Sunday, December 21, 2008

Chicken Jerky Treats - FDA Warning

Preliminary Animal Health Notification

December 19, 2008

FDA Continues To Receive Complaints about Chicken Jerky Products for Dogs and Cautions Consumers

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to caution consumers of a potential association between the development of illness in dogs and the consumption of chicken jerky products also described as chicken tenders, strips or treats. FDA continues to receive complaints of dogs experiencing illness that their owners or veterinarians associate with consumption of chicken jerky products. The chicken jerky products are imported to the U.S. from China. FDA issued a cautionary warning to consumers in September 2007.

Australian news organizations report the University of Sydney is also investigating an association between illness in dogs and the consumption of chicken jerky in Australia. At least one firm in Australia has recalled their chicken jerky product and the recall notification stated the chicken jerky product was manufactured in China.

FDA believes the continued trend of consumer complaints coupled with the information obtained from Australia warrants an additional reminder and animal health notification.

Chicken jerky products should not be substituted for a balanced diet and are intended to be
used occasionally and in small quantities. Owners of small dogs must be especially careful to limit the amount of these products.

FDA, in addition to several veterinary diagnostic laboratories in the U.S, is working to determine why these products are associated with illness in dogs. To date, scientists have not been able to determine a definitive cause for the reported illnesses. FDA has conducted extensive chemical and microbial testing but has not identified any contaminant.

FDA is advising consumers who choose to feed their dogs chicken jerky products to watch their dogs closely for any or all of the following signs which may occur within hours to days of feeding the product: decreased appetite, although some may continue to consume the treats to the exclusion of other foods; decreased activity; vomiting; diarrhea, sometimes with blood; and increased water consumption and/or increased urination. If the dog shows any of these signs, stop feeding the chicken jerky product. Owners should consult their veterinarian if signs are severe or persist for more than 24 hours. Blood tests may indicate kidney failure (increased urea nitrogen and creatinine). Urine tests may indicate Fanconi syndrome (increased glucose). Although most dogs appear to recover, some reports to the FDA have involved dogs that have died.

The FDA continues to actively investigate the problem. Many of the illnesses reported may be the result of causes other than eating chicken jerky. Veterinarians and consumers alike should report cases of animal illness associated with pet foods to the FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinator in their state.


Hi Don

Here are some photos, taken today. He is HANDSOME!!!!



Saturday, December 20, 2008

Timber Hunt

Hi Don,

The river was flooded last weekend so I scouted puddle ducks in a little corner and we waded in there in the dark. It turned out to be even deeper than I had thought so we couldn’t get to the “honeyhole”. Too bad – it would have been one of those “Timber Hunts” like they do in the states on all the hunting shows! We had to settle for a more creative setup in the alders along the edge of the flooded field, but we still managed six ducks. Ruby had fun with the easy retrieves – a nice change from the Fundy Tides to be charging out into shoulder-deep freshwater. She did have an episode of “little miss independence” – deciding she was deaf to whistles and casts! I think that the commands went something like this: “BACK….. RUBY!!!! BACK…. BAAAAACCCCKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh FRIG it, do what you want!” The other funny moment was when she came to shore from a retrieve and her neoprene vest had slipped down to her hips – as if someone had pulled her pants down! The look on her face with her ears dropping as she stood there confused – holding the duck and looking at me with that “What the HELL?” look on her face – priceless. Unfortunately I was not quick enough with the camera.

Here’s a shot of “Little Miss Independent” with her harvest…



Hope you have a Merry Christmas

Hi Don,
I hope you have a Merry Christmas,

We're off to Ottawa to see what trouble Tate can get into in the
Nation's Capital.

We're scheduled to come home on the 29th, but I'm not sure if we'll
make it in time to register for your obedience classes. If I don't
show up, can I still register another time?

Have a great holiday!!!

Leigh Ann

Merry ChristmasTate

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sam I Am

Hi Don,

Been awhile since we chatted. Just thought Id say
Merry christmas to all of ya..

Peace and good health..

Steve, Nancy and sam I am

Sam I amSteve and Sam

I Want to go out!!


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Deer Incident

Had an incident last night at about 2am that I thought was kind of a neat story (also scary) that I thought you might enjoy.

I took Cassie (our Border Collie) out to pee last night about 2am as she was whining (we went to bed early so I didn't let them out at the normal time before bed). As soon as we got outside Cassie ran to the corner of the yard and stood looking at something that I couldn't see. I started walking towards her and then I saw what she saw....3 very large female deer were in the yard of the Mormon Church which is right behind my house.

nash and cassie

Well Cassie being a Border Collie, she bolted at top speed after them, they took off running towards Mountain road went across the street and down into the woods. I chased after her on foot but all I saw were tracks in the snow of 3 deer and one dog. I immediately jumped in the car and was going up and down mountain road and side streets calling her name, no good, she was into the woods after these deer. I came home, woke Carrie and then feeling very helpless I had an idea! I leashed up Nash, took him outside and said, "where's Cassie, find Cassie!" in an excited tone, well Nash never pulls on the leash.. He took off like a bat out of hell with me running as fast as I could being almost dragged behind him. I didn't even lead him to the corner of the yard where she last was and he followed the trail. It was just like in the movies where the bloodhound catches a scent and then just bolts down the trail. He led me through 3 neighbors yards, over Mountain Road and through the woods for what seemed like forever and I was calling Cassie's name the whole time. Nash is dragging me through the woods, branches hitting me in the face, down a huge ravine and even deeper into the woods, when I could look I saw dog tracks and deer tracks. I'm not sure if Nash was chasing the deer, or Cassie's scent but the next thing I know, in the pitch dark, it's raining like a monsoon and Cassie is standing beside us. You can see from the attached picture how far that Nash followed the trail from our yard to where we found Cassie thanks to Google Maps.

Well Nash is one of the smartest, most trainable dogs I've ever owned or seen. And I've lost count of how many people who have asked me where we got him because he's such a good looking dog.

Charles Green

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Study every day

Hi Don,

I make chev study every day but he is not getting any better



Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tucker to the vet today

Hey Don,

I took Tucker to the vet today. It was that swimmer's tail like we talked about. He will be fine in a couple days.

He got told how handsome he was again at the vet office. It's going to go to his head.


Friday, December 05, 2008

Great Dog

Thanks for getting back to me, she is a great dog. We love her, she is the most lovable, gentle dog we have ever had. She took about two and 1/2 years to calm down, ha ha, not to bad though. She is very good with people, the grandchildren love her. We have often thought about getting another one but I think the house is too small for two big dogs. I have recommended you over and over. Thanks for the information, I will make sure to take her tags and her proof of shots.

thanks again,

Ann Marie

Ruby? Spoiled dog? Naaaahhhh!

Hi Don,

I thought you’d get a chuckle out of this. Kelly took on this project during the three months a year when she is a “hunting widow”. When she presented the final product I was quite impressed actually (I’m hoping she’ll build a deck for me next weekend!). You’ll note Ruby’s “Dad Leash” with the trout on it and her “Mom Leash” with the flowers on it! Not spoiled at all eh?! I can see you rolling your eyes now – darned yuppies and their “fur kids” – haha!



Kelly's Leash Hooks

Monday, December 01, 2008

Big birdy day on Saturday

Hi Don,

We had a big day on Saturday out on the Fundy mud. It was the greatest day of duck hunting that I’ve ever experienced. Not only did the ducks cooperate nicely, but Ruby made the 10 retrieves with skill, style and confidence that gave me more pleasure and pride than anything else. Particularly notable was a crippled mallard that glided down over behind the blind 200 yards before it hit the marsh running. I took Ruby downwind of where I thought it had ended up, lined her up and cast her back across the channel. It was such a thrill to watch her casting back and forth as she hunted the bird down and finally dove into another channel way off in the distance and came up with a lively mallard in her mouth. She also made several other big cross-current retrieves in the strong tides. In one case the tide was coming towards us but the wind was pushing the bird away from us. She had a long swim into the current to get him but then had an easy ride back with the tide! She even finished up the day by putting up a big rooster for my hunting buddy.



Dave Ruby Ducks PB290085.JPG