Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hello from Pearl

Hello Don,

I hope all is well, it's been a while since I sent along an update..  My apologies for the hiatus.Pearl has been doing great and her training has paid off.  She's proven an amazing duck hunting companion and steady as a rock..  I've sent along a few pictures from a few of this seasons hints thus far.
I'll be sure to keep in touch more often.




Chelsea showing she can still cut the mustard

Chelsea looks great!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

A hundred yards from my house (Edmonton)

A Jill/Puck pup in Edmonton

A Jill/Puck pup in EdmontonA Jill/Puck pup in EdmontonA Jill/Puck pup in Edmonton

Charlottetown Shows

Good news for Chelsea,  11 year old Kate handled 6 year old Chelsea to win Best Of Opposite for Breed. 

We had a great weekend in Charlottetown.  Chelsea earned 7 points towards her Grand Championship title. Wilson won a Best in Group and 5 points. Annalou won 4 blue ribbons for her class. Kate and Chelsea won second place in Junior handling.


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Bela update

Hi Don,

It's been some time since I've updated you on Bela's progress. As expectedshe is improving with every retrieve; steady, quiet in the blind, responsiveto commands and eager to hunt. I've added a few pics from her first seasonand this one for your site.

My cousin Mark is all set for a dog from you. He's pretty excited aftermeeting Bela.

Hope all is well,


Bela, Pearl and Buster late December limitBela with EidersBela January 2014Bela 2014

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Moly (pics)

Hello Don,

Just sending you a picture/update of Moly we could not be happier with her. This is Moly on one of many hiking trials that we take her she is so trustworthy off the leash and happy to listen to all the commands that we give her. Thanks again Don for the great pup

Thank you,


Obi (pics)

Hi Don,

Sorry we have been delinquent with updates. Life with Obi has been amazing. A major adjustment, a ton of work, but amazing none the less. We brought him up to Cape Breton for the weekend and he's loving all the hikes and nature. The colours here make a great background for him. We will try to get out to see you folks soon. 



A day in the life of Puck and Don

Proud Puck

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pics of Badem

Here are three pics of Badem at exactly two months old, one with Puck. 


Badem at 8 wks (3)Badem at 8 wks (2)Badem at 8 wks (1)

Sage update

Good Day Don:

I hope you had a successfull trip to the Miramichi. 

Wanted to send you a note about Sage. She is a great dog and was well received by our other two. Had a quick trip to the vet last week to deal with a bladder infection, that was quickly fixed with a small dose of antibiotic. 

She respond well to her name and we have been doing a bit of retriving with her favorite toy, trying to establish some stay and come commands. Her disposoition is enviable, she is very calm and a real joy to have around.

So much so that she comes to the office daily with me with very little effort. So thanks for puting your efforts into producing a fine dog. 

Best regards

Liz at the Truro show

Liz at the Truro show

Monday, October 13, 2014

Jill and Don in Truro

Jill in Truro with Don

The Student

The Student

The Student

The School Bus

The Classroom

The Test

The Result

Passed with flying colors 3 for 3

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Trip to Turkey!

I am taking another pup to Turkey!  Final arrangements not arranged yet but glad to have another chance to eat their food, even on the Turkish Air flight!  Here is a picture of my last trip, first time a pup had been inside that restaurant!



Turkey Trip 2011

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Merlin & Charlene

Hi Don, 

Hope you had a good summer. I see Dot and Puck were at it again (lol) & Paula Matheson's Brie is identical to Merlin at his age so they have consistent genes! 
Merlin is doing grand, we both are. The weather and hiking has bonded us even more and I am amazed at how cuddly he is I love it!!! I take him to the soccer field when I coach and the kids love him too. He is a great one to play keep away with bc he will run in circles after the ball forever! We are off to Gros Morne for a wkd of hiking in 3 weeks. Can't wait! 

Here are the latest of him being all cute and innocent looking haha 


Merlin and Charlene