Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cooper Boy

Hello Don


I hope this email finds you in good health. Thought I would sent you a couple of pictures of Cooper Boy. He is doing excellant, weights about 53 lbs now.Has real good muscle tone due to all the swimming he does at the trailer. This is the first lab I have had that likes water and its kind of neat!  I have had him to a couple of private training lessons with Kelly Wilson of "Nothing but rewards" and she was great. We go back in September to regular classes for the next session. Cooper is very smart and it does not take him long to learn.


There are a couple pictures of Cooper with his santa hat on. We do xmas at the trailer each year in July and Cooper was a reindeer this year.


Take care and we'll talk again soon




cooper boycooper boy 4cooper boy 3cooper boy 2

Doindogs Chelsea Marie with her 2012 litter

chelsea and pups

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pictures of Trooper

We have certainly been enjoying Trooper's company as she has found her place in our little family. Attached are a few pictures of Trooper. Feel free to share them on your site.



Pearl getting acquainted

Hey Don,
Here are a few pictures of pearl getting acquainted with our property and
the beach last eve when we got home.
I'll continue to send pictures and keep you guys up to date.
Thank you again for everything

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dogs out today for some exercise

Hi Don,

I took the dogs out today for some exercise. I took a couple of videos of them. I was by myself, so just a couple of simple retrieves.



6 great iPhotos (PEI)

Back to our favourite vacation spot in PEI. What a week for everyone! Great weather, lots of swimming, swimming, beach fun, and morning jogs! WHAT A LIFE!


Hope all is well!


Tara and family


6 great iPhotos6 great iPhotos6 great iPhotos6 great iPhotos6 great iPhotos6 great iPhotos

Tucker update

Hi Don,

Tucker and I have been making some good progress in these last few weeks. He’s really starting to show some maturity. He seems more interested in Retrieving every week. I am keeping my sessions short and ending them while he’s still excited about retrieving. I think the book is right in saying that a lot of dogs are trained too fast and are expected to progress onto difficult tasks before they have the maturity to do so. More time should be taken at the beginning of the Dog’s life to teach obedience rather than to retrieve.

Some things that I have noticed this year in particular is his ability to swim in the marsh and the use of his nose. It’s one thing if a dog can swim out in open water and perform a retrieve but it’s a different ball game in the weeds and mud. Tucker plows right through it like no other and loves every minute of it! He uses his nose very well too, it’s fun to watch him work on live quail. You can actually see him using the wind to his advantage to find the bird, very impressive! I’m really excited to see what he can do this year come fall.

I don’t know Peter but it sounds like he has trained retrievers before. It would be interesting to get his perspective on things as I am the only one I know with a working retriever haha.

I have attached a few pictures of tucker. You will notice one picture of Tucker showing off his soft mouth by holding an egg in it!

Take care,



Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Noah Video

Hi Don

Here is Noah's video's from today. 


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pictures of Tacho (Storm and Bella litter)

Hi Don,


I can’t believe it but this might be the first time that I actually send you pictures of Tacho! We just got a new puppy – a German Shepherd – and couldn’t be more impressed and pleased with Tacho’s maturity. He was such an easy puppy, a joy to train, and now he’s turning into the best big brother I could imagine. We’ve had countless compliments on his stunning good looks and his calm temperament. We couldn’t be happier to have a Storm/Bella pup. I’ve attached a few pictures for you. He’s almost 1.5 years old now.


Hope to see you soon.





tacho and kittyTacho 15 monthsTacho 9 monthstacho 7 weeksdirty tacho

Brie's boat ride

Hi Don,

I made a little movie of Brie.. the only thing I couldn't do was remove our voices from it.... don't no if you want to post it to your site..

It's up to you.... Brie was doing more bumper training today at east bay sand bar and we drew an audience.... The people wanted to know where she came from and how old she was... Shining Star she was and she will continue to be.....


Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Justin and Brie

Hi Don,

Justin and Brie had another awesome boat ride on Sunday... Justin is getting more comfortable with her moving around in the boat now...
There was an eagle perched in a tree along the lake and as we approach the eagle it spread it's wings and let out a screach...
Brie wasn't really sure of it at first so she hid under my legs...lol... By the time we finished our boat ride we seen 6 eagles and had one
tired puppy.....Take care.......


Brie and Justin9Brie and Justin8Brie and Justin7Brie and Justin6Brie and Justin5Brie and Justin4Brie and Justin3Brie and Justin2Brie and Justin1