Saturday, July 26, 2014

Nya update

Nya is growing a lot lately.  She’s done teething now and weighs 40 lbs.  She is very healthy and active, she loves to run!  Her leash training is regressing a little as she is bigger and stronger.  When she wants to see something or get somewhere else she fights and pulls.  We are trying to retrain her but she is stubborn sometimes! 



Friday, July 25, 2014

Noah's first tracking lesson

Hi Don,
I took Noah for his first tracking lesson yesterday. He did well and the
teacher liked him very much and wanted to know if "there were more like
him." ;) ;)
Hope you, Pierrette and the dogs are having fun.
Vanessa & Noah

Rorey's Birthday

Today is Rorey's 1st year birthday and I thought I would share a picture of
him that I took today.
Rorey birthday


For the first time I went to a MH Test to watch Doyle run. I was always afraid that I would break his concentration - I did, but he got his 6th leg. He is very impressive! Enjoy the photo's.


This is a dog in USA that I plan to use


Brie and Rye update

Hi Don and Pierette,

Rye is growing fast and teething, boy did I ever forget how sharp those
teeth are.... :)

Brie and Rye are getting along well and are bonding...
We have been exposing Rye to fresh water rivers first around Baddeck and she is just loving it... Rye is starting to really quick on her legs and can she ever

I am afraid to say but Miss Brie showed Miss Rye the shrub garden and now all she wants to do is go under the big globe cedar.... what a job I had to get her out, only to discovery that Brie had dug a big hole at some point.....
Rye was laying in the hole and I got stuck under the
good times..... :) 

~ Tailwags ~
Paula & Donnie.....

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sable update

Hi Don,

I want to share this with you;

13 days ago, my daughter, Justine, found a "growth/lump" in Sable's groin. We took her to the Vet, he removed it and sent it off to be tested. Thankfully It was benign. Today she went back to have the stiches out. The Vet said to Bill; " My God, she is in great shape for an old dog...She's ALL muscle."

I know most of that of that comes from Good Breeding. She plays ball with Bill almost every day.  Some days they go for bicycle rides. She comes home exhausted, but a few hours later, Sable want's more!

Thanks for my great Dog,

Monday, July 21, 2014

Visit to Brighton


Pierrette and I on vacation with all dogs.


Hi Don and Pirette

Hope you and the dogs got to your destination safe and sound. Here is the picture I took of all of you- just love it :-)

It is just great seeing all of you- we had so much fun.

Hope you have an enjoyable trip and a safe journey hope.

Love from Vanessa and Noah

Visit to Brighton


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wilson on Saturday



Hi Don -

Thanks for the call. Abbey is doing great! She has adjusted well, and is growing quickly :)

Stuart and Guy


Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Brie and Rye are getting along so well

Hi Don and Pierette,

Brie and Rye are getting along so well...
Brie is treating Rye like it was her own pup....

~ Tailwags~
Paula & Donnie

Brie and Rye (pup)Brie and Rye (pup)

Deke pics


Monday, July 07, 2014

Bee and AI's pups

Bee & AI's pupsBee and AI pups

Brie and Rye in the doggie pool

Hi Don,
Quick video of Brie and Rye in the doggie pool... :)

~Tailwags ~
Paula & Donnie

Ch. Driftwoods's Wilson CGN earns Grand Championship

Ch. Driftwoods's Wilson CGN earns a Best in Group and his Grand Championship. He is the son of Ch Doindogs Chelsea Marie CGN.

Ch. Driftwoods's Wilson CGN

Saphira, Sage and Sadie

After a horrible hit and run accident on a country road in Thunder Bay that resulted in the death of thier two Labrador retrievers Saphira (blk) and Sage (yel), I am very honored that they have chosen a Doindogs pup as a new addition to thier family.

Don Bates

Saphira (blk) and Sage (yel)Saphira (blk) and Sage (yel)

Saphira (blk) and Sage (yel) 

Sadie (new pup)


Sunday, July 06, 2014

Two tired ladies

As Mr. Megarrity would say on TV "All in all I would say it was quite a day Maggie Muggins"

We hiked in the woods for an hour early this morning. Old Sam kept up real well and enjoyed the walk. She especially liked all the pools and ponds of cool, fresh water deposited by Arthur yesterday.

Then Chelsea and Annalou went for their CGN tests.

Then they went to the beach in the afternoon and Chelsea and Annalou swam and retrieved for 1.5 hours non-stop. They will be in shape for the August Shows. No substance abuse for those girls!


Chelsea and Annalou

Brie and Rye (video)

Brie and Rye

Hi Don and Pierette,

We had a great trip home to the Cape in spite the hurricane "Arthur"...
We enjoy our breakfast with you both this morning... Maybe we will get to the tea room another time...
Brie and Rye are bonding already...

~Tailwags~ Paula & Donnie




Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Nya update

Hi Don,

Nya is 5 months old now!  She is almost done teething (just 2 molars left) and she went through a growth spurt in her legs.  She looks “taller” now.  She is a very friendly and sociable dog, to people and other animals.  She gets a lot of attention wherever she goes!  She’s doing great!  I’ll have new pics soon.