Saturday, September 30, 2017

Shana 5 Years old from Norway

Dear Don

Just want you to know that shana is a healthy, happy and wellbeing family member at Nesoddtangen outside of Oslo. Shana retrieving on the beach, were unfortunately to big. Hope you're well and thank you for giving us shana, the most kind of dogs!

All the best Catrin 

Shana 5 years, NorwayShana 5 years, Norway

Spa Day

Ed’s Duck Dog

Spa Day

Quinn update

Here he is! Not so little anymore, and such a great pup! We have friends who tell us that if they could guarantee they would get a dog as well behaved as Quinn they would do it. And we didn't even do anything that special to make that happen, he just has the best demeanor. Thanks again! 

Beth and Marco


Too handsome for words!!

Too handsome for words!!Too handsome for words!!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Yesterday on the on Saint John River

On the Saint John RiverOn the Saint John River

Loves his car rides, won't get out...

Loves his car rides, won't get out...

We love our little munchkin

Hi Don,  

Just wanted to touch base with you and give you an update on Gunner.  What a wonderful dog.  He is so beautiful, smart, affectionate, loving and has a great personality. We couldn't be happier with him.  I gotta say that his puppy dog eyes had us won over the moment we saw him. Gunner has both of us wrapped around his puppy paws and he knows it. He was so easy to kennel train but we got a head strong puppy when it came to housebreaking.  11 weeks in and finally we have him housebroken.  We are heading to puppy Kindergarten classes in a few weeks time to learn the main training techniques like come and stay.  He learned sit and give paw at 8 weeks.  As for stay, he will not listen to that word.  He is so head strong and I can't help but laugh at him some times( I honestly know he understands me but pushes me to quit).  We love the little munchkin so much.  Thank you so much for choosing this little one for our family.  

We couldn't be happier.
Rhonda and William


Sunday, September 03, 2017

Hello from Turkey

Hi Don,

How are you?? We havent heard from you for a long time. Hope you are enjoying the summer weather in Nova Scotia!

We are having a great summer here in Turkey. We had a 10 day boat trip with Badem and he enjoyed it a lot! He is a real swimmer. We can't love him enough!

Also news for you, Badem is getting a baby sister soon!! I am sure he will be an excellent brother. Can't wait for them to meet.

Lots of love,

Badem in TurkeyBadem in Turkey

Dee earned CD today with another High IN Trial

Dee just turned one year old but earned CD today with another High IN Trial.

Don and DeeDee earns CD title with high in trial

Samm, 1 year old (pics)

Hi Don,               

Thought I’d send you a couple shots at Samm’s first year, no surprise he’s come to love the water this summer.



Water Intoxication in Dogs

Good morning Don , 

Friend of mine lost her 3 year old Chocolate lab yesterday from water intoxication . Never knew it was a thing?? I knew taking in lots of water wasn't good, but had no idea how fatal it can be.