Thursday, December 27, 2012

Rolo at 7.5 months


Noah in his new Tracking harness

Hey Don
Here is Noah in his new Tracking harness and lead that we received yesterday. Noah loves it :-) we go for a class on Thursday

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Doindogs Kennel!!!



Sunday, December 23, 2012

Scout Update

Hi Don,

Just a few pictures and Videos of Scout. I'll add more in the coming days.

Happy Holidays!



Noah in SC

The weather was just fabulous compared to the big rain storm we had yesterday. Took the dogs swimming off the bridge near the house and we all had a wonderful time :-)
Noah in SCNoah in SCNoah in SC

Noah at Hilton Head Beach

Hi Don
Few pics of Noah at Hilton Head Beach. It was a bit of a grey day but we had great fun! :-)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Kadnook Christmas Letter



Christmas letter (pdf)

Hi From SC

Hi Don
So me made it to SC !!! perfect weather all the way. Today its a bit grey and rainy here but still quite warm :-)
We had the most amazing morning- we took Noah to be evaluated by a friend of Debbie's who is an ex-K9 police officer and now runs a very successful business training dogs for S&R , tracking, trailing etc.
Noah was just the best - so good that Jeff said that he was willing to buy him on the spot :-) Of course I cannot sell my Noah - because he is priceless (as you know) LOL
We are taking Noah for another session next Tuesday and hopefully can fit in a few more sessions before we leave on the 29th.
He has a wonderful facility here and hopefully I will be able to bring Noah back for another course in the summer.
Take care and more later

Friday, December 14, 2012

Levi Santa Dog

Hi Don
Levi took part in a Christmas fashion parade last weekend, one of the best looking dogs there!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Hi Don,

We have taken out the pet insurance with the company you set us up with, Morrissey is doing amazing, he is so loved  :-))
We took morrissey to the Santa paws last week the charity run by the SPCA, i have enclosed to pictures of him and you can see he is a picture of health :-))
santa pawsmorrissey


Hey Don,
Jil is doing great, this is a pic at a local pond full of ducks during a steadying drill, working on hold right now also..she's a great pup! Smart as a whip.

Keys is doing well

Hi Don,

Keys is doing well. Indeed, no sign of porcupines (good for the porcupines!) Key walks well on leash and is quiet in his crate in the basement thru the night. He loves his outdoor kennel in the daytime. We had to take him off Eukanuba  awhile back...just did not agree with him. We think he is going to be a big dog...but he is super gentle.  We ended up going with the Petsecure Insurance for now. Couple of pictures attached. By all means, please drop in if you have time on your way through to the US.


Denis and Joan


Gunny Pics

Attached are a few more photos of Gunny retrieving snowshoe hares..He has 46 game retrieves under his belt as of Dec 9th…He is the best gun dog I have ever owned! He quarters perfectly when hunting upland, he heels perfectly for sneak and shoot and he can sit in a blind for longer than I can! All this at 18 months!  I had him in for his booster shots last week, My vet said he is the perfect specimen of a Lab; he is 74 lbs, well muscled out, with a perfect coat..


Thanks and Merry Christmas,




Sunday, December 09, 2012

I don't get far when it comes to the marsh

photo 2photo 1photophoto 4

Abbie Pics

These pictures are of Abbie, from Pat/Storm born 30 Mar 10. She had the
good fortune to be chosen by an eager duck hunter in Saint John, NB. She
greatly enjoys outings with her human family of father, son and grandfather.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Daizy update

Hi Don .. Yeah I had been just thinking the same thing! Well I have to say that we are totally smitten, head over heals in love with our Daizy!! She is quite a character! Coming along nicely .. Thank goodness as she had taken a shine to my kitchen cupboards and the shingles on the house!!

She is just as smart and pretty as she is stubborn! We turn lots of heads and get lots of compliments (which hopefully you reap the results of). I will get a updated pic to send in the next few days.

How are all your gang doing? Any puppies? Paula & Donnie (Brie's humans) are in touch and we sometimes get together which is nice. All the best to you, Peirette, and family. Hope to talk over the holidays:) cheers,

Lois & Daizy


Rouge Update

Hey don,
Just a quick check in, rogue is doing great, she's calmed down a lot!  She's
floating around 65lbs, perfect weight for her size the vet says.
Just wondering when you would recommend getting her spayed? She's almost 16
or 17 months now, so after Christmas?
No new pictures, the camera on my phone is terrible (I scratched up the lens
in my pocket, lol).
Thanks for everything don!

Bigby update

Hi Don,

It has been a long time since I've given you any updates on Bigby and I've been meaning to for some time.  Hard to believe he's almost 5 years old.

Bigby's the first dog I've ever owned, and he's been an absolute joy.  I've never met a Lab I've didn't like, and I think I'll be a Lab owner for life.  He's a great companion and It's become a regular event to go to Rockwood Park or the Nature Park on weekends to go for a stroll and take photos.  He's great with children and always eager to please anyone he encounters.

Anyway, I thought I'd send a couple photos from the summer.



Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Cesar Malone

I have been invited to attend the Cesar Malone show tonight, really looking forward to that!


Hi Don,

it's Benjamin up in Hopedale. Trooper has been an absolute pleasure. We enjoy  her tremendously. I have just a quick question with regards to Trooper and swimming. She loves the water and is an amazing retriever - as determined as anything I've ever seen. However, as winter fast approaches and our temperatures dropping with every passing day I was wondering if there is a general rule of thumb with regards to when swimming is done for the season. Will the dog simply not dive in when it's too cold? Her determination says no .... But with air temperature in the minus ten celcius with wind chill in the minus twenty range my wife and I wonder if we should keep her away from water until its frozen. (This is salt water we are talking about too by the way) Any insight on the subject would be great.


Stella (pics)


Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hi Don


Very nice to hear from you as I have been meaning to send you pictures of Levi for the last few months, I just don't know where the time goes!!  Levi is doing very well, he is an awesome pup!!  He is a very happy loving dog and I must say very handsome as well!  He had a wonderful summer swimming at the beach almost everyday, he just loves the water.  I have attached two pictures for you, one from the beach around the end of August and the other from this fall at our house, he stole a yellow tomato from the garden. 


We will hopefully be coming thru your way next month with Levi and we would love to stop in for visit. 


I will gather more pictures and send them along in the next couple of days.  I hope all is well with you, hi to Pierrette and all the dogs!!


Talk soon


sitting prettyLevi & his yellow tomato

Pearl Picture

Hey Don,


I took this picture last weekend and thought I would send it along.


I hope all is well..


Pearl is doing great, graduates from Puppy Training this Wednesday evening.  I will be sure to send some pictures along.


I have some training questions for you, I might try to give you a call an evening this week.





Pearl 5 mos

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanks for helping my youth group with your DoinDogs Kennel webpage

Hi Don,
I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you for your webpage
( My name is Beth, and I volunteer with
a youth group where we have different activities for middle school aged
kids. Next weekend, we are having an event to celebrate Animal Shelter
Appreciation week. Your page had some great dog information that we will be
able to share with the kids. Just wanted to say thanks for all the help! :-)
One of the girls in my group, Mia, found a great resource on pet safety
while traveling:
Could you add this to your list of resources? I thought it would make a
great addition to your page for others to learn how to keep their pets safe.
If you have any advice for the kids about pet care, I'd love to share it
with them. Thanks again, and happy Thanksgiving next week!
Take care,

Friday, November 09, 2012


Hi Don,


We LOVE Stella! She is doing great. We had her out this afternoon and she ate a good supper. She is so well-behaved that you wouldn't even know she was in the house.


Attaching a few pictures, I will be in touch.


Thanks again,

Jonathan, Ann & Evan

Stella 4Stella 3Stella 1Evan and Stella