Sunday, October 23, 2011

Keeping a watchful eye...

Supervising the tube action from the boat! Keeping a watchful eye...


tube action from the boat

Follow the Leader

Doindogs IT5

Her favourite spot (pics)

Earlier this summer at her favourite spot: my parents place in PEI. She keeps going and going, swims all day long!

Doindogs IT 24Doindogs IT 23Doindogs IT 25Doindogs IT 22Doindogs IT 21

Catch of the day (pic)

With Joe's catch of the day

Doindogs IT w/Tara & Avery


About to walk Avery to the school bus on her first day of school.

Avery's first day at school


IT w/Tara & Avery

Doindogs IT1

Photos as promised (doindogs it)

Doindogs IT4Doindogs IT3Doindogs IT2

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Chelsea's pups on opening day

Hi Don. Read below to see how well one of Chelsea's pups did on opening day. The pup is just 14 months old and this was his very first shoot! What do you think?




Here is Jag, a male from Ch. Doindogs Chelsea Marie. Jag is 14 months old.

The pictures were taken Oct. 1 during the opening day of duck hunting season in New Brunswick. It was Jag's first shoot.

11 ducks were shot. Jag retrieved 11 ducks. The owner advises 4 were difficult blind retrieves!

As you can see from the pictures the owner and Jag were pretty happy!


Sunday, October 02, 2011

Gunny (pics)


Abby, Opening Day 2011

Opening morning on the St. John River 2011

Abby 10 2011

I sent a picture like this last year from October 1st. Abbie would be about
11/2 years old. Good hunting and boat dog