Friday, August 24, 2018

Brandy and Willow

I 'dog-napped' my Dad's dog this afternoon lol so Brandy could come to the beach with me and Willow 😊  I think Brandy enjoyed the outing, and I'm pretty sure my Dad appreciated the break lol 😉  As you will see, a gust of wind photo-bombed one of Brandy's shots lol

~ Dana

Brandy and WillowBrandy and WillowWillowBrandyBrandy

Merlin is living it up as usual

Hello! Hope the summer is treating you well in Dartmouth.

Merlin is living it up as usual: camping, another trek to Gros Morne and another successful ascent of the Mountain. Although I beat him out on the Tablelands after an unplanned trek to the top! The view was amazing and after a few days of rest I hope he thinks it was worth it. When we got home today he went straight to bed! I have some nicer shots of him on the “real camera” but for now the cell phone pics will suffice.

Give our best to Puck and Co!



Jethro's photos from K9Crusader event


Monday, August 20, 2018

Jay at seven months

Hello Don and Pierrette,

Here’s a couple of recent pictures of Jay(Lu And Winston) at seven months. The first one he is thinking how long do I have to stay and the second he is wondering if it’s raining. He doesn’t care what the weather is he is always up for a hike. Sure glad that we have him.



Willow at 6 Months (pics)

I took Willow for a little walk in the woods this morning to get some 6 month photos, but the darn mosquitos photo-bombed just about every shot! 😞 Attached are the few that turned out the best .....

~ Dana

Willow @ 6 monthsWillow @ 6 monthsWillow @ 6 monthsWillow @ 6 months

Karen and Kava in Regina (pic)


SEDGE won the South Australian Retrieving Championship

Good morning Don.
Hope you are progressing well and returning to good health.
Our weather here is changing, lots of wind and the temperature has been as high as 20 deg C, today it is very blustery and about 15 deg C at the moment.
Last night I let the heater burn out thinking it was warm enough, reckon I will be restart it up again shortly.
Had a good last weekend. John Stott and SEDGE won the South Australian Retrieving Championship by a big margin and it gave SEDGE the new title Dual Grand Retrieving Trial Champion, meaning she has now won forty Open/All Age Stakes. She has won nine stakes this year, been very consistent, all from just seventeen starts.
Must pack the dog meat away in the freezer before lunch.
 Graeme Allen (Judge) John

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Ilsa big leaps through the water to get to the bumper

Hi Don,

Was thinking of you yesterday and this morning during our walk... thought I'd send along this photo to brighten your day! Just spoke with Pirette and I am SO GRATEFUL that everything went so well!!!! In fact, it makes my weekend knowing that you came through with flying colours!!! Thankful for you Don and the surgeons who worked on you. Rest well!!!


Your friend, Bruce.


PS: Isla wishes you well too! The attached photo is of her doing 4 big leaps through the water to get to the bumper.


Monday, August 06, 2018

Hi from Manny and Sky

Spent the weekend hanging out and playing / swimming at the beach !

Manny 23 months (Kelly & Eddie)
Sky 17 months (Lori & Jeff)

Manny and Sky