Sunday, February 18, 2007

1 Step at a time

Hi Everyone,


Bill & I just came home from the Multiple Sclerosis Dinner.   When we arrived, they checked us in and gave me my award.  A  clear latex foot!  It represents the motto "1 Step at a time"


There were about 15 other people who also raised $4000.00.   We were all called up on the stage.  Then they took pictures.  I gave the photographer my email address, he said he would send it to me. 


They were proud to announce that our Chapter raised over 1 Million Dollars last year!!!  Less than 10 chapters in the whole country raise that much! 


Bill & I were eager to tell story of Sable.  I told all the wonderful things she has been trained to do; like retrieving things I drop, bringing objects I ask for & dragging the laundry bag up & down to the laundry room for me...But  Everyone was stunned & pleased to hear my favorite; getting the portable phone for me IF I fall.  Several people asked for the trainers information.  I will be sure to pick up more business cards from C & G  K9 School .


* I asked if there was someone who could help me write a book about Sable, and how she helps me.  They will look into it.  This is a great  resource and People with MS should be aware of it and who that help is available.


 I an so proud that my Team of Family, Friends & Sponsors could help to  accomplish this 'feat'.



Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Obedience rules

Hi, just wanted to say thanks for having an easy to maneuver site regarding rules and descriptions on obedience.

I have sent your site out numerous times.

Is there a chance you will offer the same for CKC rally?


Margaret Ekosky

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Halifax Kennel Clubs show (Mutt won her class)

Mutt was entered in the Halifax Kennel Clubs show on the week end, she won her class and also got (RWB) “Reserve Winners Bitch”.  She will not be entered any more until late summer, giving her time enough to have her pups and regain her “girlish figure” J



Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sable update


Bill just got back from taking Sable for a walk and run at the local ball field.

She was great. There was another man with his dog, all he could talk about was how beautiful and well trained Sable was.

He kept saying how pretty she was and that she had a great gate & ran just like a race horse.

He kept going on and on...

Bill said he was getting embarrassed!

Bill told him the story of how we got her to be a Service Dog for me. He told about Don the Breeder and his dogs, Jessie the puppy raiser, Joe and Pro the trainers. They all have a hand in making her the great dog she is.

Sable had a great time!

Every time Bill threw the ball (and he can throw very far) she would run like the wind and bring it right back.

People were very very impressed! She came back to him with no hesitation, sat at his feet and dropped the ball for more.

He would put her on a sit stay and went about fifty yards away, called for her to come, she was perfect.

She did this while the other dog was trying to play.

Joe, next time you visit we will go there to play. Also thanks for the patients and hard work.

Don, thanks for the great dog.

Jessie thanks for all the work it is paying of.

Thanks to all,


Friday, February 09, 2007

Mud's Pups at 4 weeks


Hi Don,

We enjoyed ourselves last night and will practice this week. I am
attaching a few more pictures of Max that you had requested.

Our camera is in the shop getting fixed so these will be the start of
many. Before you say anything about him on the couch just remember, he

is mommy's little boy! HA

See you next Monday.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

obedience classes

Hi Don

Let me first say that yours is a wonderful Website, I enjoyed toggling about and reading lots of great info....well done!


 While at the Westwood Vet clinic yesterday, I noticed a sign regarding upcoming classes. I am interested, but unsure of my ability to attend the information session...a conflict with my sons swimming lessons in Halifax the same night.


I am wondering about the methods you'll be using throught the classes. Many years ago, I trained a dog (a simply crazy mix of Black lab & springer) in Lessons with Don & Gladys Gates using a choke collar and this past fall tried clicker training at the Pawsplex with my youngest springer. These are clearly two very different approaches to training, and I must admit I preferred the choke method...maybe because I am more comfortable with it or maybe I didn't give the clicker a fair trial. This springer ( field type), now about 10 months old is one of John Mitchells dogs and as such certainly has a lot of drive. He is a machine...stong and fast yet eager to please. I would like very much to try his training professionally once more....with out a clicker and a mitt full of kibble. My other Springer ( also Field & now 6 yrs old ) was never quite as driven or headstrong as this youngster, and has never had formal training and yet she is simply a pleasure.

So, to make a long story short, can you provide me with some info regarding your upcoming lessons, just in case I am indeed unable to make it to the meeting.

Thank you,

Valerie Levy

Koda pictures



Took some nice pics of Rocky today. The beach is Rockdale Beach just down the path from our house. We will be spending lots of time there when the weather is nicer. Rocky didn't seem to mind.  He is 14 weeks.  He is a very calm little fella and is responding to training very well.  We will keep in touch.

Mark and Debbie

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Mud's puppies

Hi Don,


Here's one of the photos I took during our visit.  It was nice to meet you and Pierrette, and Mud and her puppies.  We were very impressed with her disposition; she's a beautiful and lovely dog.  As you can imagine, we're getting quite excited about our puppy's homecoming.


Regards to you and Pierrette,

Sable today


I want to share the  wonderful thing she did for me today. 

The weather is changing...that effects my equilibrium.

I was not walking well!  Suddenly, I was getting weak and started to crumble.

My knees gave out, I said " I'm falling!".  Bill came and helped me to get off the floor & sat me on the couch.

Suddenly, Sable came over with the portable phone.  I was so surprised, I hadn't said the command "get phone"

But she instinctively knew I might need it.

 I was so surprised, pleased, and very proud.  She did what she was trained to do with out being told.



Janette Simonson