Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sable's night out

Last night sable, my service dog, did the most amazing thing;

Bill went out to go bowling & i was watching a show on animal planet. It was about a lioness who had adopted an ibex fawn (in africa) the show was very interesting.

Sable indicated that she wanted to go out...I let her go. After about 1/2 an hour i went to let her in. She was not there! I called her name many times, but no response.

I walked out on the deck...The gate was open!

(She did not have her collar on. We have moved downstairs and bill had taken off her chain collar, because it was too noisy when she shakes her head at night. )

Now i am in a panic...How do you find a black dog at night? I get my keys, and as i open the front door...There sable is. Sitting an wagging her tail! I let her in, praising her. I had some treats with me, in case i had to coax her into the car, i gave them to her...Her ears were cold, so i rubbed them as i praised her.

She sat with her head on my feet for the rest of the night. When bill came home i told him the story. He praised her, and took her out side to play.

Now that is a good dog !!!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Beautiful site

Good Evening,

My husband and I came across you site while looking for a lab breeder in Nova Scotia, Your dogs are beautiful and what a beautiful site, so much information. We are planning on purchasing our first home in June and we were wanting a lab pup to add to our family, we have a young daughter and son. We were wondering if you were planning on having any litters around then? and if so what would be your procedure & price. Okay well thank you again beautiful site, and hope to hear from you soon.


Blu is doing great

Good afternoon Don,

Its Stephanie Spicier (Blu), its been a long time since you were at the house Williamswood) to visit so I thought I would send off a quick email to update you. Blu is doing great, he is 10 months now and I believe almost fully grown. He is still the shiniest black lab I have ever seen and is weighing about 70 pounds. I want to pass on to you the comment made by everyone who has seen Blu and that is "he is the most beautiful Lab they had ever seen". So I thank the genetics behind that and you for putting them together. As soon as I get some
on-line pics I will send some to you. As of now I have not gotten Blu fixed and really dont have any immediate intentions of doing so, which
leads me to some questions about breeding and or even showing him. I would hate not allowing him to pass on his genetics or at least show them off. I really have no idea about the legalities of the breeding aspect and wonder if you had some time you could let me know where this stands. Anyway I have to run back to class, so I hope to hear from you soon.



Thursday, January 15, 2009

Closing one season and opening the next...

Hi Don,

Got out for a last goose hunt of the season yesterday – we managed 5 between the two of us, and then added a pile of nice smelt to the bag to boot! Poor Kelly – she thought that there would be some kind of a gap between hunting season and fishing season! I don’t think that a 45-minute gap was quite what she had in mind!


Ruby (Geese and Smelts)

British Breed Standard Labrador Retriever Amendment

Here is a copy of the amendment made in Britain to the Labrador Retriever Breed Standard. I am very pleased and hope these changes soon move this way. Notice how they have decided against “substance”. The dog show winning Labs on this side of the water have been so bulky they looked like little pigs, a prime example of “substance abuse”!


Retriever (Labrador)

Characteristics Good-tempered, very agile (which precludes excessive body weight or substance). Excellent nose, soft mouth; keen love of water. Adaptable, devoted companion.

Body Chest of good width and depth, with well sprung barrel ribs – this effect not to be produced by carrying excessive weight. Level topline. Loins wide, short-coupled and strong.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Hi Don,

Just thought I'd send along a few photos taken of Gila this fall. She turns two years old today. Jack and I just couldn't be happier with her; she's very friendly, quiet, obedient, and she's got a great sense of humour, to boot! What a character.

Trusting all is well at Doindogs.


Jo Ann


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Last few hunts

Hi Don,

Happy New Year! I got out a few times over the holidays. Picked up a few birds on a river hunt in very cold weather. Ruby did well to make the double retrieve in heavy current with limited time to get them before they drifted down along unsafe (ice) shoreline. We then took 5 birds out in Fundy on the 30th. I brought my boat in case the ice was too heavy for her but she was positively fearless! She retrieved them all with gusto! It probably helped that it was a beautiful warm day in the blind, although we did lots of work last winter in very cold water with ice around. The last retrieve was a lightly crippled bird that ran all over the top of the opposite mud flat so that she had to slop around after it for quite a while after having made a 70 yard swim in strong current to get there. It was an easy mark but surely her most athletic retrieve of the year because the duck was able to skim on top while she was up to her belly in mud! As she swam back across with that one it had its head held high with a distinctly “What the HELL?” look on its face! The current brought her way down by the time she crossed back to me so I was so glad that I trained “Hold” so that she brought that lively duck to hand without dropping it and having to chase it again. A great way to finish the season! Here are a few pictures.


Ruby (blind renovation)Ruby last hunt of '08Ruby and dave

Friday, January 09, 2009

Lab pups

Hi Don,

Thanks for sending me all the information. The article was great!!A lot of useful information on it.

I am assuming we get the papers with the pup. I just wanted to make sure I was correct. I know in the contract it said "if" we breed the dog ( which we are not interested in) we would have to give papers out. That's what made me assume you give them with the pup.

I'll send the contract back tonight and the cheque tommorow morning.

Also wanted to tell you how useful your website is. There are great pictures and information on it! It's the best one we've seen yet



Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Mud & pups pictures

Hi Don!

I thought I'd send you copies of the pictures I took the other night.

Take care,

Gillian & Shane

Mud and pups 2009Mud and pups 2009Mud and pups 2009