Monday, September 28, 2009

Teal (update)

Hi Don,

I am very pleased with this girl. She shows a great deal of potential in the field - good nose, lots of drive, and a willingness to work in close. I shot a grouse that she flushed for me on opening day much to her delight and amazement.

We still have lots to work on, of course. Teal is remarkably confident that she knows better and that commands really only amount to suggestions. It's good thing that I've got some experience with this sort of thing because I'll bet that she would run circles around someone new to the game.

By the way, I never did ask you how big you expect her to be when mature. How tall and how heavy are Bella and Storm?

Hope you see lots of birds this season,


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our Visit to Noval Scotia

Hey Don,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. The timing indicated would suit us very well as it works out at around mid to late Feb which, from a climate point of view in Bahrain would be perfect. Incidentally, it's likely both she and Daisy will spend most of their lives in Cyprus which has an almost year-round perfect climate. From our side, we can confirm that we would love to give a happy home to one of the litter - we agonized about whether to have a boy or a girl this time around however we finally decided on a girl. We are so happy with Daisy that we would like more of the same!

We'll stay in touch as things progress.

Thanks again and best regards


Gem (update)

Hi Don,

Well our first HRC Finished Test was exciting. The first day we handled to two marks so were out. Ran the whole day though and apart from the morning flaws did a great job. Nice blinds, triples etc. Day two Gem broke on the water triple, well 3 controlled breaks!! She again did the work though and did a really tough land triple in the afternoon that dropped a lot of handler teams. So we need to sharpen up some things. The CKC Senior Test went better but not perfect. Day one she was flawless down to the very last water blind when she had a hearing problem and that was that. Day two as one judge said was a stellar performance. A pass! So we are still having fun, took her grouse hunting a few times the past weeks and she always finds birds and when I hit one dives into our island logging slash and comes up with the bird. Gem is going great guns and is a healthy happy 6 years young. Will try and send some pics with ribbons soon!!


Monday, September 21, 2009

Maggie (pics)

Maggie with teddyMaggie and John

Hiker Harley at the Dragon Boat race (pic)

Hiker Harley at the Dragon Boat race to raise money for St. Joseph's Hospital. Hiker is the grandson of Doindogs Jet and son of Doindogs Mike.

Hiker Harley

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Draker (Summer Vacation) (pics)

Hi Don!

Shane, Draker and I spent a couple weeks in Havelock, Ontario at my family's cottage, this past July. Draker has become quite the swimmer! He had a great time playing catch off the dock! Here's some pictures: D

Take care,

Shane, Gillian & Drake


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chelsea won top female puppy

Chelsea won top female puppy (Best of Opposite) in the puppy sweepstakes at the Atlantic Provinces Labrador Retriever Club Speciality Show on September 5 in Halifax.


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Charge of the Lab Brigade

We stopped yesterday at Aulac and went out to Fort Beausejour so that the dogs could run. There are acres and acres of mowed grass and cut hay fields.

We stopped below the Fort on the Bay of Fundy side about 2000 feet from the Interpretation Building and the Fort. There was a strong wind blowing but not cold. Up near the Fort there was a group of men, women, children and dogs spread out below the ramparts. They were having a nice afternoon flying beautiful very large kites over the Fort. It was quite a site.

The dogs got out of my vehicle and started running and playing pretty hard. The wind stirs them up. The get pretty excited in wind especially on grass or hay.

He saw the kites first! We were at the bottom of the hill in front of the Fort and the kites were at the top. He roared off up the hill barking at the kites with great indignation.

Next they were off in hot pursuit also furiously barking. I started after them hollering ridiculous commands like "Stop", "Bad Dogs" and "Come"!! I started trudging up the hill to the Fort not knowing what I was in store for.

At this point the Kite flyers became aware of the charge of the Lab Brigade and started scrambling to pickup toddlers and small dogs. The dogs were in a pack still barking furiously. People let their kites go in order to grab children or dogs and the kites went crashing down into the Fort. I expected the kite people were going to start hollering all sorts of things at me.

She made a wide circle of the bedlam and came down the hill to my side. After determining she could not play with the other dogs ran down the hill and started to play at my side.

he continued on alone. She barked through all the bedlam and ran on up the ramparts and I last saw her disappearing into the Fort a long way from me. I think she felt a need to capture something connected with the kites. I started the long climb up the ramparts to find her & them in tow on leash.

Then all of a sudden he reappeared. At the top of the Fort she let out one final victorious bark and started running down the ramparts at full speed coming to rest at my side.

We retreated to the hay fields and they spent the next half hour running and playing. I didn't check to see if the kite people got their kites flying again.

Harley (update)

Hi Don,

So good to hear from you. harley is GREAT! So focused, inteligent and intense. She would fetch all day if we had the energy to toss. We toss out in the river and she loves it. She is very fit and by Perry's side at all times. She was a great choice we are very happy with her.

Take care,


Oka (update)

Just thought you would like to know that Oka finally (FINALLY) cast off his water wings and became a true labrador retriever today. He followed another lab into the lake after a dummy, and discovered that in fact he could SWIM. And that it was FUN! And that if he waits for the right moment (he is on a long line as his recall is not precisely reliable, especially when there is something more interesting around) he can in fact launch himself from the high bank and take his owner headlong into the water with him. Because she likes to swim too......

Bet you would have paid good money to see the last part...!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Tate in Newfoundland (pics)

Hi Don,

I thought I'd send some shots I took of Tate on our holiday in Nfld. She had a blast. Hope things are well with you all. Take care,

Leigh Ann

Tate in NewfoundlandTate in NewfoundlandTate in NewfoundlandTate in Newfoundland