Thursday, March 28, 2019

A couple photos of Isla from today's adventure

Hey Don,

What a day to be in the woods today. We started around Exit 5A (Ingramport area) and trekked in to Big Connor Lake and back. In all, about 12kms round trip when you add in our little detours to explore interesting side trails and vistas. Isla continues to amaze me. Her fitness level is excellent and it shows. She ran the entire time… into the woods, through the woods, out of the woods, up the old logging road, down the old logging road, and a bunch of 100 – 250 yard recalls to the whistle. She prefers to be in the woods, crashing through the cover and exploring… usually about 50 to 100 yards in the woods on a parallel path. Her conditioning is such that she doesn’t even pant after all of the running when you ask for 150 yard recall. She just flies back to me and sits (in front or at a heal… whichever I ask for) with no panting at all, completely relaxed. Her athleticism is cool to watch… when she’s in the woods, she runs (at near full speed) and never nails a tree or anything, despite the heavy cover – it’s one of her favorite things to do I guess. After the 12km trip (she probably did at least 15km with all the zooming around) she’s not even tired. Just got home, hosed her down and she’s ready to go again. Yikes!

One photo shows Isla with her gear (which I carry… we know who is really in control don’t we). The other is selfie of me and Isla.

Have a great night.


Pie’s litter at 5 weeks

Enjoy your day, Manny is ...

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Jay's pictures

Hello Don,

Alex and Natalia here.
We have picked up the kibble and talked with your wife. She asked to send you Jay's pictures. His parents are Wink and Puck.

Thanks and have a great day!

Rocky in Spring training

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Bing at 11 months

Bing is 11 months old now, a beautiful dog both in looks and in temperament.



Saturday, March 16, 2019

Isla & Jill

Hi Don,

Took this picture of Isla yesterday and it reminded me of her grandmother’s profile (Jill). I inset Jill’s profile into the picture of Isla… they appear to have a similar attitude toward life. Always looking for the next adventure! No fear.



Thursday, March 14, 2019

Isla at 13 months

Hey Don,

Here’s Isla at just over 13 months. She continues to make great gains with each passing week and is a real joy to have around: in the home, the yard, and in the bush. Still a bit mischievous on occasion, but her drive, skill, and ability to learn far outweigh the occasional mischievous behavior (nothing major, just the usual pup goofiness). She definitely has a firm personality though, which I really like. For example, when she thinks it’s time to shut down the household for the night (every night), she’ll come to the TV room and stand in front of us (for as much as 5-10 minutes) and make funny little noises as if to say “turn off the TV, it’s time for my beauty sleep!”. HA! Of course, we just ignore and send her off to do something other than discipline us… otherwise she’ll end up owning the household… if I could only teach her to make a meal and do yard work!


Raven on his 13th birthday

Hey Don,

Thirteen years ago tonight, Roo gave birth to Raven sometime between 8 and 10 pm. Raven is now celebrating his big day. Happy Raven Day! Raven is very active and loves to walk and swim. He loves riding in the back seat of our car on a daily basis and greets any visitors to our home with a wagging tail and teddy in his mouth. He is a gift that always gives and my wife Marilyn and I have you to thank, Don. These pictures were taken 30 minutes ago.


Recent pictures of Bruce

Good Evening Don,

Through it was time to send along an update and some recent pictures of Bruce!

Bruce is now 4 months old and he is awesome. He loves going for walks and playing in the snow with the boys! 

We are looking forward to warmer days and introducing Bruce to camping!!

Take Care,


Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Adventure in the woods

My sister took both dogs on an adventure in the woods, I'm not sure who loves their adventures together more, the dogs or my sister lol. As you'll see in the last picture, Willow is a little tuckered! lol 😴  I'm sure Brandy is pooped, too! 😉



Willow and Brandy



Bradee loves the snow

Hello Don,

Bradee is 6 months old and a great gal. Here are a few pictures of a great late winter day. Bradee loves the snow.


Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Willow in the snow (video)

As you'll see in the last video, Willow wasn't ready to come back in the house when I asked her if she was ready lol


Photo of Isla in her Avery Vest

Hi Don,

Isla is continuing to do very well. Here’s a photo of her from mid-February 2019. We were out on one of the water pipelines located in the former Bowater Mersey lands in the St. Margaret's Bay area. Isla is sporting her Avery neoprene vest she wears on days when were out in the cold for extended periods of time and she is swimming in some of the lakes that are not frozen. Also, it protects her chest when she’s ripping through the dense undercover in the forest (her favorite thing to do, besides swimming). The vest, combined with Musher’s Secret (or similar product) on her feet and she’s well protected and good to go on our hikes through the forest and hills. Her impulse control continues to improve each week. For example, when we meet other dogs, people, or ATVs, Isla sits on command and waits for the next command. She’s doing great with ATVs (we often see ATV folks on some of the trails we travel)… she sits (loose leash) and watches them drive by (as close as 4 feet away from her)… nice and steady! We’re getting there! Her recall continues to progress as well… a 3-tweet trill and she come from as far as 600+ yards in the field or bush. We play a bit of hide and seek on occasion, which she really enjoys. Basically, she has to locate the sound of the whistle and then put her nose in gear when she gets in range of where I’m hiding. Lots of fun.

Have a great week!


Willow the Snow Dog

Willow is just lovin' all the snow we got last night ..... she might be the only one! lol  She's in no hurry to come back in the house ..... she just wants to stay outside and play! lol


Saturday, March 02, 2019

Pictures of Caper

Haven’t taken many pics lately!!  It’s been so cold no one wants to see pics of us layin down in the house!!  Lol. Hope all is well with u and Pirette. Caper has recovered 100 percent. His training has slowly started. Sit is great stay and here are getting better!!  Finally put his table together like yours!!  Lol. See you guys soon!!!

Pictures of Ann