Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chelsea (pic)

This is Chelsea on the chase manoeuvering at high speed.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Midnite (pics)


More pictures of Midnite. He is doing really well with his training.  Still working at him hard where as he is still a puppy.


Tiffany, Travis & Cole


New Doindogs Jill profile page

Doindogs Jill (High in Class) Cobequid

Jill HIC Cobequid 2011Jill HIC at 9 mosJill HIC Cobequid 2011Hic

Monday, March 21, 2011

Lab Pup

Hello Don,

I'd just like to say you have some lovely dogs - my husband and I had the pleasure of taking care of one of your pups (now three yrs) over the past four months for a friend.

About two years ago we had been looking getting a lab (my husband's childhood buddy, a big yellow guy had passed away), and your kennel had been of interest to us.  At that time we were still students and lived in Ontario, so we decided to hold off on getting a dog until we figured things out a bit more.   We lived in Nova Scotia for the past year, which is where we met Sue, the black lab, and her owner, whom we were hunting with (since we don't have a dog yet!) up in Canning and Cape Split.   We were sad to see Sue go home, as she is a great dog, but we also know that she is super happy at home and that her owner loves her very much.

We've recently moved home to Ontario, as we are now finished with schooling.  I know Sue was born March 21, 2008 - so from that I have deduced that your Pat is her sister.    Right now I am just simply curious as to whether you'll be breeding Pat maybe within the next two years?  Also, do you take deposits, etc?   Depending on timing, etc, we would be able to make the drive out to get the pup, but I am also wondering if you ship/fly them out at all?

I didn't want to  make this too long winded, but I do have a few more questions I'll save for later.  Again, you have some beautiful dogs, and we love your mandate of health, behaviour and abilities being most important.  If it isn't obvious, we hunt and fish all year round, and for those times when the seasons are closed we are out canoeing and camping and very active.




Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oka, Tally, Jemima!


Flaked out at the end of a long day's play.



Luke & Oka (pics)


It was chilly... and windy... and Luke had a great time walking Oka!

Oka & lukeLuke & Oka

Java (pics)

Hi Don

This is Java daughter of Ch. Doindogs Chelsea Marie at about 6 months.



Boxing Day Java BeachBoxing Day JavaBoxing Day Swim Java, Coco, Gila

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Noah does it again!!

Hi Don,
Noah does it again!!
He went best puppy beating out another female pup, winners dog, and then best opposite sex again beating out a special male!!
So we get another point :-)
Noah behaved just perfectly today even when he went in the ring for group puppy.  We are very proud of our little boy.
Of course pictures to follow again  :-)
Take care
Vanessa & Noah

Hiker & Coco (pic)

This Hiker, yellow Lab, son of Doindogs Mike and Coco, daughter of Ch. Doindogs Chelsea Marie


Hiker and Coco Feb 2011

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Tucker (update)

Sorry, no more pictures of Tally yet. It has not been a good week. Tally
can compete with Tucker for weight, but probably not in sheer roundness. She
is quite leggy. I don't have spring bulbs in the garden, and we are still
under two feet of snow, but I found her eating daffodil bulbs. I can only
think that the squirrels might have brought them in from our neighour, who
has lots of pots, or from his giant stinking rubbish heap in the garden.
She had definitely eaten some, and I think that Oka had too. I tried
peroxide but could not get him to vomit, so we whizzed off to the vets to
get some hydromorphone. Which, obviously, worked. Oka felt very sorry for
himself. I am very glad that I did, though, because Tally brought up at
least three bulbs, way more than would be needed to kill her. So we stuffed
them with activated charcoal, and now sulcrate and pepcid, just to protect
their gi tracts. They are going to be fine, though. I was more concerned
about Tally because of her lower body mass. Fortunately, if I can use the
word in this context, she had not long eaten, so her stomach was a little
protected, and I was also at the vets within 15 minutes of it happening.

The vet and the techs are completely in love with her, by the way!

House full of people dropping by all day today, I am quite yawny. Nice to
have good friends here, though.

Hope you are well,

Orangeville - today (pics)

Hi Don I wanted you to be the first to know that our Noah got his first point today.

He went winners dog and then beat out the male special to win Best of Opposite Sex!! He moves and stacks beautifully- the only issue is with examining his mouth and today he just went totally crazy just bouncing around all over the place.  Got to work some more on this.

I have entered tomorrow as well, so lets see how that goes :-)


Take care



Tucker at almost 12 weeks (pics)

Here is Tucker at almost 12 weeks. He has gone from 2.6kg to 8.0kg!! He is
doing very well with his training and is a very happy puppy :)


Tucker 12 WeeksTucker 12 WeeksTucker 12 WeeksTucker 12 WeeksTucker 12 Weeks

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Noah 11 Months (pics)

Hi Don


Well Noah turns 11 months today J.  Here are some pictures I took of him on Sunday.  He sure loves playing in the snow.


Take care




Midnite (pics)

Hi Don

Hope all is well. Tucker is doing really good. We have our vet appointment this Friday for the second set of needles. When we take Tucker out for a walk, at about every 20 feet, we command him to stop, sit, stay & come. When a car goes by, we make him sit while it passes. He is doing really good, and quite pleased with him. Travis and I are always watching him to ensure that he isn't chewing anything he shouldn't be. He LOVES the meat bones from the grocery store. Here are some pictures, and you will see that he is well loved and pampered in some pictures. He doesn't mind being held like a baby.


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