Monday, May 25, 2009

Jasper & Kaleigh (pics)

Hello Don, how are you? Long time no talk. I was just wondering what was going on as far as obedience classes go, I think its time to seriously try for CDX but wouldn't mind starting off in a CD class just to get Jasper back into it. I also am sending you a picture of Jasper that we took the other day, Kaleigh and her are such good friends I just don't know who loves who more. Say hi to Pierrette for us.

Thanks Shawn

Jasper & Kaleigh

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Life Of Riley (pics)

Hi Don
Riley has settled in nicely. He's already had his first trip to the beach.

RileyThe Life Of RileyThe Life Of RileyThe Life Of Riley

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Doindogs IT

I ran It in the obedience trial in Amherst on Sunday, she qualified but needs another for her title. It’s next chance will be in Lunenburg on June 6th, she is also entered in conformation there but both Saturday and Sunday.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pat got High In Trial

Pat got High In Trial (HIT) in Amherst. This was her third qualification which also gave her the title of "CD".


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hiker Harley Mosher

This dog was bred by Gary FALOON of Saint John, my dog Jet was the sire.


Hiker Harley MosherHiker Harley Mosher

Monday, May 11, 2009

Re: pups for sale

Hi Don,

We also have no problem with the agreement, it is important for us to have a healthy dog and we think you have the best knowledge for this.

We have some questions : You write the litter is due around the 4th of July, does this mean you give the puppies to the purchaser?? We understand that the pupies will be born around beginning of June, is this correct? And how old are they when you give them away?? Our doberman was about 6 weeks but it was several years ago, so maybe we are wrong. We are very interested in getting a puppy from you, our nieces all view your site and love your pictures.

Can you give us a reply what we have to do, thank you very much and we wish you a good sunday.

All the best from Germany,

Yours Tirza and Markus.


Good Morning and thanks for your interest in a Doindogs pup! I have just bred Mud to a very nice chocolate male in USA. You can check that kennel at This litter is due around 4th July. I don't have an agreement made yet for this litter but have attached one from a previous litter, as a sample. Please notice that I have found it necessary to have people agree not to allow their pups to be either neutered or spayed until they are at least 18 months old. Some of my reasons for this can be found in an article which I have also attached.

Could I have your permission to post your e-mail on my site? I would have all contact information removed.


Chelsea got two more points on Sunday

Chelsea got two more points on Sunday, she only needs 3 more and she is entered both days in Amherst.

Chelsea Marie

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Best pup in show

Congratulations to Gary FALOON and his senior chocolate lab female pup, "Doindogs Chelsea Marie"! They earned 5 points last weekend in Moncton and got best pup in group, handled by Kim PENNIE. Kim was in control again this morning in Dartmouth, no points but earned best pup in show.

Chelsea Marie

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Sable and Bill


I wanted you to tell you how Sable has been helping Bill with his Cardiac recovery, by walking OFF LEASH around town.

Bill has only gone for a few blocks...but that is great. He loves it and so does she! In fact on as they were coming back, down our block on Sunday, a Police car stop them on our corner...

I thought He was being told to put a leash on her. No...the Police Woman Asked Bill about Sable and how long it took to train Sable. Apparently Her Lab is nuts. Bill told her that we bought her from you, after C & G recommended your dogs. They trained her to be my Service Dog.

Today, when we saw his Cardiac Surgeon, he asked if Bill was exercising? He told the Doctor that He & Sable were walking around town. Thanks for our wonderful Sable...

Good Breeding, Good Training...GREAT DOG!