Thursday, July 28, 2011

photos of MJ

Hi Don

I took a few photos of MJ last week and thought I would pass them along to you. She is a good looking dog and smart, we have been working on training but she is excitable and gets distracted easily. I wouldnt mind getting a few tips on teaching her to heel (walk) on her leash, she still pulls alot even with a choke collar.

Thanks, Peter


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fellow dog show person from Canada

Hi Don,

The site helped me a lot and I have checked out most of the info you have spent time providing to everyone. I live in Alberta close to Edmonton on a farm and my breed is Havanese. Our first obedience show is on the 6th and 7th of August, I'm taking two, Just got the judging schedule tonight and do I have some early mornings coming up...8:30 in the morning and we are first up with my bitch on Sunday morning. Both titled their CGN first of June and that was wonderful. I'm rather concerned about the long sits and stays with my tiny dogs in a field of possible prey drive dogs. Unlike conformation they don't list the other breeds in the class. Really nervous about my entry with my CH dogs in a Novice class but hopefully it will go well, 40 feet away with unsupervised "other dogs" is scary. Very new territory for us, wish me luck. I firmly believe that conformation winners should be health tested before breeding as you do. I also think that classes like obedience and CGN are good monitors for temperment pre breeding. I have only the two Havs and the male is neutered and they are both young dogs and half siblings. My background is 40 years of showing/breeding/training horses but I'm getting a little too old for that and the dogs are a lot easier on the body after time.


Monday, July 25, 2011

EOLBA show on Saturday

Hi Don

First I must say thanks for all the great pics – its looks beautiful – another place we have to put on our wish list to visit J

The EOLBA show on Saturday was very long and very HOT. Noah won his 16-18 mths class but that was it. Well didn’t’ really expect anything. I heard the sweepstake judges critique which was – Very nice head, good angulation, happy dog and out of coat. Well Noah coat is very fine and when it is humid it seems to stick closer to his skin which makes it look even less thick.

There also was a costume class and we entered Noah as ‘Noah and the Ark’ of course!!! Costume designed and stitched by my sister, Ark made by me J Of course it was the best there and Noah wore it in great style down to the beard and Roman sandals.

We are really looking forward to Frederiction – hopefully its not as hot as it is here.

Take care




Friday, July 22, 2011

Fishing w/Ruby (pics)

I am presently in Labrador, Dave sent these pictures of Ruby.  I brought the couple who started and developed Kadnook Kennels of Australia here.  They have had  a burning desire to visit the homeland of their breed.  I, and many others, think they are the  best breeders and trainers of Labs in the world!


Ruby trollingPrincess in the throne (ruby)hyper fishing dog ruby

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dot earned 189 1/2 out of 200 points

Dot, not quite 7 mos old, qualified in Bathurst today. She earned 189 1/2 out of 200 points. We are entered again tomorrow


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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dawson at the beach

This is Dawson heading into the lake to get his blue bowling pin.

He had a tonne of fun.  I walked out into the water and call him and he would swim out to me.  An amazing dog.



Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Zues (pics)

Hi Don,

I asked Kris to send you an email link with some pictures, let me know if you didn’t get it. Zeus is a healthy 76 pounds as of his check-up yesterday and is doing quite well. I’ll see what Kris has in her schedule and try to drop by sometime in the next couple of weeks.



Obedience Rules Updated

The Obedience Rules have been updated on the site

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Maggie (pic)

Here is Maggie's most recent photo.  Doesn't look bad for 5 1/2 does she?




Hi Don,

How are you & your wife? We are doing great. Dawson is amazing! We love him soooo much!! We have been asked on several occasions how we got our dog to be so well behaved. He has an amazing personality, and is very good with all commands. Oh, BTW, I hate to say it ,but he is a much nicer dog than Tanner (the chocolate lab) he he he!

I thought you were full of shit when you told me he was a nicer dog lol! :) But you do know beauty is in the eye of the beholder lol! Seriously, we are so happy we chose one of your dogs, and hopefully will again in the future. I still really want a yellow lab to add to my collection. I just have to do some more begging lol.

We are adopting an adult service dog from one of Ken's patients she is a chocolate lab. Unfortunately, she has neurotic tendencies when she is not working, hopefully Dawson and Tanner will keep her busy.Hopefully things will work out her owner is very sick and will be going into an extensive care home. I have lots of pics of Dawson when he was a baby until present.

Enough babbling, take care, talk soon.




Hi Don,

It was good timing for your email, I’ve been thinking about sending you an update on Zeus lately.  I’ve attached the link to my photo album on facebook so you can see the year of Zeus growing and changing.  He’s a great dog (admittedly very spoiled) and has been a wonderful addition to our family.  We have a trainer that comes to the house who has been teaching me how to work with Zeus and train him.  He learns very quickly and we’ve been doing well.  Eventually I’d like to start him on agility, I think he’d really enjoy it.  We had a dog run for him last summer but he has graduated to the invisible fence and does wonderfully with it, he has lots of space to run around in and just be a dog.  He’s very happy and affectionate and everyone loves him.  The ladies at the groomers have told me that while all labs are beautiful, Zeus is exceptional and we are inclined to agree J.  I think he looks like both Storm and Pat, a perfect combination of the two of them; you’ll have to let me know what you think. We’ll try and make a trip over with him on our travels this summer.

Take care,



Canada Day weekend w/Noah (pics)

Hope you had a nice Canada Day and weekend.

We had a very nice time at our country house.  Noah went swimming in the lake which he thoroughly enjoyed even though the water was quite rough yesterday.  Only problem is that he seems to prefer to retrieve sticks – or let me say very large branches! I can even throw out more than one and he will keep going back in without any prompting from me, until had has collected all of them.  I am trying to use the bumper but he seems to loose interest in it very quickly.  I have picked up a softer orange bumper and will try with that this weekend.  Noah is obsessed with trees as you can see in the second picture of him trying to drag the dead tree into the lake.

His other favourite pastime is to sit at the top of our hill and view the surroundings (third pic) or stalk his basenji brothers (fourth pic).  We have no shows for the next two weekends so he  can enjoy being a dog

Take care