Friday, July 21, 2006

It would be my pleasure to recommend any dog which came from Don

It would be my pleasure to recommend any dog which came from Don. Dyson is 5 months old now and is very much an integral part of my family. I have a little boy who is just over 4 and because Dyson is a laid back, obedient and

a very intelligent dog (which I believe is Yew's temperament also), they
have become the best of friends. He was remarkably easy to train (having
had dogs all my life Dyson is by far the easiest), with house-training
complete within 2 weeks. His effectiveness with his commands has led me to
think that I could enter him into competitions which again is something I
have never considered with my other dogs and I firmly believe that this is a
big part of where he came from.

When I first visited Don and Yew at their home, Yew was very loving towards her pups and very giving towards people
who were visiting. This now shows through in Dyson. I am very proud when people ask me where I got Dyson from and believe and hope he is a credit to the Doindog family.

I met Don via an internet search for Yellow Labradors, whilst I was awaiting
finalization of Permanent Residency ( I am originally from England) and
during this time, Don provided me with answers to questions that arose and
allowed me into his home to visit his dogs and kennels. He has answered all
my questions with ease and efficiency and always accommodated me and still

His dogs are friendly and relaxed which in my eyes shows that they are loved
and well looked after and I feel safe in the knowledge that if there was
ever a problem with Dyson, Don would be the first person that I would turn
to for advice.

I hope that this answers some of your questions, I have included a recent
photograph of Dyson so you can see what he is like now. If there is
anything else that you would like to please, don't hesitate to email me and
I will try and answer as best I can. I wish you the best of luck in your
future choice of (hopefully) a Doindog pup.

Best Wishes


Friday, July 07, 2006

Well, she really is a retriever

Out on our afternoon walk in the tall grass, not thinking that I'd shoved the leash in my car-key pocket, we got to the car to realize the key was gone.

It seemed a hopeless task in four - six feet high grass, but I decided to retrace my steps with Misha. She found it in two minutes flat, sniffing my scent deep in the grass where I'd paused to put on the leash.