Saturday, August 13, 2011

Moka (pics)


Cable cars and trains in New Hampshire


Noah in New Hampshire

Hi Don

Here are the first few pictures of Noah taken at the Waterfalls in the White mountains State Park in new Hampshire.  He had such a lot of fun swimming in the river even though the current was very string due to the falls and ran on the huge boulders like a mountain goat J

I picked these out of the first few pictures I sorted out as there are over 300!! So expect more in the coming days.

I got a call from a lady last night who saw Noah’s pictures on your website and was very impressed. She wanted to ask about your dogs and wanted more pictures of Noah which I sent her. She apparently knows a friend of mine who gave her my number. She is looking for a black female pup.  I told her you had just had a litter, so you might be hearing from her.  Her name is Kathryn.  Looks like Noah is become the ‘poster boy’ for Doin dogs J

Take care


Noah in New Hampshire2Noah in New Hampshire3NOAH posing in water-RETOUCHED


Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Jill & Wayne POHOLKE (Kadnook Kennels of Australia) and I went to the Fredericton show Saturday and watched him earn two more points in the rain.  Noah only need one more now for his Canadian championship.  Jill and Wayne both said they would be proud to have him in their kennel, they thought just as highly of Noah’s owner, VanessaJ