Monday, May 21, 2018

A quick update on Isla

Hi Don,

A quick update on Isla, our 27lbs of fun at 15-weeks.

Isla continues to impress all who meet her. Her capacity to focus, great temperament, steadiness, and confidence really shine through in all situations (thanks for such a great job on the breeding!). Inquisitive, fearless, and a quick study, she continues to work well on the whistle and hand commands in addition to the voice (sit, stay, stand, down, leave, etc.). Recall is shaping up beautifully (she’ll stop whatever she’s doing to come when called – by voice or whistle, at distances as far as 100+ feet and in whatever setting… in our 1-acre backyard, in the bush, on the trails in the hills, etc.). I get my friends to help out by playing a game where we each stand 25-30’ feet apart in a triangle and take turns calling her to us one at a time. When she arrives at whomever is calling her she sits, receives her praise, then plays with them. Once she’s playing with them, the next person calls her away and then the magic happens… she stops playing with the person and runs to the next person who called her. Rinse and repeat. A lot of fun for sure! We train everywhere we can as I proof her in settings where distractions are present. She’s a beautiful swimmer…nice flat back, no splashing, straight tail, smooth through the water.

Thanks again for such a great dog! I’m doing my best to stay one step ahead of her.


Isla at 15 weeks