Thursday, July 29, 2010

Eva had a great vacation (pic)

Hi Don,


Eva had a great vacation. She went to the beach and had a great time. She is 25lbs now and doing great. She is very well behaved and loves to go for walks. These are just a few of the pictures we took. I used a waterproof camera for the other water shots so by the time I get them developed she will be a senior. Thanks again for the great tips on walking her and getting her to stop biting.  The kids really enjoy her now and both are able to walk her on the leash and get her to sit and come.




Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mom & Pups (pics)

pupspupsMom & PupsMom & PupsMom & PupsMom & Pups

Picture of Nikita

Hi Don,


Haven't sent you a picture of Nikita in a long time, so here is one

MF & Nikita


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rub-a-dub-dub Noah's in the tub!!!!

Hi Don

This past weekend we took Noah to Sandbanks Provincial Park so that he could run on the sand and perhaps swim.  He loved the sand and enjoyed splashing in the water and went right up to his chest  but I think the waves were a bit too much for him.  He still had a wonderful time rolling in the sand and we ended up with one tired, sandy puppy J

When we got home, we thought we’d give him a rinse off in the tub.  He just could not get enough of it (see attached pictures) – no doubts on him being a water dog!!!:-)

He is really getting big and has just about outgrown the crate you sent him in (thought he still rides in it in the car for short distances)and now sleeps in the much larger crate at home.

He turns 16 weeks this Wednesday which will also be exactly 2 months since you sent him to me.  Strangely enough, its seems like we have had him for a long time J

Take care.



Pups from Doindogs Chelsea Marie

Pups from Doindogs Chelsea Marie

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pup update

Hello Don

Attached will be a couple of photos I took of the pup’s yesterday morning at feed time. It was minus 2 deg C here at the time which never worried the pups at all.

In the photo of the pups eating from their dish, the orange coloured one with the wet mark on its back between the two creams [on the left] is the male, the other similar coloured ones are females.

Sleeping in the box the male is the one on the left next to the woolly toy.


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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Here are the latest pictures of Noah


Hi Don


Here are the latest pictures of Noah. He is definitely growing up quickly and now weighs around 24lbs.






Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Bigby update (pics)

Hi Don,

I havn't dropped you a line in a while, so I thought I would give you an update on Bigby.  He's doing really well and he's a great companion.  We've been taking advantage of the warm weather and making constant trips out to Rockwood and the Irving Nature Park.  He's been really enjoying the water this year.

I've attached some recent photos.



Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Eva (pics)

Hi Don,

Thanks again for the tips.  Eva is walking much better and behaving like a well behaved puppy. Brett is able to walk her now and she is listening to him.  She was in the big pool yesterday for a quick lap. I was so excited to see her doggy pal as soon as her paws hit the water.  She likes to splash in her wading pool too.  We went to the vet on Tuesday and they said she was healthy and very well behaved. She didn't fuss at all and she loves the vet and everyone else she sees. When she lies down in her crate she fills the whole floor so this weekend we will be shopping for a bigger crate.  I picked up Water Dog at the library and would love to take her duck hunting except for the part about sitting in a cold blind and shooting ducks.  I think I will also try to find his other book family dog.  Thanks again. I have attached some pictures too.


EvaEva & Friend

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Noah's vet visit

Hi Don,

We took Noah to the vet yesterday for his second Parvo/distemper shot. Dr. Samson checked him out and was just delighted to see how well he was doing. He checked him out thoroughly and even clipped his nails and Noah was very good and co-operative throughout.

We also took Noah to meet some people who do Field trails with their labs as they too have a 12 week old lab that they are training. They loved Noah too and thought he was very bright an active. Everyone is quite surprised that I got him all the way from Nova Scotia (good PR for your kennel ;-) ).

So far Noah is quite good with SIT and HERE and we are working on the HEEL commands. The retrieve is still iffy but I guess that will come in time J.

He is really the sweetest guy and although he still gets in the occasional nip once in a while, and has his crazy running fits around the house or yard – he is very good considering he is just 13 weeks old.

This weekend we plan to take him to the lake again and see if he will swim as he enjoys his kiddy pool.

I will send you more pictures from last weekend as soon as I download them from my camera. He has really grown BIG in the one month that we have had him.

Thanks again for our wonderful Noah!

Take care.


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Heatley (pics)

Hi Don,

Here are some photos of Heatley. I can’t thank you enough for the joy he brought us, he was awesome. I always had complements of how he looks, especially his head and his temperament.

Thank you again for such a wonderful dog...

Blair and family

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