Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pics of Joey

Hi Don:


Hope all is well. The beast is being a good boy. I had him into the vet last week as his one eye was a little inflamed. The conjuncts was very red and puffy. They have him on some eye drops and he's getting better each day.


Mary Elizabeth, Katherine and I took a quick trip to the valley and I took a couple of nice shots of Joe (Joey). They are attached.


Say hi to Pierrette, Mutt, Ai and the rest of the gang.


All the best 




Photos of Gunny

Hi Don

Attached are a few photos of Gunny. He is having an excellent first season. He now has 31 game retrieves under his belt. These photos were taken today (Oct 27).He flushed 2 grouse of which I shot one and 8 hares of which I only managed to get 2. Those suckers can move! Great day all the same.




Lab Pup Bo

Hi Don,
We have named our pup "Bo". He is settling into life with us already. He
slept through the night in his crate with not even a whimper. We have had
him out for 2 walks and the boys are looking forward to a day outside with
Thanks for everything!!
Stephen, Erica, Alexander, Zachary & Bo

Friday, October 26, 2012

Dawson is incredible

I want to thank you once again for your amazing lab. Dawson is the most incredible dog I have ever had. My wife Tina says the same thing. This guy has a personality unlike any other dog. He never leaves my side when I am outside, he drives me a little nuts to play fetch, but that is to be expected.

He has declared our trout pond his own personal pool and will wander over for a dip at any given time without warning if he is hot. He will fetch out of the water without hesitation.

I always wanted a dog that would run and jump into a pond and this one does. He is incredible. He accidentally got on the scent of a cock pheasant in our side woods and he was a sight to behold. His tail looked like a helicopter and I could hear his nose snapping shut. Suddenly the pheasant was flush up and he turned to look at me like he was wondering why I didn't shoot it. I didn't have a gun! I was just walking with him. I only did an hour of retrieving with a pheasant wing the year before and he was all over it.

At night he will sleep by the bed on my side and if he gets mad at me for being at work too long or away... he hides one piece of my footwear outside. He doesn't chew it, just puts it out in the rain, and only one. He is truly a joy. I was right, he is the perfect lab.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Daizy! pics



Here are a couple pics of Trooper. We were berry picking in the first picture and she had a blast running back and forth between us. In the second picture, we were playing fetch and she took a break to pose!



This is a Mutt/Ai pup, born 29 April this year. She is with great owners in Northern Labrador, a Labrador in Labrador with Australian roots! Mutt’s mother is from Kadnook Kennels of Australia.



Sunday, October 14, 2012



He got multiple retrieves this year.  Amazing what a pocket full of rocks will do.  Briggs retrieved a duck in the grass from the next blind over and the guy wanted to buy him, lol.




I have most of his retrieves on video.  What a dog!






A very appreciative family

Dear Donald Bates of Doindogs,

Your puppy has made our son so incredibly happy.

It was all that my husband and I could do last Friday to get through our evening with you without emotionally breaking down.  I do not think that you know how much this puppy was needed and will be much loved at this time.

Our son attended the Atlantic Hockey Showcase (by Andrews Hockey Growth Program in June) in Charlottetown,PEI and was approached by four different hockey academies to play for them this fall.  He was scheduled to attend an academy in Alberta on September 1st when he received the devastating news (by a Neurosurgeon) that he is never allowed to play hockey or any other form of contact sports again due to post concussion syndrome.  To say that his whole entire world came crashing to a halt and that he is now lost and devastated would be an understatement.

My husband was on the phone with me on Friday and indicated that on top of all of our son's situation, our nine year old black lab is not doing so well.  We believed that if our family lost this dog right now, and we did not have a new puppy, it would only compound his feelings. 


I believe in fate.  I asked our son if he would be interested in having his own dog.  His answer was immediately yes.  I had him to call his friend to find out where he got his new male black lab puppy from,  and that is what led to my phone call to you.

To see how the puppy gravitated to our son immediately and that he had an instant connection - was priceless.

While our son tries to find a new path for himself,  he will be able to do it with the love and support of his family, close friends and now the unconditional love from his new dog.

I thought that it was important for you to know the profound affect that this has had on our family. The puppy has acclimated very well with our other two dogs and they have responded to her beautifully (nine year old black lab and two year old beagle).


Thank you again,


A very appreciative family

Noah at 2 1/2 years old

Noah 2 1/2 Years old

Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Hey Don,
Thought you'd like this pic..looks like My Britteny has finally accepted
Jil...well for the time being..Jil is almost as big as her now! Growing fast
and doing well. Coming to the whistle 75% of the time, Sit, Heel and Stay
going well. She fetched a dead duck I had shot on opening day that I froze
for training...hope all is well! Can't wait until next year..not the same
with Canoes and Waders for a retriever!


Hi Don,

Roux is doing great! He now weighs 54.8 lbs and he is getting bigger every

day! Marc and I are loving him more and more every day. He keeps us busy
and is now sleeping past 6am :) There was a time he was up at 4am! Ha ha!

The picture attached is him at 4 months...he is gorgeous!

Hope all is well with you.

Jenn & Marc


Roux @ 4months

Pearl says hello from New Brunswick

Hey Don, I trust all is well.  I thought I would drop you an email to see if you were due into Saint John anytime soon.  I'm nearing the last week or so of food and thought I'd see if you were due into town on business. 

Pearl is doing fantastic, she's been doing great with her training, has a brilliant nose and really fitting in well with our family.  I've attached a recent picture.  I had sent some shortly after getting her home to Saint John but didn't hear back, I'm not sure if they made it to you..

Please drop me a reply when you have a minute.



Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Opening day for duck hunting

Yesterday, opening day for duck hunting, Josh took to the marshes
with his Dad and grandfather. This time he had his own license and gun. He
shot two ducks and Doindogs Abbie retrieved them!! The pictures tell how
happy Josh was!!
Doindogs Abbie and familyDoindogs Abbie and familyDoindogs Abbie and family

Wilson on opening day

Here is Wilson on opening day. He is a 5 month old son of Ch. Doindogs Chelsea Marie. The yellow female is a daughter of Doindogs Mike and a granddaughter of Doindogs Jet


Opening day 2012Opening day 2012Opening day 2012