Sunday, September 03, 2017

Hello from Turkey

Hi Don,

How are you?? We havent heard from you for a long time. Hope you are enjoying the summer weather in Nova Scotia!

We are having a great summer here in Turkey. We had a 10 day boat trip with Badem and he enjoyed it a lot! He is a real swimmer. We can't love him enough!

Also news for you, Badem is getting a baby sister soon!! I am sure he will be an excellent brother. Can't wait for them to meet.

Lots of love,

Badem in TurkeyBadem in Turkey

Dee earned CD today with another High IN Trial

Dee just turned one year old but earned CD today with another High IN Trial.

Don and DeeDee earns CD title with high in trial

Samm, 1 year old (pics)

Hi Don,               

Thought I’d send you a couple shots at Samm’s first year, no surprise he’s come to love the water this summer.



Water Intoxication in Dogs

Good morning Don , 

Friend of mine lost her 3 year old Chocolate lab yesterday from water intoxication . Never knew it was a thing?? I knew taking in lots of water wasn't good, but had no idea how fatal it can be.