Sunday, November 09, 2014

Turkey Trip


I am sure you are getting ready for another trip back to Istanbul. Ihave noted the dates Nov 16-20. I beleive I can be avaliable to see oneanother on Nov 19 afternoon, lets say 4pm at my house in Beykoz. I will havesome out of country visitors that week, if I can get away with not havingdinner with them that evening we can also do dinner. Dubi's trainer who hasher own TV show now would also love to meet you. Gizem is most welcome tojoin you with her new pup.Have a great trip.

Kind regards, Kerim


Would you also let the trainer Gamze know date and venue.

Thanks, Kerim


This is one of the reasons I am pleased to return to Turkey, very nice
people who are very interested in having healthy, trained dogs!