Sunday, May 26, 2013

Some rest after a great afternoon

Samantha, Maggie and Chelsea getting some rest after a great afternoon on the Reach in the rain today.


Relaxing on the couch

My Pup, front page!

I sold a pup to a young fellow who had three concussions playing hockey. Their pictures and story was on front page of Chronicle Herald.

A cautionary tale and a brain-injury guide:


Monday, May 20, 2013

Max (pics)


Yes Max is doing fantastic. He is an exceptionally good looking dog, we get comments from everyone who see’s him.

I would agree with Don; Storm and Jill have produced lovely pup’s and you clearly have done a great job in developing them which obviously explains why Max is growing into such a good looking and confident dog.

Max is growing very fast and learning quick, neither Steph nor I can remember life without him.

When we have a chance we will bring Max to visit.

I’ve attached some photo’s so you can see how he is developing.

Best Regards


Max on the SofaMax on the OttomanMax and Dad

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Roux is doing great!

Hi Don,
Roux is doing great! , I thought I would send you a note and photo about Roux. As you know he turned 1 on April 29th (from Mutt and Ai's litter).
He is doing well and is a healthy happy puppy :)
He now weighs 54.8 lbs and he is getting bigger every
day! Marc and I are loving him more and more every day. He keeps us busy
and is now sleeping past 6am :) There was a time he was up at 4am! Ha ha!
The picture attached is him at 4 months...he is gorgeous!
 Hope all is well with you.
 Jenn & Marc
Roux's 1st Bday

Thursday, May 16, 2013

New bumper in a duck shape

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Double Chocolate!

Any water is good water, lol

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Hi Don,

Bela is coming along fairly well. When working she's very solid, when not, she's a wild one. Loves to find trouble! Seeing Jil perform so well (quietly and steadily) while in PQ is great incentive to push on. I do
worry about her love of rocks however????


Steady JilBela's 2nd round at Rockwood

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Puck earned the title of Rally Excellent

I qualified at the Dartmouth show Saturday and again Sunday in the Rally Excellent class. He got HIC (High In Cass) today, this was his third qualification, thus earning the title of RE. His registered name is Kadnook Doindogs Puck CD RE CGN.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Trooper and I

Here are a couple pictures of Trooper and I as we went for a snowmobile ride and had a weiner roast.



Jill's Trip (video)

Hey Don,

Well Jil put on quite a performance last weekend in Quebec. She was steady, didn't break, kennelled up in the dog blind, retrieved well and even fought a live one! She's gutsy and's a video of one of the retrieves...

pretty awesome for a 10 month old!



This pup was born 27 June 12, just 10 mos old! She is from Jill and Storm with the good fortune of being purchased and trained by an excellent owner! He and several of his hunting friends just returned from a snow goose hunting trip to Quebec.


Wilson pics


Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Chronicle herald story

I've just read your story regarding the service, although a wonderful story there is a glaring error in the description of the dog as a "golden Lab"... This would actually mean that the dog is a mixed breed (Golden retriever crossed with a Labrador retriever). I would assume that you meant to call the dog a 'yellow lab'...this may seem like a simple case of semantics, however, it is not. Breeders of purebred dogs, in particular, donate pups to services such as this. In fact, most would not associate with a program that advocates the breeding of mixed breeds.

The Labrador retriever is highly regarded for the role it continuously plays as a service dog and as such advocates of the breed are adamant that mixing breeds should not happen. In short, reporting the dog as a Golden Lab would suggest that this organization promotes, in essence, backyard breeding of mutts...which is not the case.


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Pics from the show

Here is a picture of Vanessa and CH Doindogs Noah. They live in Toronto, she bought him from me following the advice of her vet. Noah is three years old now, a pup of Pat and Storm. Vanessa brought him to the Labrador National show in Moncton. He has earned his CKC Champion title and trained for obedience, tracking and rally. He is a very lucky dog to have such a dedicated owner!


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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Chelsea puppy Wilson

Hello Don,

Ch. Doindogs Chelsea Marie's puppy Wilson competed in 4 Shows in Moncton this weekend. He was one year old Friday. They were his first Shows. 
On Friday, he won his Class at the Labrador Retriever Club of Canada's Annual National Specialty Show.
On Saturday morning, with a new judge, he won his Class in the Moncton All Breed Show.
On Saturday afternoon, with a third judge, he won his Class in the Atlantic Canada Labrador Retriever Club's Annual Show.
Today, with a fourth judge, in the 2nd of the Moncton All Breed Shows, he won Reserve Winners Male or 2nd best male Lab in Show overall. 
Wilson was trained by Wendy Bennett. He was handled by Allison Foley. Wilson loves the Rings!

Bigby Update

Hi Don,

I wanted to send some more updates on Bigby.  Spring is here which means he and I are frequenting the Irving Nature Park on a regular basis.  The lakes have thawed so he can go swimming again too. 

He's also gotten *really* good at catch -- better at catching than I am at tossing (him missing is almost always due to my aim and not his own efforts)

I've also included a picture of him with my nephew.  While I don't have kids myself, I have a lot of kids among my friends and family.  Parker (pictured) used to be afraid of dogs.  Bigby has helped turn that around.  He's his buddy (and a good horse for his stuffed animals).