Monday, January 27, 2014

Relaxing (pic)


Angus (Gunny) tracking, flushing and retrieving a snowshoe hare.

Hi Don

I thought you might like this video link below I took today (Jan 25). Angus flushed a hare, flushed a second hare which I miss and then returns to track and flush a second time so I can finish it. It is Great bit of dog work!



Ch. Doindogs Chelsea pup Jag

Hi Don   In addition to being a super duck retriever, Ch. Doindogs Chelsea pup Jag loves to go ice fishing with his owner.




A report from Kadnook!

Hello Don,

While you sent me some lovely photos of the snow in your area, we have been frying over here. Last week we had five days of burning hot weather; 43 - 46 deg Cel. The countryside has dried out to a tinder dry state with everywhere now a fire risk.

Last Friday 17th Jan 2014, everyone in my area was ordered to leave our homes due to a large out of control bushfire just 1.5 km down the road. The 90-100 km an hour winds were causing great havoc for the firefighters sending ember attacks everywhere. John Stott came and took the dogs, Graeme and his son came and took the cars, cats and personal items and I stayed for as long as I could before leaving.

This fire and many others were started by huge lightning strikes late Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning. Luckily for our area the wind changed direction 180 degrees and sent the fire back on itself. We were given permission to return to our homes on Saturday about 11.00 am.

Reports are that no homes were lost, no animals affected, but there was about twenty kilometers of farm fencing destroyed, and some six hundred acres of bush, plantations and farmland burnt.

We are receiving light gentle rain at this moment, 40 points [10 mls] predicted, we need every ml of it.

Must go and give my two pups their midday meal, they are twelve weeks old and doing great.

Talk again soon
Regards to you both

Kadnook Kennels Labradors

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow, Snow, Snow

Good Morning....I hope all is well with you folks.....lots of snow here......Boo is loving it.....thought you might like an update....weighing in at around 33 lbs on our last vet visit a couple of weeks ago


Take Care!

Teresa, Eugene & Boo


Boo in the snowBoo in the snowBoo in the snowBoo in the snowBoo in the snow

Friday, January 10, 2014

Brie update

Hi Don and Pierette,
Hope you both had a great Christmas and a fantastic start to the New Year...
The Matheson's is looking forward to some great news soon......Justin is getting excited and he is preparing Brie in his own way for the little one...
Here is a few pictures of Miss Brie waiting for Justin to come through the school doors.... She is so happy to see him after school.... :)
Had a great time with you both in Dec.... Looking forward again soon....
Take care and will talk soon.... :)
Donnie, Paula, Justin and Brie...

Gary's  CH Doindogs Chelsea Marie with her 6 pups.  There are 3 males and 3 females, all are doing well. 


CH Doindogs Chelsea Marie with the 6 pups she had

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Lois & Daizy

Hi Don & Pierette & Co.
hope this finds you all doing well & wishing you all the best for this new year. We hope to make a trip to the mainland this spring ... can't wait for you to meet Daizy (again) ... 
Paws & Kisses,
Lois & Daizy
Lois & Daizy

Waiting Patiently

Gary Faloon's abused labs!

Waiting Patiently

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Andrew's Lab Doindogs Tucker

Andrew and Tucker hunted right up to December 30, 2013. Here are pictures of Tucker in December. Andrew says they had a fantastic year with Tucker making over 60 duck retrieves.

Retrieve in Musquash DecemberFew Late Season Blacks

December Diver Hunt

Pictures of Gibbs

Merry Christmas to you and Pierrette 

It was so nice to hear from you tonight, funny I was just saying to Corey this morning we should stop out over the holidays because he never gets to come with me he's always working. Gibbs is such a wonderful dog we love him so much he's perfect,  I've attached a few pictures of Gibbs, he just turned 8 months old on Dec 26th, he loves the snow and playing outside, Gibbs on his birthday weighted 75.2lbs he's getting pretty big. He's been sleeping out of his kennel at night now for about 4months and doing very well, he's so smart tends to forget his manners when company comes over but we are working on it. Hope to come by soon hope all is well

The Smith's 

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Last day of the season today, limited out, lol

Last day of the season today, limited out, lol

Ned and Rain

In the midst of a never ending play fight. They will miss each other when the Vandenbergs return from California later this week to take Rain home.
Martin and Betts 
Ned and RainNed and RainNed and Rain

Looking for partridge, but no luck.

We had Deke for a walk with 12 gauge in hand looking for partridge, but no luck.