Sunday, August 31, 2014

Puck and Dex both qualified for WC

Puck and Dex both qualified for WC in Woodville, ON Yesterday. WC means working certificate, a retrieving test from both land and water.


Saturday, August 30, 2014

The two Puck sons

These are the two Puck and Liz sons that I donated for the PTSD service dog program.  Thunder is on the left (whom I kick myself on a daily basis for not having kept as a show prospect!) and Kitt is on the right.  Apparently they are super stars in the program so far.  Kitt has learned over 30 "behaviours" (these would be actions trained to basic obedience as well as cued indications...and that's about all I understand of it!).  Not sure of thunder's number but the comments are that they are super trainable and have wonderful temperaments.  Liz wants to take all of the credit but I keep reminding her that she looks at me like a dumb blonde when I say "DOWN" likely Puck had a lot to do with the puppies being "smart", LOL!!!


Thunder (left) and Kitt (right)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gibbs update

Hi Don,

Hope your trip to Toronto has been a safe one. Thanks to you and Pierette for taking the time for us on Sunday. Obviously I need to get myself a live bird for training :) I think I will post on the hunting forum online to see if anyone has a pheasant, pidgin or duck for sale. I think you mentioned they sell them  somewhere in truro?

I attached a pic I took of Puck and Gibbs together. They really so look alike sometimes.


Puck and Gibbs

Annalou earns Best Puppy in Group at 7 months

Annalou earns Best Puppy in Group at 7 months

Friday, August 22, 2014

Pics of Sadie

Hello Don!

Hoping all is well with you :)

Well...Sadie found her voice box and over-drive gear!!! She's a bundle of energy and kisses (with the odd nibble snuck in here and there for good measure!). She is now about 22 lbs and has slept EVERY night, without a peep, since the day she arrived:) Here are a few pics of her tonight after our (favourite) walk through my back woodlot and fields (that's where she finds her over-drive gear!) She is very obedient and will stop whatever she is doing and RUN back to sit at my side whenever summonded. As you will gather from the pictures, Sadie likes to cap off our walks with a good swim and play in our creek.Wishing you the very best and talk soon.

Take care,

Rik (Kristin, Tara, Lisa and Sadie!)



Picture of Luck

Here is a picture of Luck yesterday.   He is a great little puppy. 




Wednesday, August 20, 2014

NBKC and ALRC Shows

I had a great weekend! Wilson won a Best in Breed and 4 Best Opposites for 11 points. (Wilson has won about 50 points in 16 months!!) Chelsea won Best Brood Bitch at ALRC. She won a Select Bitch at NBKC earning one point( at 6 years and 24 puppies old!)  She won 2 First Place finishes in Junior Handling. Annalou won two 3rd place ribbons at ALRC.  At NBKC she earned  a Winners and a Best Opposite for 3 points(at just 7 months!)    She won Best Puppy in Breed 4 times and one Best Puppy in Group. Kate had a fabulous weekend with Chelsea in 9 events winning a Select Bitch, a Best Brood Birch and 2 First Place finishes in Junior Handling


NBKC and ALRC Shows

Monday, August 18, 2014

NBKC-Junior Handling

Cindi-Lee with Ch. Doindogs Chelsea Marie CGN Junior Handling best in junior open.

Photo by

NBKC-Junior Handling Cindi-Lee

Great Honour for Doindogs Kennel

CH. Doindogs Chelsea Marie CGN wins Brood Bitch at the ALRC

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Picture of Cee

Hi Don
Here is a picture of Cee ... Do you like the wavy coat?? She's pretty
awesome and is going to make a great duck dog!

Rosie update

Hi Don,

Just wanted to let you know that Rosie received one qualify last weekend for Junior hunter. She is turning into a really great little dog. :). 2 pics below. Thanks for your help with obedience.... All success comes down to obedience.

I will take her to pei or NB in September so long as she is not in heat. Fingers crossed!


RosieRosie & Tanya

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Day 2 with Cece at home


Day 2 with Cece at home, and my only goal for the week was to help her get settled in. But she is such a mild mannered pup, and eager to please...she is already sitting on command. The crate training/house breaking is going extremely well, too. Here she is, waiting for me to throw the ball for her. Thanks again - we're so pleased to finally have her home with us!


cece day2

Sadie too

Hi Don!

Great to hear from you. i have been meaning to touch base but only just returned from a family road trip last night. we went almost 4000km over the 10 days down to ottawa, kingston and toronto areas camping and visiting family and friends. sadie was an absolute gem! she travelled so well, never complained or fussed, and learned the routine, "ok's" and "no's" associated with every stop very quickly! amazing! and what a happy girl:) she stayed in my tent at night on occassion and was adorable. will send some pics as soon as the girls get them loaded on the computer. she is so good and such a pleasure!
hope you are keeping well and that your trip was enjoyable as well.

Take good care and talk soon

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Pit update

Hi Don,

We just wanted to send you a little update on Pit, and at long last a few pics!!

Pit is doing great! We are very happy with him. He was to the vet at 11 weeks and got his next round of shots and his de-flea, worming. We switched him to revolution (or tried it this month anyway) since ticks are bad near where we are. I guess it gives a bit more protection. We decided to take Pit to Dr Gehrig for our vet, as we have heard good things about her, and also her parents are family friends.

Pit's training is going well. He will come, sit and now stay really well for his food and also to go outside. He is also getting better on the leash now going for walks. Sometimes he is excellent, but when he's full of energy sometimes he takes a while to settle down. We have a short leash with a bit of a choke. Is Pit old enough now to switch to a slip chain collar like Puck has? I think that would help.

Thanks for the tips on fetching. Pit is doing really well with that, and it's lots of fun. His favourite thing to fetch strangely though is a volleyball rather than a little tennis ball. He will still fetch the smaller ball, but he loses interest much more quickly.

Pit must be 20 lbs now or so, as he was about 17 lbs last week at the vet. His coat is getting a bit wavy on the back now like Puck's, which I love!

That's all the news for now. The pictures attached were taken a few weeks ago by my brother in law who has an interest in photography. We have found it hard to get good photos sometimes because of Pit's black face to get the exposure right.

Hope your summer is going well.


Pit w/ friendPit w/ friendPitPitPit

Pit is a Puck and Dot pup

Monday, August 04, 2014

Belle joining our family!

Dear Don

Ed and I want to thank you for taking the time to meet with us this morning.
We are so excited to have Belle join our family! 

Thanks again

Jadine and Ed

BelleDon with Belle

New Merlin pics

Hi Don,

Haven't heard from you in forever but I see you have been busy with some pups and a trek to PQ!

Merlin and I are good - the weather has been spectacular and Merlin has discovered his love for the water. He did give a good fright today when I thought he was going to swim across the Atlantic. Thankfully he turned around but he went out way too far for my liking!

Finally got his ear infections sorted out. Trial and error, meds and drops and endless vet visits all remedied by change of food. Last resort was a hypoallergenic duck based food and his ears are finally yeast and bacteria free. Thank God!

He is settling down quite a bit and I still get comments on how good he looks, just last night I had a bbq here and people were saying how good he looks and how well he listens...if they were only around more often! Ha!

Here are a few pics from today at the beach.



Luck is doing amazing

Hi Don, Luck is doing amazing. Great temperament. Smart as a whip. He walks great on leash and knowssit/down/paw and leave it when we want him to ignore something. He is approx. 20 pounds and growing like a weed. He is also great with the kids.we couldn't be happier.
Thx again