Saturday, November 29, 2014

A pair of Tens

Jet's daughter Maggie at 10 years  -  Rose's granddaughter Annalou at 10 months



Both Doindogs Dogs


A pair of 10s

Nya at 10 Months

Hi Don,

Nya is doing great!  She loves walks and playing with my nephews.  Her growth is not as noticeable lately, she is 56 lbs and 21 inches (floor to shoulder).  She is very active and her training is going well.  She needs a lot of reinforcement for things like “stay” because she doesn’t like having to sit still.  She’s always on the move!  I hope you are doing well.  


Nya @ 10 monthsNya @ 10 months

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bosley Update

Good afternoon Don!

Wanted to let you know Bosley is doing great!! He is growing fast! He is a smart dog....on that note we are definitely still interested in getting together with you Don to do some training. He is 3 1/2 months old now. When do you recommend starting? Keep us posted on when you would be available, I know you are a busy man. 

Be in touch



Friday, November 21, 2014

Bela hunting

Here's a couple pics from this week. Things are heating up for us and the dogs around here. Lots of limits, and hence, work for the labs.

Bela on moving waterBela in the corn

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lucky Dog

I had great concerns before bring my first pup to Turkey, but I couldn't be more pleased now! The owner not only loves his dog, he does everything he can to properly train and look after him in every way. He couldn't be more pleased, nor could I. His trainer told us that Dubi is by far the best lab in Turkey! She has a dog show on CNN Turkey, she wants information about my other dogs and plans a visit. The couple who bought Badim will probably use her also but they haven't met yet.


Badem in Turkey

Lunch in Turkey, Yesterday

Badim's new owner takes him everywhere!

Lunch in TurkeyLunch in Turkey

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Istanbul Today

More fine weather 18c at 9am! I make apple pies at Gizems place then we go to the country.

Istanbul, TurkeyIstanbul, Turkey

Breakfast at Karim's, Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, TurkeyBreakfast in Istanbul w/ Badem

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Turkey Trip

Hi All, 

Badem and I landed in Instanbul and after lots of waiting we managed to find each other and cleared customs.   Gizem was more than happy with her pup, we just arrived at her home.  Kerim and her have been talking, he will be over soon and I will stay at his house.  The only concern I have is that Badem will be over protected!  Gizem wanted to go straight to her vet who is waiting to meet him, even though it is Sunday.  I am as pleased this trip as I was before.  He will be shown, obedience trained and will be a hunter!  Move over Noah, there will be a new king!!! 

A very rough ride but I managed to sleep some.  Temp is 15C here with thin overcast. 


Brie & Rye update

 Hi Don,     

Hope all well. I guess you are getting ready for your trip to Turkey, be safe and enjoy your stay..    Here are a few pics of the clan..... Cabot Trail 2014... Brie & Rye under my kitchen table playing and being Brie just started her heat again and I am sure Rye's turn is coming soon.....oh the Lab-ba house.... :) 


Brie & RyeBrie & RyeBrie & RyeBrie & Rye

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Annalou had a great weekend at the Moncton Shows

Annalou had a great weekend at the Moncton Shows.

On Saturday she won Best Puppy in Breed, Winners Bitch, Best Puppy in Sporting group and Best Puppy in the Show!!!!  She earned 2 points.On Sunday Annalou had another great day. She won Best of Winners, Best Puppy in Breed, Best of Opposite Sex, and Best Puppy in Sporting Group. She won 3 points Sunday.Saturday evening at the Maritime Spectacular she Won Best Puppy in Sporting Group. After Sunday she has earned 8 out 10 points for her CKC Championship.She was in the Rings 6 times Sunday and 8 times Saturday.  Wendy Bennett worked extremely hard with her.


proud owner/breederBest Puppy in Breed

Monday, November 10, 2014

Moncton Shows

Dex and Dew both qualified in Rally Novice, completing the requirements for the title of RN

This is gary’s pup that is doing all the winning.  Gary got her mother,  CH Doindogs Chelsea Marie CGN  from me , Chelsea is a pup from my  Rose.  Gary’s other winning dog, Wilson is also from Chelsea, Don:

Annalou had another great day. She won Best of Winners, Best Puppy in Breed, Best of Opposite Sex, and Best Puppy in Sporting Group. She won 3 points today.

Last evening at the Maritime Spectacular she Won Best Puppy in Sporting Group.

After today she has 8 out 10 points for her CKC Championship. Not too shabby for a 10 month old puppy!

She was in the Rings 6 times today and 8 times yesterday! That is a lot for her age.

Wendy Bennett worked extremely hard with her. All the training with Wendy sure paid off.

And I love Moncton Shows again!


Moncton Show

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Piper (pic)

She's a champion!

Take care,


Piper (cee) & Sean

Turkey Trip


I am sure you are getting ready for another trip back to Istanbul. Ihave noted the dates Nov 16-20. I beleive I can be avaliable to see oneanother on Nov 19 afternoon, lets say 4pm at my house in Beykoz. I will havesome out of country visitors that week, if I can get away with not havingdinner with them that evening we can also do dinner. Dubi's trainer who hasher own TV show now would also love to meet you. Gizem is most welcome tojoin you with her new pup.Have a great trip.

Kind regards, Kerim


Would you also let the trainer Gamze know date and venue.

Thanks, Kerim


This is one of the reasons I am pleased to return to Turkey, very nice
people who are very interested in having healthy, trained dogs!


Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Stella Update

Hi Don,

Stella has settled in great, she is currently enrolled in her second set of obedience classes and doing really well. I look forward to hunting with her next season. 

Jason, Jennifer & family 


Pat/Storm pup six mos old, DB


Sunday, November 02, 2014

Oka on Halloween!

Yes, I dressed my dogs up in pumpkin collars and hats. Doesn’t he look embarrassed?!


Oka on Hallowe'en!

Saturday, November 01, 2014