Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Pictures of Jake Too

Jake TooJake Too

Doindogs News update

I have retired Roo and Rose. Mud was confirmed to be pregnant this week, due around 28th of June. Storm won in Bearsford, N.B. last week end giving him 3 points. This was his first show. I have entered him in both conformation and obedience at Lunenburg for next week end.


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ollie update

Hi Don,

Thought you might like to see how big Ollie is getting. He is close to 50 lbs now and loosing his first teeth but still very much a "puppy" at heart. He is a wonderful dog and we are really enjoying him. Thanks to Ollie we now enjoy an hour long walk at the beach each morning at 6:30 which is good for all of us.



Saturday, May 17, 2008

Rose expecting pups

Rose is preparing her bed; expect she will have her pups tonight.


Moka Pics

Hi Don,

Sorry I'm so long getting back to you, but I got a puppy to walk. Just joking, I have been busy, and Moka does take up a lot of time. She is doing well, she likes to "try" to get her own way, but we won't let her. She is "just about" trained, she will wake me up if she needs to go out at night. She loves the snow, whats left of it, and she has had her first swim.

I'll send more pictures,


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Update on Bigby

Hi Don,

I thought you might appreciate a quick update on Bigby. He made the long drive back to Saint John very well, sleeping most of the way. He made some noise a couple of times when he got up and each time we made a quick pit stop for him to have a pee and then he was good to go again.

He's been fantastic the last couple of days. Lots of energy! He's also done really well with house training and he seems to pick up on things really quickly. I've been really surprised with the house training though. I did not expect him to do so well so quickly.

He's a lot of fun to watch in the yard too. He loves sticks, pieces of bark and twigs. He also loves wading through the tall grass. It makes me wonder if it's hunting instinct. Could just be that he loves the feel of tall grass.

I'll keep you posted on his progress and training. I'm trying to find a good trainer here in the Saint John area. If you know of any, let me know :)



Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pups ready to go

Both male and female pups ready to go. These pups are from Roo and Beau (second litter)

Call for information 902 462-4333


Kia's First Swim

Hi Don,

I seem to recall that you mentioned Yew's pups can sometimes be a little hesitant during there first exposure to water/swimming. Well not our Kai !!! He bolted in after his stick and swam like a fish and just wanted more and more. He seems better at retrieving in water than land as he kept bringing the stick back to the shore rather than dropping it halfway as he does with his ball on land. I have attached some pictures.


Kai' s First SwimKai' s First SwimKai' s First SwimKai' s First Swim

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sable update

Hi Don,

I wanted to tell you what Sable just did;

Sometimes the Multiple Sclerosis effects my Equilibrium, I loose my balance and fall.
Unfortunately, that is what just happened.

After I fell, Sable was at my side, licking and nudging me to get up. When I didn't, she went the portable phone. Sable brought it to me...and kept nudging me to get up. I kept thanking her.

Eventually I got up, but she wasn't happy until I SAT down, and then she laid on top of my feet.
I guess that was her way of telling Me to sit/stay.

As I was resting, I thought you should know how wonderful she is .. sometimes.



Hi Don,

Flint is doing great. He slept through the last night... which was a bonus! He's already asking to go outside and we are not having too many accidents. We already love him...... even though he is very hard work at the moment. His crate was dry this morning and he went straight outside. I know we still have a long way to go but so far so good! He's a great dog and a tribute to you.

A couple of quick questions...... when can I give him a fresh meat bone? When can he start obedience classes?

Gill Macnab.

Friday, May 02, 2008


Hi Don,

Just saw the new site. It looks great! Very much refreshed. I also saw that you got a new dog. Storm looks great! Are you happy with him so far? I’m in the woods most weekends just now, but once the blackflies pick up I’ll be backing off on that a bit, so if you want pics we can arrange it (although you’ve got some decent ones on there already). Morning or evening works too most days. Had Ruby out to see Don R. for her annual checkup and shots yesterday. All clear and good (I’d go so far as to say GREAT, but perhaps I’m a bit biased). I was in the high Arctic for a week last month in Resolute. There was a bear in town the day before I arrived, so I didn’t get out for too many hikes in that land of ice and sky, but the meetings that I had to plan work for this summer all went very well, and it was neat to see some real Arctic blizzards (from inside my room!!!). The flying was not much fun though – we landed in Nanisivik on northern Baffin and I shot this little video of the poor lads re-fuelling in 85 km wind… It was a bumpy ride for sure!