Thursday, May 31, 2018

Augie is doing good


Thanks for the info.  Augie is doing good. Cannot believe how smart he is. We do a morning walk around the neighbourhood and then head out to one of the trails for an afternoon hike.  We were able to buy a bottle of Rose Geranium (pelargonium capitatum) from Botanic Planet. Hope it helps as they are warning people about the number of deer ticks found on the island. Though there is no Lepto on the island he is going for his first needle next week as we are planning to head to Northern Ontario in August.



Eilean striking a pose

Eilean and Harry playing beach soccer and Eilean striking a pose

Eilean striking a pose

What a nose Isla has

Good Morning Don,

We were out for our early morning exercise and training and I was amazed, yet again, at Isla ability to find dead things.

We walk through tiny deer trails in a large forested area (to keep it interesting for her) and somehow she finds the tiny bird feather (see picture) amidst all the trees and undergrowth…. I’ve hid this feather 5 times in different locations over that past six days (without her knowing where I put it)… we walk through hundreds of yards of trails that crisscross the forest and yet she finds it.


What a nose Isla has

Ona Pictures


Willow update

Willow is becoming more of a walking buddy 😊, walking a little bit more with me every week 😊The 1½ - 2 hour walk I do everyday is still too much for her, so when she gets tired, I put her in a stroller (see pics attached) cause she's just too heavy to be carrying lol, and we continue on our way πŸ˜‰  She's got a 'ruff' life! lol  As you'll see, she’s quite comfortable in the stroller lol, but I don't think she'll fit in it much longer though! lol  The fresh air and exercise sure tires her out! πŸΎ



Thursday, May 24, 2018

Photos from today

Hi Don,

What a great opportunity we had today to see one of your classes. Although Rye had never been exposed, it was exciting to see she had her mother Lu's drive to retrieve at just 15 weeks old. All the dogs were gorgeous of course, as well as being capable. Also nice to see another pup from your kennel as well as a beauty from another that you're training. You and Pierrette certainly are knowledgeable and we love to see the dogs having fun being dogs. A  pleasure.



PS- my favorite is the one of Lu after her retrieving when she is sitting. She is always so serious when she works, and she looked goofy after having her fun. What a retriever smile...


Chase update

Hey Don,

Chase is shaping up to be a sturdy pup, 16 weeks and 35 lb but he still likes a good snuggle. 

Sandy & Lori


Monday, May 21, 2018

Starr at almost 5 months old

Hi Don!

Here’s Starr at almost 5 months old. She’s getting stronger and more beautiful every day 😁



A quick update on Isla

Hi Don,

A quick update on Isla, our 27lbs of fun at 15-weeks.

Isla continues to impress all who meet her. Her capacity to focus, great temperament, steadiness, and confidence really shine through in all situations (thanks for such a great job on the breeding!). Inquisitive, fearless, and a quick study, she continues to work well on the whistle and hand commands in addition to the voice (sit, stay, stand, down, leave, etc.). Recall is shaping up beautifully (she’ll stop whatever she’s doing to come when called – by voice or whistle, at distances as far as 100+ feet and in whatever setting… in our 1-acre backyard, in the bush, on the trails in the hills, etc.). I get my friends to help out by playing a game where we each stand 25-30’ feet apart in a triangle and take turns calling her to us one at a time. When she arrives at whomever is calling her she sits, receives her praise, then plays with them. Once she’s playing with them, the next person calls her away and then the magic happens… she stops playing with the person and runs to the next person who called her. Rinse and repeat. A lot of fun for sure! We train everywhere we can as I proof her in settings where distractions are present. She’s a beautiful swimmer…nice flat back, no splashing, straight tail, smooth through the water.

Thanks again for such a great dog! I’m doing my best to stay one step ahead of her.


Isla at 15 weeks

Friday, May 18, 2018

Doindog Maul passed away

Good afternoon Don 

I wish to inform you that Doindog Maul passed away with myself and my wife by her side.
She is a daughter of yew and storm's December 2004 litter. I would like to commend you for breeding such a perfect lab by her wonderful temperament. Thank you again and I hope someday to have another Doindog lab when I'm ready.


Scientists Found New Exotic Tick That Can Kill You in 48 Hours



"I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this whole “tick explosion” situation, seems to be getting even worse. Apparently, experts have discovered a new “exotic tick,” not native to the U.S., that can kill you within 48 hours. Also, some ticks have been found carrying what’s called the Powassan virus that’s supposed to be even worse than Lyme disease…”


Remi update

Hey Don, 

It’s been a while since I sent along some pictures of remi. 
He loves riding in the front going for a  drive, but he’s getting to be to big to curl up on the seat now ! 
Has the basic commands down to a science, still working on the re-call and socialization with people and other dogs, but he’s getting there. 
He’s an amazing part of my life and I would be lost without him now. 




Lark's first boat ride


Saturday, May 12, 2018

Willow @ 12 weeks

Willow @ 12 weeks and weighing in at 22 lbs!!!!! πŸ˜² ..... And no, she's not taking up golf! lol



Friday, May 04, 2018

More pictures of Willow

Hi Don and Pierrette,

Just thought I would share a few pictures of Willow @ 10 ½ weeks that were just taken today 😊 She's such a cutie! ❤ But don't let her cuteness fool you lol cause she can be a bit of a little turkey at times, too! lol 😏  She puts smiles on my face everyday! πŸ’—

~ Dana


Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Update on Cash

Hi Don and Pierrette.

We figured it was about time to update you on our new pride and joy; Cash. He settled into our family quickly and easily. We are still working on house training but every day it improves (depending on the weather)... He enjoys the children and the children have been such a great help with him since he arrived. Cash had his second set of needles last week and he is growing (19lbs) and healthy. He will successfully sit on command and is becoming familiar to "heel" and "come". His most favourite thing is raw beef bones (thanks for the tip). We are so pleased with him and so happy he joined our family. Thanks so much,

The Taylors


Willow is getting bigger

She's getting bigger ..... and heavier, too! lol