Friday, March 29, 2013


Hi Don,

Bela is wild at feeding time. From day one I’ve prepped her food, set it on counter, ate something myself first, then placed her bowl, held her at sit, tried to wait for 2 seconds of steady/quiet then let her go. If too wild, I remove food, wait for her to settle and try again until successful. Today she was so noisy and aggressive that I removed her food and kennelled her. She was extremely vocal for about 5-10 minutes (a first???). When she quieted, I removed her and followed the usual drill with success (albeit about 1 second of sit/quiet??).

Am I expecting too much too soon? Suggestions?

Also, how much physical assertion on my part is warranted at this point (ie: holding down till she stops resisting.) She can be quite resistant/aggressive. We’re spending a lot of time holding and handling her as she did not like this much in the beginning and even now resists and mouths a lot. She is coming around though.

She is doing exceptionally well aside from this. Recall is 100%, sit and even heel are shaping up well.

Thanks, Steve

Looks as though you are both doing great! I think you could accomplish your control goal by simply preparing her food and leaving it on the counter while you eat or do something else. Even though holding her now is quite easy I think she will get the desired message without so much force.


I have been leaving it on the counter for her to see while she watches me eat. Should I simply let her have it from there and worry about sit/stay later as she matures? She’s only vocal about her food or if she desperately needs to duty. Strong willed as expected :)


That is what I would do. The objective is to show her who is in charge. That concept should soon become quite clear to her. I suggest you simply ignore barking at this point. Jill would like to be quite vocal also but has decided barking doesn’t gain her anything.


Exactly, thanks for the help/reinforcement. It’s been a while, but things are slowly coming back. Amazing how easily we forget the hard stuff :)

I’ll be sending that sticker out tomorrow. Picking it up after work today.

I’m now well aware of Bela’s god given hunting talent. Yesterday, I had 3 wings pre-hidden on a field. I walked her on lead down-wind and within seconds she was on the scent and located them shortly thereafter. I let her take each, but took it from her immediately and gave a treat. She was very unwilling to give it up,,,,almost wild on it. Today, I was hiding one while she was off lead and distracted. However, before I could get her on lead the wind changed and she was on it. I blew her in on whistle (she’s been amazing on recall, even with other dogs around!!!) and she decided to chew away and not come. You know how it plays out after that. I know I shouldn’t really even be doing this stuff, but can’t help myself :) Her ravenous behaviour for the wing has me nervous or is this typical of a high drive lab and my puppy memory is just poor?

She is very stubborn and I worry about balancing physical control/discipline with treating her like a puppy. Clearly intelligent, I want to make clear to her early on I’m the boss, but not lose her trust. How assertive should I be at 9 weeks?


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Videos of Tinka

St. Paddy's Day Lab Walk (pics)

Hi Don,  

We had 13 Labs out for our Lab Walk this morning. For awhile their were 15. Of the 15 Labs 12 were directly from Doindogs or breed from a Doindogs male or female lab. It was a beautiful morning and a great Low Tide! It was great to see all the Labs frolicking in the Bay of Fundy!! 


Lab WalkLab WalkLab WalkLab WalkLab WalkLab WalkLab WalkLab WalkLab WalkLab WalkLab WalkLab WalkLab WalkLab Walk

Friday, March 15, 2013

He is definitely my sook

He is definitely my sook

R.I.P Jill


This sad news came overnight. Jill started Kadnook Kennel, thought by many as the best Labrador kennel anywhere. I am very lucky to have known her and very honored because I am the only person in North America she would sell to.


My first was Roo then Rose, Mud, Jill and Puck. Wayne and Jill came for a visit, summer of 2011 and I drove them to Labrador. I visited them in Australia last winter, met wonderful people there and attended a field trial when the temperature was 37C!


Jill and Wayne discovered her cancer had returned the day before I arrived. Despite this bad news Jill and Wayne treated me like a family member.



Shortly after 04.00 am yesterday, Thursday 14th March 2013, Jill lost her five year fight with the cancer she had been challenged with since 2008.


Family members were at her bedside, and had been in continuous presence since the 25th February 2013.


After Jill’s Oncologist thought we would lose her on Friday 1st March, Jill rallied and greeted a constant movement of people in the week 4th to 8th March, many of whom had been in her life since day one of Kadnook Kennels. On Saturday 9th, the medical staff asked that Jill be allowed to rest and only family members be present at her bedside.


Jill fought a brave battle – and is now free from pain and the torment of this horrible disease.



Jill Poholke


04.04.1949  -  14.03.2013

63 yrs 11 mths 10 days


Jill will always be in our hearts.




Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Coale's new playpen?

Hi Don,


Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how things are going with our girl.   We are all very much in love with the very adventurous Coale.  She is so beautiful, intelligent and full of mischief!   She is sleeping well in her crate and seems to have taking a liking to TSN or Sports desk as her bedtime TV.  Coale saw the vet yesterday and is no longer on her ear drops.  She is now 15lbs and in good shape (per the vet).


John was outside yesterday putting out the garbage and took this photo of the pup.  I’m sure we will have lots of photos to send you in the future. 


Thanks again for this wonderful addition to our family.  Coale has John wrapped around her little paw already!




Coale - 8 weeks

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Loo (Jill and Storms pup)

Loo is nickname for loon in Newfoundland.

Loo just arrived Nfld.