Saturday, June 23, 2012

The best of pals!

We thought we should send pictures of Mollie and her new best friend, Chalkie. Despite a rocky start which resulted in Chalkie losing most of his (or her) feathers caused by stress, they have since become good friends. Chalkie tends to rule the roost and when granted occasional freedom, he (or she - we really must get the gender checked out) struts around like the cock of the walk (a bit like John Pennings). Only Mollie takes the bait, while Daisee and Beacon simply ignore Chalkie's presence.


All the best from us


Wendy & Steve



Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A few pictures of Cooper

Good morning Don

Thought I would send you a few pictures of Cooper. He has really settled in and become part of the family. As you promised he is certainly a water dog. One of the pictures is of him after a trip to the lake. He was so tried that he fell asleep on our deck with his head resting on the bottom rail.

Cooper goes to his Vet tomorrow for his finial bolster shot so we’re almost there as far as his shots go. Thanks again for a wonderful dog!





Jess first lake bath

Jess first lake bath

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pictures of Puck, and my foot, from a friend in Australia.

Hi Don and ‘family’


I was so pleased to hear that Puck is excelling himself for you! Clever boy Puck!


I am over at John and Connie Stott's place for 4 weeks dog/house sitting as they are in Europe.  Remember the possum in the old fishing basket up in the roof of John’s BBQ shelter?


Well, Mr Possum was not quite so she this afternoon so I took some pictures, thought you might like to see the little chap!  Did Jill send you the pictures of Puck that I took?


Hope to hear more of Pucks rise to stardom soon.


Annie and the Whippets


Puck considering becoming a CanadianPossum