Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jill (pic)


Another Kadnook Championship winner

Good morning Don,

Over the last weekend the Victorian State Championship Retrieving Trial was run. The clear winner was Ret.Trl.Ch. Kadnook Dream Alil Dream [Milly].

‘Milly’ is a bitch Wayne started and we gave her to John Stott after he lost his previous bitch, R.T.Ch. Kadnook Our Happy Miss [Midge].

‘Milly’ is by NTL & GR.Ret.Trl.Ch. Kadnook Pride ov Cork CM [Monty]- Roo’s father, out of Kadnook Believe In Dreams [Tawn].

‘Milly’ had a litter to ‘Scot’ about 5 months ago and John stated to us that the bitch pup we gave him to run on will be better than ‘Milly’ , a big statement when we are talking about a 5 month old pup.

Jill will be in contact with you soon, she has all the details re: collection from dogs etc.




Monday, September 26, 2011

Brandi (pics)

Thanks again for bringing Brandi into our lives.  She is an absolute blast and loves the outdoors it's impossible to keep her out of the water when its near!!!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gunny (pics)

Hi Don

Thought I should check regarding Gunny…He is doing fine…He knows his name and we are working on the  Come and Sit commands with treats…I give him 1 or 2 retrieves with a duck’s wing each day and he loves it! Also he is growing like a weed! I had to loosen his collar already .




Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rogue (pics)

Hey Don,

Rogue is doing well. She's basically caught on to going outside to use the bathroom,
I tried her on the toilet, but she's still a little too little. She's very mischevious, and 
energetic, which is a good sign. She also responds to 'come' about 70% of the time, 
which is not bad for being here five days.

I'll keep in touch, needn't worry. Thanks again Don, she's absolutely gorgeous!




Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Roo’s sire Retires

Good morning Don


I hope you are enjoying your time duck hunting, I envy you. My motto to shooting – “All time is wasted wots not spent hunting”.

Below is an item on the announcement of the retirement of Roo’s sire: ‘MONTY’.

Remember it only requires 12 points to be a Ret Trl Ch, and 100 pts to be a Grand Ret Trl Ch.

Have fun.






Retired Whistle "Monty"

by Gareth Tawton » Wed 14 Sep 2011 8:44 pm

Siobhan and I have decided to retire Nat and GR Rt Ch Kadnook Pride ov Cork CM - MONTY (at least from trialling)
It is hard to believe that Monty has been trialling for more than a decade having competed in his first Novice at 9 months with his last trial the 2011 National at eleven years.

By the end of his career Monty had in excess of 350 championship points. He won his first state title just before his 3rd birthday. By the end of his career he had won 10 championships including the 2009 National and had been the runner up in a further 10 championships. Monty is the only dog in Australian retrieving history to have won every state championship as well as the National. However our proudest achievement has been Monty's record in the "National". Monty started 9 Nationals failing to complete the 2003 national in Tassie. However he then successfully completed the next 8 nationals in a row finishing in the top 5 in 7 of those trials.

Hi soundness, drive and willingness to always give his best is a credit to his breeders.
It has been hard explaining to Mont that he is 11 now, that the mind is willing but body not quite so able. We are sure he will enjoy a few more retrieves over the rest of his life while he also enjoys the lifestyle of indoor living and being able to break to shot for that next duck!!!!
Gareth Siobhan and Riley

Gareth Tawton


This is Jill in Saskatchewan retrieving geese.

This is Jill in Saskatchewan retrieving geese.SaskatchewanSaskatchewan

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Roo was the first dog I imported from Kadnook.  Bella and Pat are from her, Dot is from Pat.  Rose was the second, Mud, Mutt and Beau are from her, Bee is from Mud. Jill was the last one from there, she and I go to Saskatchewan today for 10 days of waterfowl hunting.  Kadnook`s accomplishments, principles and breeding priorities cause me to agree with many others to say, Kadnook is the best breeder of Labrador Retrievers in the world.  I am very proud and privileged that Kadnook  has trusted me with their life long efforts to preserve and improve our favorite breed.


Dot Pictou Kennel Club's obedience trial

Dot and I were entered again today in the Pictou Kennel Club's obedience trial.  I am sure glad it's not possible to earn a negative score or we would have to go back at least once to get up to 0 points!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Angus’ 5th birthday (pics)

Hi Don!

Hope you had a wonderful summer. Today is Angus’ 5th birthday. He had a special treat for supper and a walk and swim in the Rideau River behind our house. Just wanted to share a pic of the Happy Birthday Boy with you.

Take care,

Theresa, Steve, and the girls

Angus’ 5th birthdayAngus’ 5th birthday

Ramsye (pics)

Hi Don,

I've been busy traveling the Atlantic Provinces. Here's a few pics of my traveling companion. I find the first picture reminds me of an old wise dog that has visited the world and knows a lot. The second picture in front of the sign reminds me of the Travelocity gnome that you see on TV. LOL. Too funny. Ramsye is doing very well. All his puppy teeth have fallen out and he's been very good at only chewing on his toys. It helps that we stay on top of it. I'm still spending time training with him. He retrieves the bumpers with no problem and heals on return. Great to see. still needs work, but very good progress. I've started having difficulties keeping him at heal during walks. He often wants to be ahead and at the end his leach. I correct him with the training collar, but he continuously does this. Any suggestions?

We're off to a family reunion in Rogersville NB this weekend, but we have to find time to go visit you guys with Ramsey.We'll be in touch soon and we will send more pics.

Gilles, Colleen and Ramsey.





Monday, September 05, 2011

Dot qualified again today at the Halifax show

Dot qualified again today at the Halifax show, earning her title of CD.  She is only eight months old, a pup from Pat and Storm.  I think our score was 193/200 but will scan and send the score sheet later.

Pat and Storms pups as 5 weeks