intervale to the river to get wet. He still gets lot's of
comments of what a "pretty boy" he is when we are out. Please stop by if you
are ever travelling through our way!
Take care!

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Puck earned CD Title

Puck qualified again, earning 193/200, tying for HIT and earning his
CD title.

Puck and Don

At the Beach

At the beach 6At the beach 5At the beach 4At the beach 3At the beach 2At the beach 1