Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tucker w/bumpers (pics)

Hi Don,

A while ago you gave me a couple bumpers, they are white, solid rather than hollow. Can you tell me where you got these?  I would like to get a few more.

It has been a long winter, the fields were iced up a lot so there were long stretches when I could not run Tucker, lately it has been good though.

Here are a few new pictures of him, he is doing well.

I might have to come to the city in a couple weeks hopefully we can arrange a visit.



Sunday, March 29, 2009

pups (pics)

pups 2009pups 2009

Drake (pic)

Hi Don!

Here are some pictures of Drake. He's doing very well, and is a very smart dog! He's pawing at the door whenever he needs to relieve himself, instead of just going on the floor in the house (which really only took a couple of weeks to train him to do) and he's sitting, laying down, and fetching on command. We went to the vet Monday night to get his second round of shots, and the whole office just fell in love with him. The vet (I've forgotten his name) praised him for his good looks, good temperament, and being very well adjusted for such a young pup. We're taking him to Conrad's beach for his daily walk, where we let him off leash to run around and explore, and follows us at our side as we walk, and doesn't ever let himself get too far from us. He's been an absolute joy, and we're very proud "parents".

Take care,

Shane and Gillian


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bigby Update (pics)

I can't belive that Bigby is one already! He's been such a great pal to have around! We were away on the day of his birthday, but I plan to make up for it!

We're both looking forward to a great summer running the trails!



Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nikita's Birthday (pic)

Hi Don,

Picture of Nikita taken today. It is her birthday, had her to McDonalds for a hamburger & icecream. She never gets anything like that, but since it is her birthday and all. She sure is my pride & joy.

Marion & Nikita


Don BATES' Adventures (pics)

Don bates (don's adventures)Don Bates and friend

More Pictures:
Don's Adventures

Friday, March 06, 2009

Zarah's surgery news

Zarah’s still groggy today, and slow and disoriented, but the incision looks great and the best news of course is that it was a benign FATTY-cyst.

My grandmother knitted the red throw on the couch, and she would have been so happy to see this sweet girl in it.

So here’s Z’s recuperating picture.



zarah (after minor surgery)

Birthday Wishes From Thunder

Hello! Thanks for sending the pictures and Happy 1st Birthday to all the Labs! Here is a picture of Thunder, MVP on our hockey team and two of his favourite teammates!


Kath, Louise, Dakota and Thunder


Monday, March 02, 2009

Birthday wishes from Flint

Hello everyone.

Flint would also like to wish you all a Happy 1st Birthday!  He had a great time yesterday on a playdate with Jak from the same litter, they had fun running around and dog friendly birthday cake followed.

I know everyone is really busy but if anyone who lives locally would like to get together with Flint he loves to play....maybe when the weather warms up and they can swim.

Hope you like photo.

Gill & Flint.


Birthday wishes from Gino

Hello everyone,

Hard to believe it is one year ago our precious little four legged puppies were born. Hope everyone is enjoying them as much as we love Gino. My children (5 and 8) seem to think we will have a great big party tomorrow and have all his brothers and sisters at our house for some cake. Since this can't come true we are writing birthday wishes to all.

Happy Birthday !

From Gino