Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lab Walk March 25/12

Pictures from our Lab Walk March 25, 2012. 9 of the 11 Labs are from or related to Doindogs Labs



Lab Walk Mar20121Lab Walk Mar20122Lab Walk Mar20123

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gunny's First Retrieve!

Hi Don,

Just a note to say that Angus (aka Gunny) made his first game retrieve today! I have been working gun fire into his bumper retrieves since Christmas and he had no issues with the gun at all and we have been flushing hares and grouse on our woods walks for a few months… So a week ago we put it all together and started hunting but waited for that perfect shot. That shot came today, Angus followed up a fresh track in the snow, flushed the hare and made a perfect retrieve!!




Sunday, March 25, 2012

Life is hard


Thought you'd enjoy! Now that we have 2 kids, we need another lab to share Nic's bed with him! Any yellow's available or to be over the summer?

Hope all is well,


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

That's my boy!!

Hi Don

My sister took these pictures of Noah on Sunday morning in Brighton.


So proud of my boy!

Take care  Vanessa


Monday, March 19, 2012


Hey Don,

Raven celebrated his sixth birthday March 13. Roo and Jet would be justly proud of their fine son. He has been nothing short of a constant delight and loyal companion since we brought him home to Sydney. Raven has always had the habit of walking his plush pack of bears and lions and horses around the kitchen. He is the quintessential labrador retriever. Raven has fallen through ice and once ate a block of rat poison he found. (fortunately we noticed what had happened and filled him with salt and followed with daily squirts of vitamin k.) He did like to remove dryer vents from our house when a pup, but has concluded that dog treats taste much better. Raven is happy and gets loads of exercise in fields, water and at our local dog park where he meets up with his many friends. Raven is a credit to your kennel, Don and I once more wish to extend to you and your dear wife a profound thank you for providing us with our precious boy.

kind regards,

High Flying Raven

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bee qualified again at the Cobequid Dog Club show

Bee qualified again at the Cobequid Dog Club show in Bible Hill, here is a copy of her score sheet.  We go back again tomorrow if she qualifies again she will have earned the title of CD.



Saturday, March 17, 2012


Hi Don,

Thought I'd send along a pic of Teal as she approaches her third birthday.  She had a great hunting season last fall and we are all very pleased with her brains, spirit and rock solid physique.


Teal headshots

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Noah update

Hi Don

How are you doing and how is Puck?

Noah and I were at the Purina National this past weekend – not showing but we were asked to represent the Labrador breed as part of the CKC living legends display.  Noah had a lot of fun – although he was not too thrilled when one of the 7 male tollers also in the display rushed into his face J It was funny that so many people actually asked what breed he was and then commented that they had never seen a lab with a head like his.  Another amusing comment was on how white and clean his teeth and breath was LOL.  They were so thrilled with us that they have invited us again to another display during the first week of April.

Have you tried giving goat milk to Puck – it will make him very strong – you should try

That’s all from me – got to get the show entries done for the Syracuse show today – time really does fly by.

Take care


Water Dogs (video)

Thought you would like to see our girls, Mollie, Daisee and Beacon, having a splashing time and generally living the high life in Bahrain. It's become a twice weekly ritual for them after all the stress and strain of having to live through the troubles here. Note the 'Special One', Mollie, towards the end of the clip, jumping in and almost drowning her sister, Daisee. She is incorrigible and it's all Pierrette's fault!

All the best from us,

Wendy & Steve


Monday, March 12, 2012

Lab Walk

Hi Don.

We has 11 Labs for our walk this morning. For the first time we had both Marc Macleod and Andrew Ahearn with their Doindogs yellow males. Man do those dogs look alike!!!!! Chelsea is doing fine.


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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Justin and brie

Hi Don & Pierrette,

I just had to inform you both that Brie is very aware of her surroundings and as well as her being veryin tuned to Justin... Brie has her morning routine were after Donnie leaves for work, Brie will go to Justin's doorand whimper until I let her in... I than lift Brie onto Justin's bed were she kisses him and snuggles into him and thisroutine has been going on about 3 weeks.. But on Tuesday morning things were much different , Brie went to Justin'sroom and I lifted her onto Justin's bed than I left the room as I usually do.. within a few minutes I heard Brie whimperingupon me entering Justin's room Brie was in front of Justin's face pawing at his face and Justin wasn't waking, so I quicklywent to Justin and he started to stir a little so I immediately got Justin's glucose meter to check his sugar and lord and beholdJustin's sugar was 2.3 on the meter... Justin hasn't been low in the morning in a long time.. Brie just sat there until I got Justin'sDex tabs and she watched me very closely... upon Justin fully waking up and being alert I told him that Brie knew somethingwas not right with you... than Justin threw his arms around her and started to kiss and play with her... that is what I callbonding on a whole different level... I know  Brie is just 14 weeks of age, but she is very smart.. she is aware at all times nowwhen I am getting Justin's insulin ready and when checking his sugar... she knows...  Very proud of her....

-- Paula



This is Dr. Kim Pennie's Sadie,  daughter of Ch. Doindogs Chelsea Marie. She won points last summer including best puppy in the Sporting Group  at the  Moncton Show.



Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Renters guide to pets

Hi Don,
Happy Friday! I had some free time today and thought drop you a line.
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Thank you again,


Hi Don,

Just wanted to share some wonderful news from the show yesterday. Noah took Best of breed against 8 other labs (including another male special). Heshowed beautifully and behaved just amazing in the ring. My sister was justcommenting that he really didn't need me and showed himself ;-).


.... and to add to the excitement, our little Sinead the Aussie took Wb andBOS and 2 points - first show :-)

Very very proud of our babies.

Take care



Sunday, March 04, 2012

Righteous Pups Australia

Kadnook Kennel ( ) has been a very important part of this organization, the only one of its kind in Australia.  I visited them while there and saw Jill’s mother and 3 of Puck’s litter-mates.  All the dogs I saw there were from Kadnook.  I was given a demonstration of their training and surprised to learn that tracking was a very important part.  Many autistic children are attracted to water, it’s very important to locate them quickly if they go missing from their home.  These dogs are trained to help the parents find then quickly.  A radio station in Melbourne were reporting a missing autistic boy while we were driving toward Righteous Pups. A camera man and a reporter found him in the water and brought him to safety, just in time.


Righteous Pups Australia