Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Here is the tally for Angus

I have had an excellent first season with Angus (aka Gunny), he retrieved black ducks, teals, mergansers, spruce grouse, ruffed grouse, ptarmingan, snipe and snowshoe hare..The only thing missing was a canada goose (Geese will be on the top of my list for next year!). Angus is the best dog I have ever had.. The last day of the small game season, here on the Rock, is today so the final tally for this year is 72 retrieves..I guess Angus and I will go ice fishing next weekend! 


Rod & Doindogs Angus aka Gunny

Hi Don

Peter Wilson (Doindogs Abby) has a friendship with Rod Mercer over in Newfoundland. Rod has Doindogs Angus. Peter and Rod text each other and share their Lab experiences. Peter was at my house Thursday evening and told me about Rod and Angus and what a retriever Angus has turned out to be. I am going to send you some interesting emails from Rod to Peter as well as pictures of Angus. I think you could put the body of the first email I will send to you right on your website and then you can pick and choose some pictures from the lot I will send to you afterwards. 

I think you have to put Rod and Angus on your website as otherwise anyone looking at it would come to the conclusion that all the Doindogs Labs that hunt are in New Brunswick and live in or near Saint John!!!! LOL

By the way Chelsea's pup Jag at 1 year beat Angus with 79 retrieves and was only hunted up until mid December.


Angus aka GunnyAngus aka GunnyAngus aka GunnyAngus aka GunnyAngus aka GunnyAngus aka GunnyAngus aka GunnyAngus aka Gunny

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jil learning hold

Jil learning hold

Crow Hunting

Hi Don,

Hope everything is going well! Tucker and I have been getting out on some sea duck hunts along the coast in the Bay of Fundy. We were fortunate to bag a Scoter but we are still looking for that Eider drake! Hopefully the weather cooperates so we can get out the last part of the season to try and get one.

I have a question for you, I was wondering if you have ever shot crows for your dog to retrieve. I was thinking it might be good practice for both myself and the dog during the off season but wanted to see what you thought about it. Should I be worried about disease and things of that nature?




Crow Hunting

Pics of Trooper

Here are a few pictures from today. We took Trooper for a snowmobile ride (she rides with me on the snowmobile) to an island where we played "ultimate fetch" (which is fetch up the side of a steep hill) for an hour. All is well and she continues to be an endless source of energy and entertainment!
Benjamin and Tonia


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tucker update

This is Doindogs Tucker taken below Brandy Point on the St. John River out for a late Fall hunt. Tucker is a 2 year old Pat/Storm male

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Puck Update

Puck earned the title RN Sunday at the Halifax show.  He also qualified in the next highest Rally O level.  He finished the CD title in regular CKC Obedience  when only 8 months old, this was his first chance near here to enter the next level, Open.  He qualified with a score of 194 ½ out of 200 points!  He is truly a remarkable dog, several remarked about his temperament.