Sunday, October 31, 2010

Climbing (pic)

Climbing with Josh Wilson are Doindogs Abby(yellow pup), Chelsea, Coco, Molly and Mila

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Pictures from St. John

Hi Don,

We had 9 Labs out for our hike this morning. Our group included Peter Wilson and Doindogs Abby. Peter's son Josh is in the picture. As well we had 3 of Chelsea's pups including Molly. Chelsea is in the picture with 2 of her pups.

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Molly at 3 Months

Molly at 3 months

True Water Dog

You just can't keep these labs away from water, here are some pictures of Mollie next to some serious water!

Best from us

Wendy & Steve


True Water DogTrue Water Dog

Sadie (pics)

Ok, here is Miss Sadie :)

The angle of the pics make her look leggier than she really is right now and the head shots don't really do her head justice.  She's ~ 30 pounds.



All of them (pics)

Hi Don

Doindogs in New Brunswick!

Every Lab in this picture, except one, has a Doindogs parent.



all of them

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Photos of Juno

Good morning all,


I've attached a couple of new photos of Juno. The first photo is of her first time with a dog bone. She absolutely loves it. She jumped and pranced around it for the first couple minutes. It didn't take her long to get all the marrow out. The second photo is of Juno on her new doggie bed that my aunt bought her. She was a little timid of it at first but now it's one of her favourite lounging spots.


I hope you're all enjoying your puppy as much as we are. Keep the pictures coming...I love to see Juno's sisters and brother.



Natasha and Matthew


juno dog bonejuno diva


Monday, October 25, 2010

Photos of Java

This is Java. She lives in Cape Breton with Doindogs Gila, a chocolate lab that looks very much like Chelsea.

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Noah's first show

Hi Don

As I told you on the phone, Noah went for his first show at the Belleville Kennel Club on Saturday. We just wanted to see how he would do which turned out to be … Amazing!!. Aside from his ribbons both judges actually approached me to compliment me on him. As well as all the other lab owners could not take their eyes of him and we got compliments even from his competition. I think it was a refreshing change to finally see a lab that looked how a lab should J

He would have gone on to take the group win (the judge told me J ) but he just had too much and I think he got a little tired as it was a long day for him.

Anyway, we were just thrilled with the result. I think he, and I, need a little bit more handling experience J - maybe we go on to complete his championship ;-) and do our obedience at the same time.

Enjoy the pictures.

Take care


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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Fall! (pic)

Hi Don,

Hope you are keeping well. Just wanted to share a recent picture of Angus. He just turned 4 and as you can see, is as handsome as ever. He is such a good boy, his temperament is unflappable, he is tolerant to the point of sainthood, and listens extremely well. He's a credit to your kennel for sure. I have more photos to upload and send, but here's one of our boy "guarding" the pumpkins on the front step.

Warm regards,



Mila (pics)


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tucker and Nala (pic)

Hey Don,

Here is a picture of Tucker and Nala.  Nala is starting to get the hang of it. She got her first goose today.  I let her get a couple of the ducks too.

Both of them are doing well.


Tucker and Nala

Millie Belle (pic)

Millie Belle

Millie Belle

Great Morning w/ruby (pics)

Hi Don,

I took the morning off today and took Ruby out for a few hours.  It was the first perfect pheasant day of the year for me - about 0 Celcius and nice and frosty.  Ruby hunted beautifully - finding and flushing this pair of fine roosters in easy range.  One bird flushed so low that I had no shot until he banked away so I ended up only knocking him down.  It took some time to find him tucked up under and undercut bank, but we got him.  As usual, it just would have been a walk in a frosty field with a gun had I not had Ruby...




Kai Update (pics)

Hi Don,


I haven't talked to you in a while so thought I would let you know Kai is doing great. He has left most of his puppy stage behind and is so calm and well behaved but has kept the best parts and still loves to play and is always happy to see everyone, dog or person. As you may have guessed I did decide not to show him but, as Kim suggested back in the spring, now that he is about to turn two he is really starting to fill out. I have really noticed a difference in his shape over the past month or two so he looks less like a pup now. I'm sure I've said this before but I want to thank you again for such a wonderful dog. He really is amazing. Here are a few recent pictures of him enjoying his favorite thing, the water.




Noah at 7 weeks (pics)

Hi Don

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Here are some comparison pictures I did of Noah.  The 7 week ones were taken the first weekend we got him.  Look how he has grown J

I have entered Noah for his first conformation show on October 23.  This is all just for fun and to see how he does.  His obedience training is going along quite well, so I hope we can take a shot at a Canine Good Citizen test just as a warm-up.

Take care




Sunday, October 03, 2010

Hunting (pic)


Maggie (pics)

"The Duchess of Lucknow" as our English friend dubbed

Maggie.  I must say she does look a bit regal.





Friday, October 01, 2010

Eva (pics)

Eva is doing well walking and she even gets to be outside most of the day. James fell off the back of a truck while putting in hay so he is off work until most likely January. Eva is very happy about this. She still sleeps in her crate at night but the door is left open and we sectioned off a space in the hall for her.  She is funny though because every night when she is tired she goes in her crate and sometimes during the day she will go there for a nap. She has a friend ( a 2yr old yellow lab) up the road and he watches from his house to see if she is outside. They like to run and wrestle. (he is neutered). I ordered the book Family dog by the same author as Water Dog and it is great. She is much better when the kids are outside running around and for the most part is calm in the house. It is always the kids who get her excited. She really is a joy and she is so good natured and funny too. I will try to get up to Dartmouth one of these days so you can see her.

Talk to you soon