Saturday, February 26, 2011


I would be most upset if you came to Quebec and did not come to stay!
Tally has just been for her second lot of shots at the vet, who says she is without doubt the most beautiful lab she has ever seen. She did clarify, by saying that looks weren't everything!  Tally now weighs 16.5 lbs, so she really HAS doubled in size!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Juno (pics)

This is Ch. Doindogs Chelsea Marie’s puppy Juno at 7 months



Monday, February 14, 2011

Sadie (pic)

This is Driftwood's Lasting Impression, A.K.A. Sadie,daughter of Doindogs
Chelsea Marie. Yesterday, Feb 13 Sadie won her class at the Halifax Dog Show.



Thursday, February 10, 2011

Midnite, Tucker & Nala (pics)

Hey Don,

Hope all is well.   Nala did eventually go into heat - in the prime of hunting season.  What kind of a hunting dog does that?  This year was a good start for her, next year I think she will be ready. Both her and Tucker are healthy and doing well.   These are some recent pictures as you can see they have it pretty rough.


Tucker & Nala

(above: Midnite & Tucker)




tuckerTuckerTuckerTucker & Nala20110209-85

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

S'Noah (pics)

Hi Don,

How are you doing?  Well we got MORE snow this weekend!! The only one enjoying this is Noah.  More picture (hope I am not boring you ;-) ) of him jumping through the snow.  The pile he is standing on is over 6 ft high and he climbed up it like a mountain goat!! Loved all the puppy pictures posted on your website!


Take care






Monday, February 07, 2011

Pictures of Midnite "Tucker"


Here are some Pictures of Midnite "Tucker". Things have been going really good with him. We are very pleased! So far, he has had only 2 accidents in the crate and 3 accidents in the house. Travis and I have decided Tucker was to be trained outside right away. Makes it easier. He has learned "Come". When I command Tucker to Come, he will. He also knows to go to the door when he has to go outside. I am thinking of using a bell for when he gets to the door to go outside.


Over all Travis, Cole and I are really happy to have Tucker.








Tally and Oka

...shame they are on my yucky hall mat!


Tally and Oka

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Nothing better... (pic)

...than falling asleep with a puppy and your dog, when you aren't feeling very well!   Tally was flaked out on Jemima, who was lying on Oka's bed with him, when she fell asleep, running a bit of a fever.

The photo won't win any prizes for composition and exposure... but it sums Jemima up pretty well



Noah (pics)

Hi Don,

Noah turned 10 months on January 30 - how the time has flow and how big he has grown.

This past weekend we visted our country home and Noah has so much fun playing in the deep deep snow.  He just ploughed through it - it was really deep mostly over his chest and even clambered up the huge snow drifts :-)

Hope you had a successful trip with Mud.

Take care




Tally Pictures


Dog walk Jan.30

dog walkdog walkdog walk

Millie (pics)

Hi Don,

This is Millie who lives in Meteghan. isn't she gorgeous? I think she is a real good looking pup.



Ben and Aulay (pics)

Hi Don,

I promise I won't bug you for awhile. Just wanted to send a couple more pics of Ben and Aulay in the hopes that your computer guy will post at least one of them. I'm very proud of my "boys"!! They were taken last summer (2010)...Ben 4 1/2 and Aulay 6months.


Ben and AulayBen and AulayBen and Aulay

Tucker (pics)

Hi Don,

Here are some pictures of our Tucker baby! He is coming along great. He had no bathroom accidents today and he is doing great with the sit command after just 2 sessions :). Thanks for the great suggestion on the Raw beef bones! He just loves them!