Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Badem update from Turkey

Don hello!!! 

Sorry for my late reply :( I moved a new Office recently and things were little crazy... but at home things are going great! Badem is very healthy and happy. He grew very fast in the last two months. Everyday John takes him to dog park and he socializes with other dogs. Everyone says that he is the most friendly and nicest dog! He never gets aggresive. Very lovely.. He is also very active.. His energy never ends.. this is sometimes tiring for us. But well, we asked for the most active one :)

We are thinking about getting another pup in two years.. So be prepared to visit us (if you like) :) 

Hope all is well with you, 



Monday, April 27, 2015

Spend time with Henri

Mike & I both took last week off to spend time with Henri to make sure he adjusted well.  On our way home from Nova Scotia we made a quick stop in Shediac to visit my parents and he loved it, he was playfull and happy.  We've also been taking him for little walks in our subdivion and he's loving it.  He sits down when a car drives by and just watches it go buy.  He is sleeping through the night which is great for us. 


Happy first litter to Puck and Dot

Hi Don,  

Hope all is well - I see the photos of Puck. Merlin is definitely his fathers son!  All is well here (well besides the weather). Merlin continues to make everyday different haha He is quite the celebrity dog though as I get him into see prisoners in addition to the soccer boys and youth group. He is a big hit and of course he loves it too.  Hoping to get on another hiking trip this summer to Gros Morne and maybe over to NB. If we do get to NB we'll for sure stop in for a visit.  He's still a big snuggle sook which I love :)  

Take care,  



Saturday, April 25, 2015

Thank you for Abby


We just want to thank you again for the opportunity to purchse a puppy from you in such a short notice. You sir breed dogs that must be the envy of all other breeders she is perfect in every way from looks to tempermant she is the gentlest little puppy i have ever been around she roughhouses but seems to sense when to stop. Angela was a fan of labs before, now with a lab puppy she is fully converted, no other breed compares.

Many thanks,

Terry & Angela

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

CANS show in Bible Hill

Jack did great at the CANS show in Bible Hill.  He was judged to be excellent by two judges: DUPAS from France and MULDOON from Ireland.  DOT and JILL each  got an Excellent from MULDOON also. I greatly prefer this system to CKC.  Dogs are judged against the written standard and do not have to be judged to be “better” than the others.  I also like the fact the judges are all from Europe!


DOT s excellent CANSJACK s Excellents from today

JILL s Excellent CANS

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Dot finished her championship

I attended the show in Bible hill yesterday, Dot finished her championship under two judges from Europe.




Dot’s Profile page:


DOT CH Certif

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Annalou is a new Canadian Champion

The Kadnock Kennel / Ch. Doindogs Rose CGN / Ch Doindogs Chelsea Marie CGN line was very present at the Fredericton Kennel Club Shows April 11 and 12.
GCH Driftwood's  Wilson CGN  won  Best in Breed three times. He won a second and and a fourth in Group as well. He earned a lot of points! He is off to a great start this year! Chelsea competed in Junior handling.

Chelsea also competed in Confirmation winning two points.  Not too shabby for her age and number of puppies! Ch Annalou  Marie CGN  earned her CKC Championship in Confirmation. She also qualified in an Obedience trial. She scored 97 out of 100 in a Rally Obedience trial. Chelsea pup Driftwood's  Remington competed and scored very well in two Rally Obedience trials.

Annalou is a new Canadian Champion

Rye & Brie update

Good morning Don,

Hope all is well... We are finally getting some nice weather here on the Cape... Their is still a lot of snow and ice hanging around, will be seeing it until June maybe... We got the dogs out for a good walk on Sunday, long over due for sure… Here are some pictures of Brie and Rye....    

Take care and talk soon...

Paula, Donnie....

Rye & BrieRye & BrieRye & BrieRye & Brie

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Buck is celebrating 5 years today

Hi Don,

Our chocolate lab Buck is celebrating 5 years today! What a great dog...can't imagine life without him!

He celebrated out running in the snow for most of the afternoon. We have a new addition in the family this year - Buck is getting used to being a big brother. So far he's perfect with his little sister - keeps his distance for the most part, and seems aware that she's pretty precious and fragile when he does get close!
I've attached a couple of pictures. I hope all is well with you!

Jenna & Nick 


Bosley (pics)


Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Sady (pics)

Good Morning Don,

I haven’t sent any messages in a while…life gets busy as you know.  I hope you and Pierette, and all the dogs are doing well!!!

Sady, Dew’s sister, goes in tomorrow to be spayed…I can’t believe it, the time went by so fast!!  I just wanted to again let you know how grateful I am for meeting you, and thank you for the all your hard work in what you do with your dogs, it pays off!!!

She is the most loving, calm, well behaved dog…I swear I couldn’t have dreamed up a better dog.  

She is so gentle and calm, everyone who meets her always comments on how excellent her temperament is, and how beautiful she is.  Super smart as you know, and can play scavenger hunt with the best of them..helps to keep her entertained during this never-ending winter…she loves it especially when there’s liver and apples involved!!!  ;D

Take care,